Shining Moon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story set in the late 1700's. A small village is harrowed by the attacks of a creature none other than the Werewolf. On a hunt for its true identity and its death, the mayor of the town will face his own daughter before accusing his son of being the mighty Beast. But is that really him, or someone else walking amongst them all?????

Submitted: January 31, 2016

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Submitted: January 31, 2016



‘Shining Moon’


The old lady was walking in her aristocratic clothes past the old coppice at the outskirts of the village. It was late February and the winter’s toll was clear all around. Humid corners, frisky squalls left, and a rather dark, drab sky.

It was past 8 in the evening, and thus she had dined with her dear friend Agatha already. They would meet each other at her place, usually, at early noon, and have all sorts of generalized conversations on life and all subjects. Brooding about their families, the rapid growth of the village and civilization, as the 1700’s were slowly bidding farewell.

  In 1798,  particularly, many of their old habits were lost. Running around in alleys clear of the influence of the sprawling buildings and the progressively industrialized areas. But, surprisingly enough, their own village still clearly retained some picturesque characteristics. The farms at the ends of it, the rustic facet of most of its denizens...

In the chilly air, she pulled up her silk scarf, and took the known turn to her abode, as she passed by the old gutters. She stared at the small woods right outside the village. How dark and unwelcoming it seemed now. In daylight, it was better, but as soon as the sun set, few dared wander around the area. The inexplicably weird sounds of nature in there deterred them from going any further inside.

Amidst her profound thoughts, a swishing sound reached her ears.

‘Hello?” she asked, in the evening mist. The roads were empty, making her feel all the more upset. ‘Never mind’ she whispered to herself and continued on her way.

Something clearly moved closer to her, knocking over some trash cans in the corner.

‘Who’s there?’ she said. ‘Please show yourself!’

Instinctively, she looked at the forest again. There was a stoned, squiggly path connecting it with the town, and she glimpsed a dark, viscous matter splattered all over. The very same matter was covering the ground close to her. She looked down at her feet and almost died of fear. She was even standing on it. Blood. Dark blood.

She began walking faster and faster to her house. More thuds were clearly heard now, as the…thing causing them scurried to the walls beside her and jumped on her.

In the split seconds she had available to keep her eyes open, she could distinctly see a big, hairy creature. Sharp fangs were protruding from its finger tips, and giant, jagged spike-like razors it had for teeth glimmered in front of her.

As she was being rived and lacerated, she looked above her. With the harmonious howl that was most probably heard all over the town, she saw it….The big, silver ball in the dark sky…The lucid indicator of Nightfall….The stultifying celestial body…

The Full Moon………………..


Nina was staring outside her window, at the dull, morning sky. Her sad eyes were sneaking looks at the passengers on the road. Men in their black suits and vests and fobs heading to their work, farmers carrying their long, metal rakes to glean the products of their crops, orphans selling newspapers around the corners.

‘Would you cheer up, baby?’ Jack whispered in her ear, as he hugged her waist, kissing her ears, which he knew she loved.  ‘We’ll figure something out. You’ll see ‘

‘How? My father is hell-bent on convicting him…’ she said, turning around to hug him back. ‘And to think…He is my own brother……My blood….My first friend in this world….’

Jack caressed her long, black hair.

‘I know..I know…But I’m working on trying to make him change his mind. Roderick, that doggoned stooge of an assistant your father has, keeps planting all these thoughts in his head. What on earth is the deal with him?’

‘I know right. I hate him so much….Both of them….’

Jack walked back and sat on her bed.

‘Well, he is still  your father, Nina. We have to respect-‘

‘Respect what, Jack? His foolish decisions? Or his disgusting lies to all the citizens here? I mean, he has actually put forward some well-formulated plans for this town, but he is a pathetic liar. Talking to them like he is some sort of icon of integrity, while he returns home drunk late at night so many times. I bet he is out with Roderick…After being done with the day’s work..’

