"does it really matter?"

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this is another love poem. at the time i wrote this i was in a halfway house and i ended up developing feelings for one of my closest girl friends only to find that she had a new boyfriend even after i told her how i felt...

Submitted: January 17, 2010

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Submitted: January 17, 2010



my heart feels torn,

my heart feels shattered,

it lies in broken pieces,

but does it even matter?,

my emotions are frozen,

my souls been stripped bare,

my brain feels like its bursting,

but do you even care?,

everyday i search for,

a love thats pure and true,

through a vibe and connection,

i've only found in you,

but wrong again was I,

like i have been so many times,

you were the apple of my eye,

but apparently I am blind,

cause all i see is darkness now,

your words have killed me slowly,

i thought i caught a keeper,

but was forced to let you go,

even though you weren't my girl,

i once believed in fate,

and i had faith one day you would be mine,

and save me with your grace,

but the fact you gave your love away,

was really hard to take,

but i had to learn to just accept it,

and swallow my pain,

i really did believe,

but you really had me fooled,

i thought that you were feelin me,

i feel like such a tool,

i cant believe i really thought,

that you would wait for me,

just to find another man,

took you away from me,

i wisht that you could see,

how much you take from me,

but all the time i thought about you,

was just a waste for me,

maybe in the future,

you will develop a taste for me,

because apperently the present,

was much too late for me,

now i'm all mixed up inside,

i just dont know how to feel,

and people always wonder why,

my emotions remain concealed,

but does it really matter?,

if i open up these doors?,

just so another girl can rip my heart out,

and throw it on the floor?,

this feeling is overwhelming,

its just too much to bare,

the feeling like nobody wants me,

like nobody cares,

the feeling like i aint good enough,

to gain somebodys love,

it hurts me worse than anything,

sometimes its just too much,

to deal with,

sometimes i wish that you could take my place,

so you could feel it,

the loneliness and all the pain i've faced,

but would it really matter?,

would it really make you change?,

would you even start to care?,

or would you still feel the same?,

maybe you just didnt feel,

that everything i said was real,

because i've been known to get attached,

to girls so quickly in the past,

but with you it isnt that,

i swear i only give you facts,

everytime that i'm with you,

i feel a special vibe,

we have a special connection,

and thats somethin you cant hide,

but does it even matter?,

you've ripped me open wide,

and left my insides scattered,

left my heart in tatters,

turned my brain to batter,

i should've never spoke my mind,

because now my heart is shattered,

its been broke beyond repair,

but i guess it doesn't matter,

because obviously you dont care...

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