picture story 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
trouble shooter story

Submitted: February 28, 2020

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Submitted: February 28, 2020



Picture Story 2


"Oh, I've been there!" exclaimed Veronica, as she pointed at one of the old black and white photographs. "Look at the sun shining through those big iron bars up there - a gaol cell for giants! And I bought that photo off the man for two bucks!" And she laughed her sweet twelve-year old laugh.

Mike and Esmerelda looked at the photo, looked at their daughter, looked at each other, and back at the photo. The trio were intrigued, almost mesmerized by it.

"Nice use of contrast, perspective, light and other elements - nice depth", commented Mike.

Mike looked at his wife again. That photo was taken about 1940 in an underground railway station in the US.

"So dad, who's behind this virus business? And been stirring up all this hysteria and stuff?" The girl ran over to the fireplace and poked the embers into flame, for dramatic effect.

"Oh, I don't know. Same old, same old story I suppose.

Veronica, I'm going away for a few days on busines again. You look after your mother while I'm gone won't you?"

"Sure pop".

Next morning, just as the sunlight was starting to glow over the Andes, Mike stood on the river bank. He watched, through the mist, a section of water bulge upward slightly, and ripples appear, radiating from a central point.

Soon there was a huge, strangely shaped water bubble rising upward, growing in size, it's water running and dribbling back into the river. ...

"Morning Lance" said Mike.

"Mornin" replied Lance. "Where are we going?"

"Oh - ahhh - Central Australia, that's out in the middle of nowhere".

"Well, alright, but we just passed the moon."

"Yeah, I know. I'm just goin' for a blat around the block first. I don't like being cooped up inside all the time. It's healthy to get out and about, you know."

"True that".

Soon they were cruising over beautiful, patterned landscapes.

Mike parked high up on a rocky ridge.

They got out. Lance stretched and yawned. Mike rolled a smoke each.

"Hell, its hot out here".

Mike and Lance ambled over near the edge of a cliff and urinated there.

"I've got an idea", he said, and between drags on his smoke he continued.

"The boss wants us to solve the plastic problem, right?"


"We oughta make it worth money to clean it up and recycle it. Make it into a big gold mine out there. ... ."

Mike went on about the virtues of flax and cotton and wool and glass ... and how it's the individual person who is important, and about increasing production and prosperity in the face of adversity.

"Needs a PR campaign though" Lance suggested. "And get some big celebs in on it.

And how's your daughter settling in at the new place?"

"You mean the old place. She said she's feels like she's come home.

And she knows where things are. Don't tell her, but I think she's one of the family".


"Us? Or them?"


The end.



© Copyright 2020 James McMahon. All rights reserved.

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