Nina’s father, Harry, was the town’s mayor. He was, forsooth, a person who fit for the position. His eloquence of speech and the prowess and shrewdness of his conduct favored him. But when Nina’s mother had passed away from Consumption , he had changed. He had resorted to drinking to face his problems, and things were getting bad. Thanks to Roderick’s cover-ups the problem did not always reach the ears of the public, but even he was joining him frequently. He claimed to love his daughter, and he always showed it to her.

But what Nina wanted him to understand was that she did not care about all the glib and the expensive frills and fripperies he got her. She just wanted her old father back. And especially now, after the incident, things had taken a whole different road.

What was referred to as ‘The Incident’ from the villagers around , was actually the attacking of Magda, an old, kind, lady of a rich family, the last one of her line, by the Beast. The animal. It had many names around the folks. But Nina, Jack and her family could only know it as the Wolf. The Lycanthrope.

It had been roaming around the woods for months now, and occasionally it paid visits to the village as well, at nights it was too hungry. At first everyone was disbelieving, but then they made the connection.

It only showed and was heard at nights with a full moon, and whoever claimed to have glimpsed it, talked of the same, large, hairy body, the fangs, and the howl.

Harry had explicitly apprised the villagers about the creature on a conference at the main square a few weeks ago, after the previous full moon.

‘As much as we all want this not to be true’ Nina could remember him preaching. ‘We have a beast living very close to our doors. The signs are out there. Never forget to lock every door and window at nights with a Full Moon. Hell, every night. You never know. And for your own sake, stay away from the forest if it is past 6 or 7, maximum, in the afternoon. We are looking into it. Whoever of you has knowledge of the occult and such wretched, yet dauntingly real, as it seems, creatures, is welcome to the Town Hall, to provide us with what they know. We are fervently working on finding a way to ensnare, and exterminate the animal.’

‘But’ , a voice was heard ‘If the creature is, what we, indeed, claim it to be, wouldn’t that mean that all the other nights it is one of…Us….’

‘We are afraid so’ her father had retorted. ‘This is why you should always be careful who you come in contact with. There is a liar, a trickster, a charlatan amongst us. Who turns into a wild beast at full moon nights. And, I assure you, even if you are amongst this very crowd, we will find you. If you do not come out on your own, which I find rather unlikely, you shall be annihilated. More than 2 people have been found torn apart all across the village. Poor Miss Magda was not the first one, and clearly not the last, either. But, we convened here, to raise even more awareness, after the horrible circumstances in which her death brought her.’

Nina was freaked out ever since that day, even more than before. Jack was surprised too, just like everyone else in the village. But the day she waged total war against her father was actually the past Thursday. When, ashamed and embarrassed, he had actually conferred in yet another meeting, to announce that one of the top suspects for baring the Lycanthrope gene, was his own son. Her beloved Brother, Michael. How could he have done such a thing?

Her father’s abhorrence for anything supernatural in his town was ostensible over the course of the past years. But accusing his own son of it? And allegedly ‘exposing’ him in front of everyone?

The truth was, Michael was always an explorer. And he used to wander around the forest seldom. He had an old friend there. A 60 year old plus guy who had actually taught him how to circulate around the forest ever since he was a kid. Their father would take Nina and Michael for trips at the forest, and they would meet the kind person in his small shanty and receive treats and candy. But Harry had grown to loath this man, ever since Michael was going out on trips too much , to explore the nature and actually leave this monotonous village, as he claimed, to see the rest of the world. Harry always objurgated him because he was not catching up with his studies and Dean, the old man, did nothing but accommodate him during his wild adventures in the woods, offering him a place to stay in his hut and a plate of food.

Thus, a few hours before Magda was killed, Michael was witnessed by his father, Roderick and a few others, as he walked into the forest to find Dean and talk about life and play cards, as they used to do at nights. They had grown to have a very good bond, especially after Harry’s recrudescence to alcohol and his neglecting his children. So he frequently fought with him and stormed off to go live with Dean.

