The Chills Of Irwyn Town

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A short story of a rather belated Halloween theme. Set in an imaginary town in US, it focuses on the mysterious events in a High school girl's life, who suspects there is a Vampire in her town.

Submitted: December 06, 2015

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Submitted: December 06, 2015




Gina was covered up in her blankets, thinking about it again and again. What could it be? That shrilling, hellish noise every single night. Coming from the hillock just out of the small town of Irwyn,  Minessota. Every night the past few days, shortly after midnight she would hear that freaking sound. Like somebody was groaning, repining about something they coveted.
And it was incessant. For a good 3 hours it would be heard. And then it would abruptly stop. Like that someone, or something, eventually got what they wanted. She was sure it was coming from the small graveyard up there which made her all the more upset.
Tonight though it would be different. She would call Kevin, her boyfriend, living further outside the town, probably hearing the sound as well. Kevin liked reading a lot so he used to stay up late. He would have no problem coming, to keep her some company. And so she did make the call.
"Kevin, it's that sound I've been telling you about again" she muttered."Will you please come hang out with me? Only for a while."
"Gina, I've told you. It's probably some construction site or something."
"Okay, I'm on my way"
This was why she loved him so much. He knew when she was really in need of something and he ,at once, catered to it. After about 5 minutes he was there, waiting outside her window. She gave him a peck on the lips in gratitude and told him to come in.
"Honey, you know this is starting to get to you, right?"
"Maybe", she retorted, cuddling in his burly arms."But it sounds so terrible. At least we get to spend some time together" she said in a funny way.
He kissed her passionately and told her he loved her.
"I guess" he then said.
There was a jiffy of silence after that, during which Gina seemed to be contemplating about something. She looked outside her window, at the foggy road in the chilly night. The stumps of the trees were desiccated and the little woods by the hillock was rather cunningly scary. Like it was home to some sylvan waiting to haunt her at night.
"Aren't you scared as well sometimes? I mean, you live by the woods, all these weird noises..."
"Well, I've got used to it" he said.
"You know, looking at the hill, the graveyard. It just seems so..repulsive and frightening...But it also makes me want to figure out what this doggoned thing is which makes this frustrating noise."
Kevin smiled in an inquiring way.
"You will make me take you there and check it out, won't you?"
"You know me" she replied giving him the puppy eyes.
He shook his head but then nodded in approval.
"Perfect. Gonna put on some clothes and off we go. You got a flashlight? Cause I only have one."
"Yes. Got one to reach your house. It's pretty dark out there. Uhm, are you sure your parents won't realize you are going to be missing?"
"They won't. I'll lock my door just in case"
And so they left the house from the window, holding hands. As they were walking on the misty road, Gina looked at the woods now  within few feet in front of them. A chill went down her spine.
"You okay?"
"Yeah. Let's do this."
"We can always go back if you want."
"No way. I didn't get out of my little snuggery to come out here in the cold for nothing. We're going."
"Fine, don't bite." he replied and so they kept moving.

Reaching the small forest, Kevin advised Gina to stay as close to him as possible.
"We might encounter small animals scrounging for food. They can still give you a good night's scare so watch out, ok?"
The sprigs from the bushes were scattered all over the canopy and the brushwood under their feet creaked at every step of theirs. After 20 minutes or so, they reached the small graveyard. The low, iron door was half open, and an unquiet squall crept Gina out. Seeing the graves gathered together , a lurid , queasy feeling dominated her. She would get in though. She had to figure out what had caused her to stay awake so many nights.
The sound was  now way clearer.
"It must be coming from deeper inside, by the elms over the corner of the site" she noticed and so Kevin led her there.
Gina now clearly heard the growling noise from inside the shrubs.
"You sure you wanna look?" Kevin asked."Want me to do it?"
Gina nodded yes.

