Angry Souls and Empty Spaces

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story I made in English.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012





Empty Spaces and Angry Souls


In a world, much similar to ours, there were once four young friends. From youngest to oldest, their names were Jack Conner, Linn Drister, Drew Adellon, and Liam Halley. The four friends had met in college, two years previous to the events that are about to take place. Jack was a young actor, with good looks and a charming personality. Linn was an author and woodsman who lived on the outskirts of their town near the woods and who mostly kept to himself but was very mannerly and kind. Drew was a cop for the local police department and was bit of a comedian but also had quite the temper. Liam was a still a student, despite being the oldest, as he was studying a hand-full of different types of sciences. The story takes place in the woods behind Linn’s house, late on a Sunday night in mid-October.

Chapter 1

After a long day of hunting, the four friends had retired by the camp fire to enjoy drinks and tales of days passed. The hunt had proven to be quite a failure but at least they were able to spend time together. Little did they know that tonight would be the beginning of the end of their lives. As they were about to head in for the night, they heard the loud calls of a man in distress, coming from deeper within the woods. The young men grabbed up their guns and lanterns and followed the sound of the unknown man’s calls. When they came upon the man, he was trying to fight off a large wolf, the likes they had never seen, with a black, horse handle cane. Jack fired at the wolf’s side but it only seemed to hurt it slightly. The wolf growled at the men and ran off. They rushed over to the man.

The man was nothing at all like they expected. He was tall and dressed in a green tunic. The strangest thing about him was that he seemed to have an orange tint in his skin. He scrambled to his feet and brushed himself off. “Oh thank you my friends! I have no idea what I would have done if it wasn’t for you. You have saved me from that horrifying monster. You must be rewarded!” said the man. The four young men look at each other confused at what was happening. Linn stepped forward and spoke: “Sir, you mustn’t. It was the least we could do. Though, may we ask your name?” The man smiled. “Why I am the guardian. I have watched this world for many years and have traveled many lands. You make call me Virgo. Now as I said, you must be rewarded. I will grant you anything, just ask.”

The young men huddled together. Surely this was some kind of mad man who fancied himself a god of some kind. Jack then said to them, that they should pretend to go along with the man’s game so as not to upset him least he is one to become furious and attack, then once they leave, report to the police. Drew questioned as to why they couldn’t just fight back if he did attack. Linn pointed out that the best decision would be to avoid any conflict or bloodshed. The rest agreed and turned to Virgo who now was petting a white horse, one that was most certainly not there moments before. Jack stepped forward and spoke: “Anything you say? What about abilities and power greater than any other?” Virgo’s smile widened and he nodded “Anything for my “Heroes””. Jack smiled and continued “In my profession, I find that if I want something, I have to take it. I have to use charm and wit. I control people and manipulate them to get what I want. Sometimes I feel bad but I feel like maybe if I was even better at it I wouldn’t have too. I wish I could control their minds and their hearts. I wish to be a Master of Souls.”

Jack looked back and winked to his friends, though he knew deep down that some of what he said was true. Virgo smiled and laughed. “So it shall be my friend! You are hence forth the Master of Souls! Who’s next?” Virgo said. Drew stepped forward. “I suppose I will go next. I’m not the best of my squad. I often try and fail and get angry. Perhaps if I could use that anger to make myself better, to grow stronger and skilled as my anger grows, I would be better at what I do. I wish to be a Creator of Wrath.” Virgo nodded and kissed his forehead. “Congratulations Creator of Wrath. Who wishes to come forth now?”

Linn stepped forward boldly. “I am! Oh how I so love the beautiful nights such as this. I love the cool air and the starry night sky it brings me. I love it so I do not mind sleeping most of the day in order to enjoy it. However, so much crime and evil is committed in the stillness of night. If I could, I would fight injustice with the darkness of night. The same darkness they use to commit their crimes. I would wield the darkness like a knight wields a deadly blade. I wish to be the Fighter of Darkness.” Virgo kissed him on the forehead as well. “Welcome oh greater Fighter of Darkness” Virgo turned to Liam. “Now it is your turn. Tell me, what is it that you wish for? Anything in the world and it will be yours.”

