The Silver Wings

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This poem tackles the importance of having our parents behind us. It is about their unconditional love for us. The love that is willing to sacrifice everything just to provide all our needs.

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013





I fell from the strands of cheating pathways

With a pain hammering my nerves sideways.

I strived to escape this crippling trend

Just to gaze the breath of raging miles.

Just then came two loving angels

Rising against the black shadow of reality;

Saving my core from the rapids of immorality;

Dealing with ages just to handle a constant identity.

By these, I strode at the green clouds of happiness,

Thinking of every moment as a safe haven;

Facing every crowd with concrete definition.


As a youth, I am safe within the warmth of their embrace

Sealed with the breeze of their guidance.

Through all the torments and misconceptions that I would face,

I knew that under their wings, I could stay and hide.

On my aura was a splash of shining smile

And an ultimate platform that would make me the person I should be

Because their love was the most I could see.


After all the smiles and through all the tears,

The rays of their loving hands shone with compassion through the years.

I was then blind and dull, but now I finally see

I have two angels roaming around the cold careless world outside

Who would boost me up when I’m on the edge of struggles;

Who would repair my wings when I couldn’t soar;

Who would heal my smile when it becomes frown.

Their coat clothe my tears with purple dashes,

Reassuring me that everything will be okay

And every partaking will be a new stepping stone.


But then I asked- “Who are these angels?”

And to God I pray that linking the answer to my eyes is worth living.

Then, a moment surpassed,

The loving hands of these angels replied off their souls-

“We are your parents”

Through these little words, I know that no one else

Could ever be greater than them,

For they molded my foundation of who I am today

Giving me only the paints of satisfaction

In which I wish to be that child once more.

But, life goes on and I should stand tall

So if they need me as their dearest angel, my door is open

And I will be their feet if ever they should fall.



© Copyright 2017 James Green. All rights reserved.

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