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Crimes against Humanity. A century of Canadian government policy apologised for.

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008



Kaanada giisaadendamookaazo


A voice is heard

in the Mtigwaki,

full of mourning

and great weeping,

the Nii’ina-ikwe

weeping for our children

and refusing to be comforted,

because our children are no more.


No more by their thousands.

Robbed of family,

and identity,

and language,

and heart,

and innocence.


Lives torn, uprooted,



and raped,

and abused.


assimilated to the grave,

yet living,



And the Prime Minister pretends

to say “Sorry”

to Canada’s First Peoples

for one hundred years

of geneocide.


Note: On June 12, 2008 the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ‘officially’ apologised for more than a century of abuses suffered by Canadian natives at residential schools set up to assimilate indigenous peoples. Beginning in 1874, 150,000 Indian, Inuit and Metis children in Canada were forcibly removed from their families and enrolled in distant boarding schools. Many of the social problems experienced among First Peoples today are traced to this era of disenculturation.

Anishnaabe words:

Nii’ina-ikwe: Native women



Nagadawaso: Child neglect

Giisaadendamookaazo: pretend to be sorry

Kaanada: Canada

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