Liam stood there in silence. “Well my friend? Is there not one thing you would like to have? Are there no dreams that you wish to make come true? Is there nothing you want?” Liam stood there for a moment more and then stepped forward to speak. “Yes. Yes there is. I want everything. Do not get me wrong, I am not a greedy man. At least I do not think of myself as being such. All my life I have marveled at the world and its beauty. I am amazed at how chemicals can be mixed with other chemicals to create new chemicals. I am amazed at how humans have come so far in the world and can interact in so many different ways with each other. I am amazed with how planets and animals behave in their lives. I want to learn about it all. I want to know everything there is to know about creation. What would be even greater is if I could create things and move them with my mind. I wish to be the Lord of Creation.” Virgo clapped his hands and laughed. “Don’t you believe one is enough? Very well then, I deem you Lord of Creation. If you ever need anything, you can find me here. I expect to see you all very soon.” Virgo climbed upon his horse’s back and rode off deeper into the forest. The young men felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

Chapter 2

Jack woke up in his bed. He was tired and confused. How did he get back in his apartment? Had it all been a dream? He was still dressed in the same clothes. As he was getting out of his bed, his cell phone started to vibrate. He answered it. It was Liam. Liam told him to meet the rest of them at the small diner where they would normally meet at on Monday mornings. Jack agreed and grabbed the keys to his Impala and ran out the door.

As he pulled up to the dinner, he could already see his three best friends inside sitting at one of the booths next to the window. He got out of the car and walked into “Burg’s Diner”. He sat down with his friends and for a while all they did was look at each other in silence except when the waitress came over to take their order. Drew finally broke the silence. “It wasn’t a dream was it?” They all knew it was true. What happened? What had they done? What if their wishes had come true? So many questions unanswered. Liam suggested they all go about their day as normal and if anything strange happens, to keep quiet about the entire situation until they could all meet together again. The rest of them agreed and talked about the previous week and enjoyed breakfast together.

When breakfast was over Jack got back in his Impala and started to head over to the studio where he would be doing a voice role for a cartoon in which he was also the producer of the show. As he was driving down the road he noticed the driver behind him was talking on a cell phone and continuously tapping his bumper. Jack started to get angry and worried and honked his horn. He looked in the rear view mirror and signaled with his hand for the driver to retreat. The driver didn’t seem to know what was going on but seemed upset and gave Jack a rude gesture with his hand. Jack got angry and yelled, fully knowing no one could hear him, “Just stop!” Immediately the driver seemed to slam on the breaks because the car stopped in the road with the rear in nearly coming up off the ground. A transit bus, without being able to stop, rammed into the back of the car, flipping it over forward. Jack was shocked but kept on driving out of fear. What had just happened? Did he do that? He was scared and all he wanted to do was get back to the studio and tell no one of what had happened.

Jack got to the studio and went to his office. What in the world had happened? He sat behind his desk with his head in his hands. He couldn’t deal with this now, he had work to do. A young man named John Hunter came into the room. He had the script for the new episode to give to Jack for review. Jack was slightly upset that he was only now giving it to him when he needed to have had it in three days before. Seeing as how now was better than later, he took it. He had John stay while he read it. As he read the script he began to find mistakes. There were parts that deterred from the story line and the jokes were terrible. Jack threw the script on the ground. “What are you thinking?! Do you know nothing about this story? What’s with the character going to a taco stand and trying to order a pizza? This is all ridiculous and unacceptable!” John looked scared “Please sir, I tried my best!” A voice came into Jack’s head. It was like a whisper. “Do it. Tell him exactly what he can do with that script. He’ll do it.” Jack didn’t know where that voice came from and he didn’t care.

Jack looked at John and then looked at the script still lying on the ground. “Well you know what John? You’re always trying your “best”. Well guess what John. You’re best isn’t good enough and it never has been! You can take this script and eat it, because I want you out of here. You’re fired!” John looked at Jack with tears in his eyes. John bent down and picked up the script. Tears started to roll down his face as he said “I’m sorry…” John took the tightly rolled up script, opened his mouth and started to swallow it whole. Jack looked at John in horror. John started to choke and fell on the ground. Jack bent down and tried to pull it out but it was too late. John was dead. One of the female interns looked in and saw Jack with his hand down the deceased John’s mouth. She screamed and called 911 on her cell phone, saying a murder had just been committed and to get there fast. Now there was another voice and they spoke loudly in Jack’s head said “Kill her!” so he ran to his desk and grabbed the gun he kept in his desk and ran out the room.

The girl turned around the corner and Jack yelled “Stop”. When he came around the corner she was standing where she was when he said “Stop”. “Turn around he said” The girl turned around and was sobbing loudly. The voices spoke again. “Do it! Killer her! Kill! Kill! Kill!” Jack took aim. “I’m sorry…” Jack pulled the trigger and the girl fell to the ground. Two cops came in and yelled at Jack to put the gun down. “Get rid of them.” The voices said. The number of voices kept increasing. The cops yelled again. Jack in a panic told the cops to turn on each other and shoot. They did as he told them too. More cops were coming into the building. Jack ran into another room and locked the door behind him. The cops started to bang on the door. Jack was crying and sitting on the floor crying. The voices told him to kill them but he couldn’t. Then the voices said something different. “Then kill yourself Jack. Kill yourself”. Jack took the gun and put it in his mouth. The barrel was bitter but silence would be bittersweet. Jack pulled the trigger and died.

