the door

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In college i had 2 friends 'Steve' and Greg' who were the inspiration for a collection of short stories touching on those moments in life when we realise how stupid and meaningful a question can be.

This question?

What lies behind a closed door?

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



Its raining. Smoke...

The college campus is on fire; students are pouring onto the streets like waves of crashing water. Exploding into mass of terrified teens. Mr Wilson, a tutor of Psychology has broken down in tears over someones parked Land Rover. Sirens from the fire brigade can be heard as Mrs Hilton, the stern faced head is pulling lumps out of her already thinning hair and screaming orders at anyone who'll listen.

Then there's Greg.

Strolling out of the fire like his trouser leg isnt on fire, and puffing away at his damp cigarette. He notices Mrs Wilson making a bee line straight for him and climbs on top of the Land Rover, stepping over Mr Wilson as he heads in the opposite direction and away from the chaos. Steve, who has been bent over double with tears of laughter at this prior scene doesn't notice Greg approaching.

'Man, Felicity's off her rocker'

Steve looks up at Greg, who is still smoking his cigarette and gestures him to follow down the back alleyway.

'D'you know who started the fire?' 'Of course i dont, nearly burnt myself silly trying to save my smokes' Greg pats the lump in his chest pocket reassuringly. 'Where are we headed by the way?' 'Thought this would be as ample a time as any to continue your education? No?'

Steve rolls his eyes and falls behind a few steps.

'What? Did you think i'd given up?' 'Why do i let you put me through these things?' 'Because you feel smarter after them. Now shut up and listen to teacher.'


'Erm...' 'I'm contimplating.' 'Contimlating what exactly?' 'Whats behind that door?'

Steve stops in his tracks and wanders over the door Greg is looking at, he pulls at it for a bit to no avail.

'Its locked' 'Good work, Sherlock. Thats not the question i asked.' 'We dont know whats behind it, it's locked.' 'Yes, i know that. However, what do you think is behind it?' 'No idea.' 'That the lesson done? You have no idea... You're giving up?' 'What do you want me to say?' 'I want you to think outside of the box for a minute. We have a door that you have not opened, and we dont know whats behind it.' 'It's also made of metal.'

Greg raises his eyebrow.

'And that means?' 'Erm...' 'Exactly, it means bugger all. The door is an obstacle; what size, shape, colour, or material it is doesnt matter at the moment. It seems to be a locked 'metal' door.' 'Whats behind it?' 'Thats my question; there's everything... And nothing behind this door.' 'I've no idea what you're on about.' 'i am on about the fact that if you ask anybody passing what they think is behind this door,' he raps it with his knuckles ' they will give you a variety of different answers. Any one of the could be true, and all of them can be wrong. But for this moment right now all those possibilities are... Possible.' 'Do you know whats behind it?' 'That's not important. However, have you tried youre best to open the door?'

Steve just looks perplexed.

'Alas, it is with simpler minds we realise our potential' Greg pushes the door slightly and it swings open revealing a dark staircase leading up into the building. 'Its a staircase.' 'Yep.' 'Where does it lead?' 'To understand that we must first where we think it leads.' 'Give it a rest man.' Steve enters the doorway and climbs the stairs, he dissapears for a minute before his voice echoes down the stairs 'Ah for christ sake... Another door.'

Greg puts out his cigarette as he wanders away, pulling the first door shut as he goes.


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