Journey Through a Dollar Bill.

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A story of how i recieved a Dollar Bill and where it resides today.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



One dollar. Its honestly an insignificant amount of money. My dollar bill isnt like all the other Dollar bills. You see my dollar bill is a mess up. The mutt of the litter. It is 4 bills turned into one in equal proportions. Im not sure myself on how to convey what it looks like to you but imagine a dollar bill seperated into four equal pieces. Now picture all them put together into a dollar bill the wrong way. This is my Dollar Bill.

Whenever i pick it up my mind takes itself on a journey one of wonder and fascination. I think back to the birth of the this little piece of paper and how it got into my hands. I imagine all the places its been and how many times it been rejected because of its strangness. I imagine it being printed along with a hundred other bills all of them being printed the same way. I imagine the horror on the mans face running the machine as he scrambles to stop the printing before he wastes to much money. I wonder how my bill managed to escape the clutches of the furnace where they burn all bills that were errors.

I myself did not ever find this dollar bill. I was at a dinner with my grandmother when she gave it to me. She is always good this way because she loves to give me little trinkets of no inparticular value but high interest. I love her for this, i wanted to know where she had gotten it or found it but all she could say was "I cant remember." At the time i cursed her memory because i could not figure out the origin of the bill but ive come to see that without her memory failure at the time i would not be writing this story. I wouldnt be able to imagine all the incredible stories that this bill couldve been on. My imagination would have never taken the trip to the printing machine or anywhere else i imagined this bill if i had known where it had come from.

The dollar bill in a strange sort of way is like you and your future. You are a human put together unlike anything else and you have to take this journey through life not knowing how it will go or where it will lead. You can imagine like i did with the bill that maybe you will be a rockstar or doctor, or vet or anything you want to be. So in a way this Dollar Bill really means a lot more than just One Dollar.....

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