The Black White

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The essay is all about the issue of K-12 in the Philippines. It is my personal opinion, my own stand as a youth about the very sensitive topic. I hope you'll appreciate my simple work. Thanks!!

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013




The Black White

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’re going to get”. That line came from a movie years ago and it tells about life being run with certain random sequences. Sometimes you’re up. Sometimes you’re down. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. That’s how it works. Our life is being darned with bitter-sweet memories, experiences and possibilities, in which, these words really define the tiny world we built within this monstrous sphere. A tiny world that despite its size can still grow into a bigger and stronger world in the near future. A world filled with “chocolates”.

Have you ever tasted a chocolate? Those “magical” bitter-sweet blend goodies that are so addicting? Or, let’s put it this way, which do you prefer- black or white ones? Those who come in decorative boxes or just the plain ones? We are like these chocolates. We are different yet ultimately the same. It might sound confusing but it’s the general truth.

Every day we passed by people on the streets, sidewalks, amusement parks, shopping centers and also on “Facebook” and other social media accounts. Yes. We share the same physical structure yet each of us has different features. I walk on the sidewalks. You drive on the streets. We are humans yet with different paths and goals of our own choosing. Just like those chocolates in the box. Which do you prefer, the black or the white ones?

Like what mentioned earlier, we, Filipinos, are all alike but with distinct ways on how to leap on just one ambition. In spite of this, before we reach that specific ambition, we must have a rigorous training. Training not to become a soldier of innocence but instead to be nurtured as a teacher of influence. Influence that can bind and link everyone to climb the highest mountain of challenges and expectations- education. As once been said, “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated”.

We are educated. We have our own approach in education’s philosophical significance. Contrariwise, we cannot hide the fact that the Philippines’ system of education is like a bunch of melted chocolates that needs cooking or freezing. We ought to have a mandate of integration. We are obliged to have a decree of progression. But then again, our eyes are wide open in regards with what our government is implanting right now. K to 12. As I once read from an article of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), we purposely need this scheme to prepare our graduates to be globally competitive. The main reason for this is that all other countries in the world have 15 to 16 years of education from Grade 1 to undergraduate degree commencement. Otherwise, the Philippines has the shortest education cycle in the world (only 10 years of public basic education and usually only 4 years of undergraduate education, for a total of 14 years.) Therefore, our country should be enveloped with the addition of at least one more and even two more years to its education cycle.

Nevertheless, there are people particularly parents who are demanding about this issue. Several thoughts. Diverse ideas. Overlapping suggestions. Eternal-like complaints. It seems that the issue will never foster its limit. Likewise, it also appears that these people do not hold the ability to interpret the profits we can gain through the aforementioned curriculum.

We can cultivate a very significant fruit of K to 12 in our social plantation- global competitiveness. As for mentioned by the CHED, if we go to school for the same number of years as students in other countries, we do not have to take foreign examinations in medicine, nursing, education and other professions to practice in those countries. Our doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals can be hired immediately in other countries without the need for additional training or exams. Good examples of these equivalencies work is the Washington Accord (1989) and the Bologna Accord (199). Both agreements specify that the professionals must have gone to school for at least 15 years. So, if we are going to collide with the way education goes in other countries, more professionals will be sent there. Hence, it will be better for our economy.

Through the additional two years of schooling, we can be skilled and productive enough to compete with the world outside our native basket. Through our fully-developed skills, we can make difference within the world. We can make money. We can make legacy. We can make future. We can make better abilities. It is also a way in which Filipinos can escape the underestimation from the white people.

This K to 12 model is indeed a development and establishment of an education system that caters the needs of the Filipino youth and society in general. It is an armor that can be used to ride together with other foreign republics. Aside from this, don’t you know that we are living inside a universal box? And what’s inside that box? Chocolates. We are the unique pieces of black chocolates while the white ones are the foreign territories. Let us prove that inside the box, even if there is a competition, the black and the white ones can still be united. In fact, we can pick both types of chocolates at a time. Maybe with different taste or feature but still with similar physical structure.

Now, can you still choose between the black and the white ones?





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