The thing was, the morning following Magda’s death, someone had seen a figure running naked to the woods, with blood on his hands and mouth. The figure looked just like a wolf who had completed his transition after a full moon night, running back to find shelter and clothes, after committing murders. Shortly after that, Michael had been seen with a torn shirt and bloody hands trying to hide from people.

Rumors had spread out, connections had been made, and so everyone considered Michael to be the Wolf. As much as he tried to counter the claims, no one would believe him but for Nina and her boyfriend, Jack. Harry was the first amongst the accusers . Especially after Michael had shouted at him in front of everyone at the meeting at the square for not caring about his own children and for being capable of accusing his own son of something like that. He had then stormed to the woods for days, and so his father had claimed to disown him.

Nina tried to convince him every day, with Jack, not to give up hope and actually go talk to him, and bring his son back. But it wasn’t easy. The forest was thick and dark and Michael wanted to stay away from Harry and everyone. Nina had tried to tell him she would always support him, and he had kissed her forehead and told her he would always care for her. But then he explained how he would forever be hunted in this village and had never been seen again for weeks.

Harry was telling the rest of the villagers he would find him and bring him to justice , and also employ his doctors to study him, and see how he became what he was.

As much as Nina and Jack tried to tell him he was innocent, he could not believe otherwise. In fact, they had seen him just the previous day at his bureau downstairs.

‘Enough with this nonsense, Nina. And you, Jack. You have the privilege of dating my daughter. Do not make me confiscate that. The case is closed. Michael is a murderer..A beast…’

‘He is your son!’ Nina had shouted. ‘Your own son! How can you say that??!”

Jack tried to remain silent, as the confrontation was getting all the more intense.

‘Nina, I know it is hard on you, and everyone.’ Harry had replied. His trusted employee, Roderick was standing by the corner, listening carefully. ‘Michael used to be part of our family..I loved him with all my heart and soul just like a father should do with his children…But….He changed…All these….Excursions of his..His defiance….His running away from home….And now…his own nature..Something happened to him…To cause him to turn into something like that…What if it had something to do with this idiotic peasant…Dean, his name was? You remember him, right? How light-headed and wicked he was??’

‘What are you talking about???!’ Nina had replied, tears in her eyes. ‘ He was just a poor man living alone there. He has nothing to do with it. You know it. And stop saying Michael is the Wolf!! How could he be such a..cruel…bestial murderer?!!! It is someone else! We all know it! Michael could never be such a…thing!’

‘Really, Nina? Then how do you explain what we saw?? The person running naked , covered in blood to the woods? And Michael with torn clothes hiding away like some sort of reckless rascal??!!!!’ Harry had now shouted, slamming his hand onto the desk.

Nina trembled, but did not back down.

‘I shall hear no more, child! Your brother’s petty excuse was merely a flimsy quickie. Don’t you tell me you believed what he told us? That he was hunted by the creature itself and managed to fight it and survive? Would he come back only with scratches on his clothes??? And why was there blood in his mouth??Did he fight the creature trying to eat it??!!!!!’ His voice was loud and imposing. He removed his pince-nez and then he calmly looked at her. ‘Apologies, daughter. You know I will always love you and care for you. But your naivety forbids you from seeing the truth. That this is who your brother is now. And, if he truly cared about us, he would have returned to explain more. He would not have ran away to his..friend, abandoning everyone…Please…Now let me get back to my work..We are trying to figure out a way to lure him back here…If he does not want to come on his own, perhaps during the next full moon, when he turns, we could entice him-‘

‘Stop saying that!!!’ It was Nina’s turn to shout. ‘I can’t believe this….You and your little pet’ she said, staring at Roderick ‘ so eager to plot your son’s capturing, for something he is not…And for something I know he has not committed…We should be out there looking for him! To get him back, and politely ask him to explain! Not try to..lure him here like he is some sort of worthless target….And you of all people should know that…His own father….I hate you!! I hate all of you!! And I promise you…I WILL find my brother and bring him back, to prove he is innocent. It is not like you ever cared about him or me either way…So don’t give me your crap about loving us, because if you did, you would not be wasting your nights out drinking and carousing, much more accusing your own son of being such a BEAST!!!’ She had stated, storming out of the room, telling Jack to follow her.

