The Return Of Trixie

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I made this before the mlp episode "magic duel" came out. It was going to be a proper story but this is all I got round to.

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013




The outskirts of Ponyville...


The huge jeep bumped up and down violently on the dirt road in the middle of no were. In the jeep three ponies, two with a black sack on their heads and their hands in handcuffs, the other one a scrawny pony shaking in the back. Silent. In the front seat sat the driver and another tuff looking colt with a gun in his hooves, they shared a nervous glance acknowledging the ponies in the back seats, packed tightly together. The colt in the back still shook; he was Dr. Pavel sitting beside two very dangerous people. Up ahead was a small plane with a couple of ponies standing outside it? The jeep stopped and Dr. Pavel and the colt’s in the front seat got out. “Dr. Pavel I’m Agent Shaun” The colt outside the plane said against the strong wind, Pavel nodded nervously. The driver walked up to Shaun “he was not alone” just then the two hooded ponies got out. “You don’t get to bring friends” Shaun said. “They are not my friends” Obvious fear was in the Doctors voice. “Don’t worry, there is no extra charge for the men” The pilot of the plane noted. “Why would I want them” Agent Shaun asked. “They were trying to grab your prize.” He smiled “they work for the mercenary, the masked mare.” The driver added. “You mean...?” Nothing else was said; they just looked at each other their eyes said enough. “Get ‘em on board – I’ll call it in!” Shaun yelled to the men.


In the skies the plane struggled over the snow capped mountains. The tree hooded ponies’ kneeled by the cargo door, still in their handcuffs. Shaun grabs the first hooded man. “What are you doing in the middle of my operation?” Agent Shaun asked. The hooded pony said nothing. Shaun pulled out a handgun “the flight plan I just filed with the Agency lists me, my men and Dr. Pavel here. But only one of you.”  Agent Shaun pulled open the cargo door. Special Forces hang the first hooded pony out into the howling wind. “FIRST ONE TO TALK GETS TO STAY ON MY AIRCRAFT! SO... WHO PAID YOU TO GRAB DR. PAVEL!? “Shaun yelled over the roaring wind. Nothing. Shaun shoots, deliberately missing, maybe if he were to trick the other hooded pony into thinking that their partner was shot and this man meant business would probably get the other to talk. “HE DIDN’T FLY SO GOOD! WHO WANTS TO TRY NEXT!?” The men grab the second hooded pony and hang them out the door. “TELL ME ABOUT TRIXIE, WHY DOES SHE WEAR THE MASK!? Again, nothing. Shaun pushes the gun to the ponies covered head. Shaun cocks the weapon, nothing. “A LOT OF LOYALTY FOR A HIRED GUN!” Shaun shouted. The first hooded pony spoke. “Or maybe he’s wondering why someone would shoot a pony before throwing him out of an aircraft.” It was a mere. Agent Shaun closes the cargo door. “Wise guy, huh? Well at least you can talk, who are you?” Shaun asked. “We are nothing. We are the dirt beneath your feet. And no one cared who I was until I put on the mask...” Shaun slowly approaches the prisoner wearily and pulls of the hood. A dark blue pony with pale white hair lies behind the mask. She looks strong, stronger than anyone else on the plane yet most of the face is covered by yet another mask showing only the mere’s menacing, cold, evil eyes. Trixie...

“Who we are does not matter. What matters is our plan. Trixie says, her voice is cold and hard to understand behind her bulky mask. “If I pull this off will you die?” Shaun asked, fascinated, looking at the mask. “It would be extremely painful” Trixie began. “You’re a big pony-“

“For you.” Trixie Added. Agent Shaun gulped. “What being caught part of your plan?” Shaun asked. “Of course! Dr. Pavel refused our offer in favour of yours. We had to know what he told you about us.” She spoke. “Nothing! I said nothing!” Dr. Pavel panicked, sweat pouring down his face. “Why not just ask him?” Shaun asked “he would have not told us.” Trixie answered, glaring at Pavel. “You have your methods” Noted Agent Shaun. “Him, I need health. You present no such problem” Explained Trixie. There was the sound of another engine. A louder one. A massive transport plane loomed over the aircraft, dangerously close and twice the aircraft’s size. The noise is building the sergeant looked out one of the tiny plane windows. “Sir?” he trembles. “Well, congratulations, you got yourselves caught! What’s the next step of the master plan of yours?” Teased Shaun. “Crashing this plane...” Trixie stands up, tearing apart her handcuffs like sting. The ramp of the transport plane opens and for ponies dressed in black leap out on tethers, dropping towards the plane, two on each side. The Special Forces ponies react to the turbulence from the plane above, Shaun looks at Trixie. “With no survivors.” Suddenly gunfire erupts as the glass shatters and they attached grapples to the tail of the plane in an instant. The Special Forces ponies’ fire back but panic makes their aim off and each shot missed. The ponies outside pulled on their ropes and the humongous plane above lifted the plane by its tale. The drivers struggle to control the plane as it tilts forward. While Agent Shaun panicked Trixie jumped up and like lightning snapped his neck like it was nothing. Now the plane was completely facing down. All the ponies fell to the front with a crash but Trixie used un-natural strength to hang onto one of the seats. Dr. Pavel was strapped in with a seat belt. The plane hung helplessly in the sky and its wings sheared off. Ponies attached explosives to tail of the aircraft. Trixie lowed herself to Dr. Pavel’s Level. The entire rear of the plane blows off and falls like a leaf to the ground far bellow as the armed ponies dropped though the smoke on ropes. A body bag was lowered into the cabin by between Trixie and Dr. Pavel. Trixie unzipped it and in the body bag lay a man the same age and build as Dr. Pavel. Trixie rips the sleeve off Dr. Pavel like paper and pulled out a length of surgical tubing, she pushed the needle into Dr. Pavel’s arm and attaches the other end to the man in the body bag’s arm. Dr. Pavel Looked horrified as Trixie pushed on Dr. Pavel’s chest to push the blood though the tube and into the body. The armed ponies came to get Trixie. The second hooded man got ready to be picked up as well but Trixie stops him. “Friend. They expect one of us in the wreckage” The other colt nodded. “Have we started the fire?” He asked eagerly. Trixie nodded. “The fire rises” A rope was sent down to Trixie and she attached it to both her and Dr. Pavel. He was panicking. Doctor. Now is not the time for fear...” Trixie and Dr.Pavel hang attached to the rope and Trixie pulled out a detonator. “That comes later” She pressed the detonator and the cabin dropped around them revealing the terrifying drop to the peaks bellow. Dr. Pavel Screamed as they were hoisted up towards the cargo plane.

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