There is Something Good

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A humorous look at ageing

Submitted: December 27, 2007

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Submitted: December 27, 2007



There Is Something Good

There is something good
to be said about ageing,
and the advancing edge of senility;
like fine wine in an oaken cask –
I’m built like a cask even if
I am no special vintage –
if one is maturing as one ages.

We all know those who age overtly,
yet never seem mature.
And those who never seem to age,
but keep maturing graciously–
our jealousy shows up here.

But just what was it I saying?
oh yes – and for sure –
there is something
very good about ageing,
let me make that clear.
As synapses short circuit,
memories rise up unbidden,
hopefully to remind us
of joys long forgotten –
or more likely,
of sins long since forgiven.

But in these now my ending years,
I am not caught looking always back.
I have a decade yet
of work in me –
part-time if you please –
and projects to fulfil.
I will not be trapped
in sticky sweet nostalgias
and sentimental might-have-beens,
for I am focused always forward,
dragged ever onward by my dreams.

And best of all
to look forward too?
That’s my anticipated thrill.
Of bonny wee bairns -
of rugrats and kneecappers
playing on the floor.
To see the painful joys of
parenthood passed along
to my sons and their wives.

And even, when it comes,
as surely as it will,
death is nothing to be frightened of;
I’ve seen so much of that.
For I have a faith and a hope in GOD,
and I know He’ll see me through.

There is something good
to be said about ageing,
and the advancing edge of senility.
You can freely invest yourself in others,
taking joy in how they do.
And if you, perhaps, forget
some trivia, appointments, or a date or two –
oh! but never your anniversary! –
who cares?
You are just human after all.
Blame it on the welling years,
for everyone else
most surely will!

James Gagiikwe 2007

© Copyright 2018 James Gagiikwe. All rights reserved.

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