Jack had only bitterly stared at a flabbergasted Harry, and had then followed her out.

 They had consequently ascended the stairs to her room and locked the door. And thus, here they were.


 ‘We have to find my brother, Jack. We have to…’

‘Nina, I’ve told you before, if you’re implying we should scurry off to the forest to look for him, it is too dangerous….’

‘Then how are we going to come in contact with him???And how are we even going to protect ourselves from this…wolf??? I KNOW it is not my brother, which means we have yet another  problem to deal with..’

‘Nina..I believe you…I really do..’

‘Then help me find him..Perhaps he knows more about the whole thing..If he gets the chance to explain what happened that night..How he was attacked by the creature…He could also aid us in catching it…’

‘Well..about That…..I have a book..It’s very old, and I don’t know if what it says is true..But it includes tales of supernatural creatures over the years….It can help us with the research in werewolves…’

Nina now looked slightly more optimistic.

‘Well, do you have it with you?’

‘Yes, I have brought it’ he replied, as he pulled it out of the bag he was carrying.

  They both sat down together on the bed, to read it. Jack cleared off some dust gathered on its cover.

‘I found it on my house’s library….Didn’t even know it existed, until I decided to look into this, after the attacks and all..You know..’

‘I see…Well, let’s check it out’

Opening the book, they saw many references to dark, satanic rituals and witchcraft practicing.

‘Jesus….Look at all the things that might exist in the world’ Nina exclaimed, slightly upset.

‘We can avoid looking, if you so desire’

‘No, it’s okay….Turn the page..’ she said, taking a deep breath.

There were descriptions of mystical incantations and some old drawings of witches. There were big, shadowy creatures with fiery eyes in Hungarian and a pretty weird, but understandable translation to English. Eventually, they came upon a chapter called ‘ A Farkasember’ .

‘The werewolf…’ Jack said.

‘You know Hungarian?’ Nina asked, baffled.

Jack stopped for a minute, looking surprised.

‘Well…’ he started saying ‘ as a matter of fact..I do…yes…You see, I look into many languages and all..It’s..a family thing…’ he said, slightly awkward-like.

‘Okay….’ Nina said. ‘Let’s see what the book says’.

Looking further into it, they came across some horrifying drawings of big, black wolves and giant dogs, with golden eyes and crooked teeth. It was overwhelming how detailed many of those were.

‘Werewolves are creatures of the night..In fact, of one single night every month..’ Jack was reading out loud.. ‘They are rather difficult to detect…Most likely because they are humans most of the time…They appear to be absolutely normal, if not a bit stronger than the rest of the people. But once they come into contact with the Moon’s infinite Power…Which reaches its apex only when the crescent becomes a full circle, the moonlight...changes them.. They turn into creatures of the dark abyss… Into Conductors of hell itself…Every single bone in their body breaks and is formed again into that of a giant wolf’s. Their jaw extends forward, transforming into a long snout and sharp, deadly fangs take the place of their nails. Their eyes become golden or reddish, and they seem like they are going to burst out in flames…And the howl is their language…The call..The desperate call to the moon…To their very progenitor…’

Nina continued reading .

‘The unlucky ones who happen to be on their way to meat when they have turned, end up as nothing more but skeletal remains, lacerated and torn to pieces. The person bitten by them which remains alive, shall turn into one of them.. The werewolves shall not stop until they have satisfied their immense hunger, their infinite will to gobble everything they see alive, in flesh. And the hunger will not cease until the Full Moon is gone. Once its image eclipses from the Dark velvet of the sky, the Beast becomes a human again…The bones rearrange themselves, as the creature enters a Serene trance. Eventually, by the next morrow, all that is left of the beast is a cringing human, full of sweat and the blood of its victims, stripped off their clothes, and their canine abilities…’

They were both silent.