Chapter 3

Drew walked out of the dinner and got into his patrol car. A report for a robbery and a shooting at a local jewelry store came over his radio. He pulled out of the diner and got on his way. When he got to the scene, he was debriefed on what was happening. Inside there were 2 robbers with hostages. The owner of the establishment who had alerted the police had been shot and thrown out of the front of the store. There were about four patrol cars around the front of the small building watching the front. Drew realized no one was going around the back of the building so he started to walk around. He went up to the back door and it flung open knocking him to the ground. The robber looked down and saw Drew and took his gun and ran off into the city allies. Drew ran after him now with a bloody nose and burning rage

The robber started to get further away and the more Drew’s anger grew, the stronger his legs became. As his foot pushed off the ground, it would leave cracks in the cement. The robber turned the corner into a dead end. Drew’s anger was starting to blind his mind. The robber was becoming scared. He raised the gun and shot Drew in the arm. Drew winced in pain but grew even angrier. He rushed at the robber. The robber fired again but this time Drew dodged it. Drew ran up close to the robber’s right side and as the robber was going to turn and fire again, Drew reached out and grabbed the robber’s wrist. Drew’s grip was so strong the robber’s wrist made a cracking sound as it broke and he dropped the gun. Drew formed a fist and struck down the robber and began to beat him mercilessly with each bone breaking punch.

As Drew was about to give one last punch to end the robber’s life, a bullet had skimmed his arm. He looked up to see that the rest of the police force was there. All he could think of was to hurt everything he saw. He didn’t care who or what. He had so much rage, and so much wrath within him that he had to let it out and he didn’t care who he let it out on. He leaped up inhumanly and landed on the shoulders of the cop who shot him, smashing him into the ground. Another cop came and aimed at him but Drew grabbed him by the arm before he could fire and slammed the cop into a cop car. Drew ripped off the door and flung it into two cops who were taking aim. These were Drew’s friends of whom he had known his entire life on the police force. However all memories and sense left in his mind had been replaced with wrath. He was now more monster than man all within less than a quarter of an hour. At first he knew the rage was there and desired to use it, now he only knew the wrath that had consumed him. The seven remaining police knew what they had to do. They surrounded him, took aim, and fired. The once kind, and funny friend they once had, was now a creature, dead in the street.

Linn walked back into his home. He had enjoyed breakfast with his friends but he was still worried about what had happened. What if he had gotten powers? That would be really cool. How would he find out? He figured he is probably just over reacting. He went out to the deck and sat down. He mostly sat around and enjoyed relaxing in the shade. He had no work at the moment. Come lunch time he got up and went for a walk. When he got to town he realized he had walked about six miles and was pretty hungry. As he was walking in, two cop cars with their sirens on, zoomed pass. “Hmm, I wonder what that was all about.” He walked into the diner and sat down. He thought about his friends and how they must be doing. He thought about how he had walked through those woods so many times before and had never seen that mysterious man or that wolf. What was going on? There were so many questions running through his mind. After eating he sat there for a little while longer. He got the day’s paper off the counter and read it from front to cover.

He started to feel lonely. Linn had always been a mysterious man. He had no family and no love. He had his friends, his work, his faith and his home and that was all he needed to be happy. As he walked he felt the heat of the sun. He wished it was night time already. As thought entered his mind all around him it started to become darker and darker and when he looked up again it had become night time. He was shocked. There were the stars and the moon and everything. He looked at his watch. Nine hours had passed in only a matter of seconds. So his wish had come true. He can bring darkness. He looked at the lampposts and thought of their lights going out and they did. He started to become excited.

After messing around for a while, he realized he could enter shadows and remain unseen and move through them. This was his chance to fulfill his wish. He went off into the city to see what he could do. There certainly was a lot of commotion going on. At one of the studios, there was crime tape up and it seemed like there had been some pretty big happening earlier that day. He went past the jewelry store there was also crime tape. He thought this was all very strange that so much had happened in one day. Where is some current crime for him to stop? Then he saw it. Two men seemed to be fighting at the entrance of a dark alley. Linn started to come up out of one of the alley’s shadows. One of the men pulled out a gun and Linn figured this was his time to strike. He leaped from the shadows and tackled the man to the ground. “Sorry but not today criminal!” Linn shouted as they landed. “Criminal? He’s attacking me!” Linn jerked back. “What” He turned quick enough that the last thing he saw was the bullet from the other man’s gun as it was about to hit his forehead. Linn fell over as the man on the ground whipped his pistol up and shot the mugger multiple times in the chest. He turned back to Linn but it was too late. He was already dead.