Kevin slowly walked amongst the elms, with his flashlight on, shedding light everywhere. But he found nothing.
"Let's go deeper inside the vegetation. And try not to light the plants so much. Vampires don't like light."
Kevin froze in his place. Then, he formed a light snicker.
"Uhm, what?" he asked, chuckling.
"What? I read it in this book I've got. Think about it. The sound is like a growling. Only heard at nights. Graveyard, and all these gloomy things."
"I think you've been reading too many supernatural stories.
Kevin then checked the rest of the place, but nothing was out of the ordinary. The sound had also suddenly come to a surcease.
"It stopped" Gina said."Come closer. I don't wanna be alone''
"Relax. I'm right by your side."
Gina then tried to look behind a headstone, separated from the rest. The name had been erased off by time, and only the first letter of the last name was visible, "J" and  an "o" somewhere in the middle. The sound now started again, but was heard a bit more faintly than before. It was coming right from behind that grave.
"Kevin" she whispered."We might have to check out the place behind that grave"
Kevin now seemed a bit baffled.
"Haven't we checked out almost the whole place so far? We should be heading home. Don't you have school tomorrow?"
"Oh come on Kevin. It's the only place we didn't look at. Just this one,  and then we leave."
Kevin was a philology graduate but was currently unemployed and so he spent most of his time at home. He used to go out with Gina at weekend nights when she was free of studying, but school day were usually off limits. And so he was surprised she was in the mood for an adventure on a Thursday.
"Please. Let's just check this one out and then we leave."
"Fine, but that's the last one, ok?"
"I promise."
Kevin walked to the grave slowly. Gina decided to come with him. As she was looking at the grave she felt kind of uneasy, upsetting the resting dead. But she had to figure out what that sound was. They reached the headstone and the sound was now loud enough.
Gina calmly crouched to see behind it, when she was almost petrified to death and jerked back. Kevin let out a small grunt of surprise, but then laughed.

 It  was Jake, Gina's geeky neighbor, making the sound with a weird machine of his he had installed there few days ago.
"Jake?!!!" she said , seeing him laugh as well."You jerk! It's not funny ok?!!!I haven't slept in days! What the hell are you doing here?"
"Haha, chill out. It's just this cool sound effects machine I devised few weeks ago. I've been setting the frequency on subsonic waves oscillating and reaching the ear's frequency in specified time intervals so as to give everyone the chills as part of my Halloween project for sc-"
"Yeah whatever I'm tired already! I didn't even get what you said! Just stop it ok? I'm surprised no one has pressed  charges yet."
"Why should they? Whenever people wander up here, they think it's some animal or something, and I quickly take it back late at night. But hearing you come up here and thinking it was a Vampire, God, it was hilarious. Sorry but, it's just too funny" he said laughing.
"It was quite witty actually. But you could seriously get into trouble" Kevin said.
"Yeah yeah, I know. I would pick it up tonight either way" he said, gathering the apparatus and heading home."Anyway, you have a good night and, oh, Gina, watch out for blood sucking creatures" he uttered, bursting into laughter.

"What a freak" said Gina."I mean, he's a good kid, I know his parents too. But sometimes he's so nerdy and annoying. Ugh, I can't believe it was all just his stupid toy."
"It's okay", Kevin said, "Next time you hear something like that, just don't stake him through the heart ok?" he japed, laughing.
"Kevin! It's not funny ok?!"
"Aww, come here" he said, hugging her."Come on. Let's get you home"

As they walked back to her house, Gina got in her room and waited for him to enter, showing him her bed. He was about to climb in, but then he just leaped back and seemed like he had changed his mind.
"Nuh, I gotta finish an application form. And you have to sleep, naughty girl" he said, kissing her on the cheek.
"Okay...But, why do you think the name was crossed off the grave?"
"Who knows, maybe it was just the years having passed."
"Yeah well, it seemed like someone had removed it.."
"You're reading too many stories" Kevin reminded her. "Go to sleep. Tomorrow morning all will be fine in your head."
"Yeah, I guess" she said, kissing him good night.


It was around 4 am and Gina was about to fall asleep, lying under her warm, cozy quilt. She was feeling so foolish it was all just Jake's stupid invention. But she just couldn't get her mind off the grave. A  J, an O later on.....Jake was making the sounds....It was just Jake....Go to sleep Gina, she told herself....Go to sleep....


She woke up an hour later in terror. Her boyfriend's named was Kevin Jacobs. He tried to do everything to stop her from looking further into that grave. ‘’Jacobs’’ was fitting the gap sculpted on the grave perfectly. Kevin told her he was a grad student and that he was unemployed. They were only going out at nights...She racked her brains trying to remember a time she saw him during the day. That's right, she never had. She then remembered how he lived close to the graveyard but pretended not to be bothered by the noise. Jake's machine was making a disturbing noise..But the noise she was hearing the rest of the nights was way more realistic..It wasn't mechanic....Jake said people often thought wild animals were heard up there..Kevin told her it must have been a construction site , to throw her off….

And then it hit her; Kevin always waited outside her window for her to invite him in. And earlier , when they returned and he was about to come in, he just jumped back and decided not to. She hadn't invited him. She had inferred he'd get in, by showing him her bed.
Was it all just a coincidence? She looked outside her window at the abandoned, misty road............................



  Kevin closed the door of his house, returning home. As he smiled in satisfaction, his long, sharp, bloody canine teeth glimmered in the moonlight, as he swept  Jake's  blood off his mouth............................................


© Copyright 2019 James Kingston. All rights reserved.

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