‘Is that…Is that what is stalking our village??’Nina said. ‘Now I can only hate my father even more for what he believes Michael is…How could my brother turn to...something like that…’

‘It is uncontrollable..He would not know how fast it would happen, as much as he would try to stop it..’

Nina was clearly disappointed.

‘What are you saying? That there is actually a chance Michael is who they think he is?? Jack! I need you on my side!! You can’t tell me you believe-‘

‘I never said that, Nina. Don’t freak out. I totally believe you. And I knew Michael too, we were best friends, forgot about that? I know him. He could never be something like that. I’m just saying...that we are dealing with something very bad...and very dangerous…’

Nina tried to calm down.

‘No…You don’t truly believe me!!! My own boyfriend is not on my side!!!! I know We have to find a way to stop it from killing anybody else…And as long as I think that my brother is out there in the woods..With no one but me trusting him…’

‘Don’t worry. Even if he is the one… We shall find him, and the creature..’

Nina had had enough.

‘No!…Get ou!t..Please!….I just. I want to stay alone right now..Please…’

  Jack tried to say something, but even he looked unsure of whether Michael was the wolf or not…He quietly left, as nightfall was drawing closer…..Nina tried to get back to the book, in case she found out anything more…

She looked through the pages , until she came across a list of potential characteristics.

‘Let’s see.’ She said, reading more of the extract. ‘ A lycanthrope is a very powerful creature once turned, and there is nothing on Earth that could actually destroy it, or the human form of it. Except for one material. An ore known amongst the folks as Silver. Pure Silver. Not alloys, not light, grey-colored ores or Orichalcum. Pure, clean Silver. If a bullet injected with Silver penetrates the heart of the creature, its body will then slowly start rotting, until it gets a grayish, metallic shade, and the Moon will no longer be the inducer of its Beast form. But its doom. Should the body be left in daylight, it will take days to rot to pieces, but should it be exposed to Moonlight, it will burst into nothingness….There is only one plant known to mankind that could also work against the creature. Not kill it, but hurt it, and perhaps slow it down . Aconite, or else known as Wolfsbane. Should a werewolf come into contact with any of that, it will burn on the area of touch, and will slowly be disorientated but should it not be struck again , it will then recover…’

  Nina felt more sure.

‘I know where I can find aconite. There are fields by the Square. There has to be some there..And the Silver….I think my-‘

It was then that she realized it. Her father’s walls at the office were all covered in big carbines, and piles of silver bullets were placed on the furniture. She had noticed them before, but had inferred they were for when Harry used to go hunting. And the plant, that sorrel-colored, dry plant. She remembered the name Wolfsbane as well. She had seen this in a pot at their kitchen.

‘Oh my god….My father knows too..He is out for the creature as well..’ she whispered to herself… ‘which

 means that if my father truly believes that Michael is the werewolf, he would not hesitate killing him!! That monster!!!’ she said.

And then, it all happened too fast. As the sun was slowly setting, she didn’t realize how much time she had spent there. The day had slipped by, and today was the first day of the new full moon.

Screams were heard downstairs. And then gunshots.  She ran down, and saw Harry with Roderick aiming with their guns outside.

‘Dad! What’s going on??!!!’

‘The old well, outside. It was destroyed. Two people were injured. It has to be that morbid creature. We’re ending this tonight. We’re ending him…..Your lost brother!!!’

‘What???!!” she shouted.

Going outside, she noticed many more people freaking out, as they all saw how the well had been trashed and how two middle aged men were hurt. Everyone was expecting to see the Werewolf, and Roderick had also brought more silver bullets and the stash of Wolfsbane.

