First Amongst The First

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A short poem written to honor the final stand of Constantine XI Palaiologos and the soldiers of Constantinople during the siege of 1453. Against numeric odds and the valiant rival fighters , equipped with then state-of-the-art Weapons, the Byzantines refused to surrender their home. And fought till their last breath.

Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016



''First Amongst The First''


No other empire, could have told of such Tales

The mighty blades, the blood, and the women’s Wails

Cannons and crafts never seen ‘Ere

At the Golden Gate, oh, how they’d Tear

A promise had been made, the city to Take

Under the sword, her name to Forsake


I can still see the ghost; Of the Great Legend

He was no King, and no Regent

He was but a lover; a lover of his own home

Just like seven thousand others, protecting the Holy Dome

The tales can still haunt me; Of how humbly he wrote his Story

To claim the leadership, for one Final Glory


He was the last of his line, the first to Attack

The first to fight, and the last to ever come Back

Against all odds, he stood his Ground

Until the Epilogue, when no voice would sound

He was the eleventh one, the Empire’s wish

In the hearts of everyone, them all to Vanquish

There was no step back, no will to Surrender

Because he had seen, that the Eternity he’d Enter


And when the Sun set, and they were all on the Stones

The enemies never, could have found his Bones

But a mere grave, made of Marble

With not a drop of blood, and no candle

Only a chilling, Glorious Squall,


Whispering he’d One Day Return,


To Crash them All……

© Copyright 2018 James Kingston. All rights reserved.

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