Chapter 4

Liam left the diner and headed back to his apartment on his bike. He had no classes today so he wanted to work on some theories he had been trying to figure out before. When he got into his apartment he went over to his main white board. Something was wrong. Everything on it was the same, but the problems he had with it were no longer there. He understood what he wasn’t getting before. Could it be his wish was coming true? He laughed with joy. He hastily scribbled all over his other white boards, solving their problem as if it was the easiest thing in the world. He started writing and note books and creating puzzles for himself. He was having so much fun with his constantly increasing knowledge. He had to slow down though so much knowledge flowing through his head at once.

He sat down at his table for lunch. He thought about what all he had wished for last night. Could everything really have come true? He closed his eyes and thought real hard about a slice of cheese pizza. He opened his eyes and there it was. He couldn’t help but laugh as ONLY the pizza slice was created, no plate. He moved the pizza closer to his mouth and took a bite. This was amazing. He could essentially do just about anything he ever wanted just by thinking about it. All afternoon he had fun with his new abilities. He learned how to float and how to make other things around him move as he wished for them too. He wasn’t about to let the power go to his head though. He knew he had to be responsible. It was almost three in the morning and he figured he better get to sleep that morning. He turned on the TV in hopes of catching some of the previous day’s news. As the local reports came up, all happiness faded from him. The remote fell from his hand.

Liam walked into the hospital. He walked into a bathroom and created himself a doctor’s coat and name tag and clip board. He casually strolled through the hospital. No one thought anything of it. He got on the elevator and went down to the morgue. Luckily for him no one else was there. He found the three containment boxes that meant the most. He then focused really hard and an elevator was made at the corner of the room. He lifted the three body bags with his mind and went up the elevator with them. The doors open out in the back of the hospital on ground level on the outside. He flew up with the body bags towards the woods. He could hear sirens in the back ground but he knew this had to be done.

He landed in the forest in the same place they had seen Virgo. “VIRGO! COME HERE!” Liam shouted into the dead quiet night. “You called?” Virgo answered from behind him. Liam lost concentration and dropped his friends with three loud thuds. Virgo smiled. “Seems like not everything went as you all had originally planned huh?” Liam’s face was stern. “You knew this would happen. You betrayed us.” Virgo’s smile left him. “You betrayed yourselves. You were all your own destructions. In the end, the Master of Souls could not master his own soul. The Creator of Wrath could not control what he had made for himself. The Fighter of Darkness was blinded by it. Lastly there is you, the Lord of Creation, who shall humble himself for destruction. That was your plan right? You knew that there would be a price for your friend’s lives?” Liam nodded. “Yes… I do.”

Virgo came up and put a hand on Liam’s shoulder. He had a stern look on his face. “The price is greater than your life. It’s your soul. Will you give up your soul, your existence, for your friends? If you do, it will be as if you had never existed in this universe. You will have never been born. Your friends will only know each other. The lover you were destined to have will die alone. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Tears slowly started to stream down his face. He didn’t want to but he loved his friends so much, he knew he had too. So much trouble had been caused by their actions and so much death. This was his chance to fix everything. He could save his friends and maybe whoever else was hurt that day. He went around and opened all the body bags so he could look at his friends’ faces one last time. He knew he probably would never remember them after whatever was about to happen next, happened but he still wanted to see them. When he was ready, he walked back over to Virgo. “I’m ready.” Liam said, as he smiled one last smile. Virgo pulled out his completely white revolver and loaded in one white ball. He pointed the gun at Liam’s chest and pulled the trigger. The small white ball shot through Liam’s chest and through his heart. He fell to the ground and all went black.


Jack woke up. He was feeling refreshed and better than ever. It had been a great weekend of fishing with his two best friends. He picked up his cell phone and called Drew and Linn and told them to meet him at the diner. He grabbed his keys and headed out the door. As he closed the door behind him he stopped. Something didn’t feel right. He was too happy to continue thinking about it and got in his car and headed to the diner. As he pulled in, he saw Drew and Linn sitting in a booth near the window. They happily waved to him as he pulled up.

He got out of the car and walked inside. He went over and sat with his friends. They laughed and joked about what all had gone on in the past weekend. The waitress came over and took their order. “Aren’t there normally four of you here?” The waitress asked. The men looked at each other with slight confusion. Jack spoke up “No, there has only just been us three, and there always will be!” He winked at the others. She left them and the three resumed talking, and from then on, life went on as it always should have gone.

The End.

© Copyright 2020 James Jonathan Cassidy. All rights reserved.

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