‘Where are you, wretched child??!!!’ Harry shouted, ready to fire, as he told people to stay calm. ‘ You have already killed so many people! And now you are about to attack your own house too??!!! Show yourself!!!!’

‘You are done for!!!!’ the rest of the mob was shouting, brandishing their sticks which were on fire, ready to attack the creature.

And then it appeared out of nowhere, growling and howling in the dark night, as it struck 2 of the villagers down with immense strength. It  headed right for Harry, but Roderick threw all of the wolfsbane stash at it.

Smoke came out of its hand, where it was hit with the plant, as it scorched its skin.

The creature screamed in pain, but then retaliated too fast, decapitating Roderick at once. Everyone was shocked and scared off, even Harry.

‘What the-..You beast…!!! You will pay for this!!!!’ He said, shooting at it with all of his silver bullets.

But the creature was fast and rushed to the woods, not before it was struck at the legs with two of them, though. Harry knew it would not die, but at least it would hurt it. Piles of blood were left behind, as it scurried back to the woods.

Nina was too shocked to say anything, but then she felt wonderful, as her own brother appeared from behind the mob of people. He had heard the creature heading to the town and he had tried to run back and inform them.

  Every one stared at him in disbelief.

‘Still believe I am the one, father?’ he said, bitterly.

Harry didn’t know what to say, stultified and scared.

Nina ran to her brother and hugged him. He hugged her back.

‘I’ve missed you, sister. But not any of you backstabbers!’ he said, looking at his father and the rest of them. ‘You see, you spent the better part of the past month accusing me of being the creature…The boy you knew in like..forever….But I knew better than to sit here and bicker with you..So I left..And went to my good pal Dean..I knew he would take me in…’

‘Son...I..’ Harry was about to say.

‘Not a single word, Father!!I am done with you…But I am not done with the Wolf…’ he said.

Everyone looked shocked.

‘What do you mean?” someone asked.

‘ I know who  it is…’

‘What????!!!!” many people shouted, reacting and demanding to know who it was.

‘It is someone many of you know..And a person I know very well too….And that person…is scared…..Different than all of you…But never accepted….It can’t control itself on nights like that…The drive to kill and eat so as to survive is immense….But, I have talked to the person while human, and I know that it deeply regrets what it does while a wolf, and does not even recall it by the morning….But we all know, that, around here, there is one of you who was always worried about keeping ‘his town’ safe and hunted the creature for months…You practically never even stopped to wonder about what it was and why it was doing whatever it did…I am mainly talking about  my father of course…’

  Harry clenched his fist, and the people started getting all the more worried now.

‘Remember back when the first attacks happened? The victims were not killed, they were mainly threatened or lightly injured. But my father, being the mayor, thought he had the authority to do whatever he pleased…And so he burnt that big part of the forest that was the creature’s home..As soon as he heard the rumors about what it truly was…Don’t tell me you all have forgotten that…’

It was true. A huge part of the forest was burnt on demand of Harry, and soon after that the attacks of the creature were more frequent, something which showed that it descended to the village to find shelter.

‘It was hunted, people…What would you do if you were hunted??? Rush to the village…Somewhere else, at least…..But no…Harry just kept sending orders to the local army to scout the areas close to forest and pretended that his doctors were actually ‘looking into the situation’.. He couldn’t give a damn about how it became what it did, if you ask me...he only wanted to kill it..And so the creature fought back…’

Everything Michael was saying was true. The scouts took place every night .It was actually making sense.

‘And now, you struck it with silver and wolfsbane…We have to go after it. In the woods...Find it and make things right…’

But the crowd did not have the same amount of compassion. They knew it was a beast, and that it had to be killed. So they all started heading to the woods, keen on slaying it once and for all, knowing it was injured by the bullets and the aconite. And Harry started leading them.

‘I don’t care what you say Michael..It’s a beast..And it has to die...And since you don’t wish to tell us who it is…We will slay him and then maybe he’ll turn back to human before he dies!!!!!’

