Aldebaran's Song

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  No Houses
My second attempt in poetry. A short poem about a man who fell in love, and had his heart Broken.

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



Aldebaran’s Song

Long brown hair, to keep you awake

Blue hypnotizing eyes to make you shake

The wind of centuries has formed her awe

Giving her passion , pure and raw


Must it be who I would die for? Fatal smile, fiery smirk

No equivalent For love’s Gentle Dirk

Someone I’ve missed, someone I’ve lost

All I’ve found it, in the ere and post


My self stands lucky, for one word he spelled

Something like ‘I need you’ , and in her joy reveled

We stood above the mist, above the tree of Eve’s

Sharing our Dreams, enlightened, before the Summer leaves


‘T was only in the dreary winter, when I realized what I’d done wrong

I had fallen in love, but not for the right Song

For someone dangerous, a beautiful, but lethal Muse

Her pulchritude bedazzling , leading me in a Ruse


I knew not how fast, our Love would break apart

I didn’t want to wake up, the Sorrow to Start

If I could just lay there with her, and forget what I’d risk

We could both become stars, not cold-hearted and frisk


But I was merely fooling myself, For she had her plan

My passion to use, and after to run

No letter, no Reason, leaving me astray

While my love was falling, with no place to stay


And as she Ripped my heart out of my chest

I smiled in Painful Glory

Watching her hands filled with my blood,

Thus ending, my bitter Story

© Copyright 2018 James Kingston. All rights reserved.

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