The crowd shouted in agreement and they all headed to the woods.

Nina was too shocked to react and so Michael tried to comfort her.

‘I…’ she said..’ I can’t…I mean...I am truly happy you are here..And I knew from the beginning you couldn’t be that…thing…But...who is it then??I understand the creature was hunted… killed so many people??’

‘The person could not control it Nina…it is a curse...We have to help him...Do you even know who it is????It’s...’

He was about to say the name, but he knew the creature was hurt so he had to rush to the woods…

‘Just...please stay safe…I have to go help my friend…’

‘Michael wait!!!’

But he rushed to the forest, evading the crowd, just like he knew where to find the creature.

  Nina got up and ran to the forest too, but she had to go through the crowd, not knowing the place as well as her brother did.


Time passed, and the full moon was marvelously decorating the sky, as the fires of the crowd were illuminating the forest in the chilly, misty night. Nina found her way to the front of the crowd, and saw her father, who  infuriated by the death of his friend and everything that was happening, ready to find and kill the creature. She loathed even looking at him, but then, she remembered a small path . A narrow path on the right of the main trail in the woods, where they used to play with Michael when they were little.

‘That’s where he went’ she remembered. ‘It probably leads to the Dean’s hut.’

Separating herself from the crowd, she rushed to find the path and the hut. Running through the woods, ruining part of her dress, she eventually found the small house, and Michael on the door, with Dean, calling the creature to come.

‘You have to come out!!!It’s me! Michael. Your friend. And Dean. All those times you ran to the woods, hunted by my father and the village, we offered you a home here! But now you have to come with us! They are coming after you with more silver. They’re going to kill you! But we know a way out of the forest from the other side. We found it yesterday! You have to come!!’ Michael was saying, and Dean was also urging the creature to come out.

  Nina could feel it, somehow. She could actually understand it was roaming around. Like, there was a familiarity or something.

As soon as they saw her, they told her to stick close to them.

‘They’re coming for the creature, Nina’ Michael said. ‘How did you find this place anyway?”

‘I remembered when we used to come here…But now I understand Brother…I am with you now. I want to help you find the creature and lead it to safety…I can’t be like our father, who has no respect for anyone else but himself…We have to help it….’

  Michael and Dean were happy to hear that.

‘Well, unfortunately, I don’t think we have much time’ Dean said , seeing as the crowd had actually found its way to the hut too. They were slowly reaching the place, and the wolf was nowhere to be seen, until Nina heard a cracking of some branches somewhere in the thickets.

‘I will stall them’ Dean said,. ‘You two...Go find your friend…’

  Nina was baffled…‘Our…friend?’ she wondered, but then followed her brother to the thicket.

And there it was….The werewolf…The big, black wolf, with eyes golden and sparkling in the fiendish irises . The hirsute skin, and the sharp, black fangs. But, for some reason,  they were not scared. They were astonished. They knew, somehow, that the creature could still retain some bits of logic. Of Rudimental recognition. Blood was coming out of the wounds at his legs, and it had humped its back, as it tried to fight through the pain of the silver rushing through its veins.

It looked at them, and whizzed lightly. It initially came closer abruptly, causing them to withdraw, but then it stopped. It just stared at them, and then each one separately.

But then the crowd could not be held back anymore, and Harry pushed Dean out of the way , leading the rest of the people to the grove, to finish it off.

‘Away with you!!!!’ Harry shouted, ready to open fire, as the rest of the people set fire to the whole hut, where the wolf instinctively tried to run.

‘Father, no!!!!’ Michael and Nina shouted, but it was too late.

As the Werewolf tried to escape the engulfing flames running to the escarpment nearby, Harry shot it repeatedly at its heart, emptying the magazine on it, as did the rest of the people following him. The abundance of bullets shot caused it to collapse from the cliff, all the way down to the brushwood and dry leaves , about 200 feet below.

‘What have you done??!” Nina shouted, as she ran to the path on the left leading down, with Michael and the rest of the crowd, who wanted to check whether the creature was dead or not.

Eventually, the fire spread out to the logs towards the path, causing many of them to fall down, and block the way for the mass of people to go down there. Michael tried to escape a sudden blaze formed, and in so doing, he stopped before the last of the tree barks could cut off the road. But Nina was on the other side.

‘Nina…’ Michael said. ‘Go…Check on him…Check if he is okay…You have to…He’ll need you…The moon…’ he said, out of breath from all the fire. ’The moonlight…It will burn his body…..’

  Nina understood and tried to run to the creature, as Harry and the rest behind Michael cursed that they had to clear all the wood first to reach the creature.


  Nina started being flashed with many shocking thoughts…The book...How it talked about not recognizing the werewolf in his human form…About not being able to control the urge…How it recognized her and Michael and Dean….How it didn’t hurt them….How it was hunted all these months, especially by their father and Roderick, hence why it came for these two at the well…How Michael said the person was his best friend …How he would need her now that he was injured…

It didn’t take any longer for her to figure it out. In the legend of the moonlight, she witnessed the bitter and sad image of her boyfriend lying on the ground, full of blood, injured…

The moonlight was his very doom, and the light from it started vanquishing his body, part by part.

‘Jack!!!!No!!!!!’ she cried out, as she leaned towards his side, holding his head up.’ Jack I’m so sorry….For how I told you to leave...I’m so sorry about everything..I know what you had to go through…Michael told me...How uncontrollable it was…’

Jack was too injured to speak, but he managed to mutter some words.

‘Nina…It’s…It’s okay.…I just want you to know..I never meant to kill those people..Not one of them….Except for Roderick….the rage...I could not hold it..And….And... Harry….This person...He...he is your father, I know...but the way he treated you and Michael..And me…..How he hunted me all these years..I just wanted him down…But this……this beast I was…I could not hold it back….I’m so sorry for not telling you...And when we were reading that book...I just….’

Nina recalled how well Jack knew Hungarian and the werewolf translation.

‘It’s okay Jack...It’s okay...’ she said, tears in her eyes, as she stroked his shiny black hair.  ’I...just...I thought you would have no memory’ she said.

‘I would not remember what I did…But with the constant hunt from your father I knew what I was turning into...And now…I was injured…It was not a normal transition...Every image hurts now…Every bone in my body hurts….Everything…..hurts..’ he said, his voice wearing out.

‘No!!!!’ Nina said, devastated, bursting into tears. ‘Please…Jack…Please don’t die...’

‘I am sorry Nina…..I love you…I’ve always loved you….’

And then Nina knew. The passion overtaking her to avenge him…The rage inside her after everything that had happened…..It was too real...And too urgent….

As she leaned in for one last kiss, she nodded at Jack, and he knew what to do. In the next few seconds, she could feel the throes from his teeth in her skin…But she didn’t mind…She knew that would make her stronger...Way stronger…And way deadlier…..


The night was reaching its climax, as the moon stood gloriously above her and Jack’s vanished remains from the power of its light. The crowd had managed to push through the debris, and were slowly descending the path to her.

She could now feel it. The rush in her body, the energy invigorating every part of her. The pain, which now worked to her favor, as she turned into something very different…The fire in her eyes, as they were turning golden and shining…..The burning desire to annihilate her enemies….

This village had never treated her any better either. They had accused her brother, and were going against him for months. They had suffocated him and caused him to run from what he once thought was his own home. And now they had killed the one she loved.

She looked up at the moon with her glimmering eyes, and howled in scintillating power and strength, as her long, black hair were waving in the chilly wind for one last time. For one last time, before she became a Demon Of The Night .

She turned to look at the crowd. Her boyfriend had just died. And looking at her Father, she knew who would be next……………………………………………………


© Copyright 2020 James Kingston. All rights reserved.

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