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this a poem about the struggles i've dealt with when it comes to insecurity.

Submitted: January 16, 2010

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Submitted: January 16, 2010



I long to feel secure,

like a root beneath the soil,

nourished by the waters,

from the heavens up above,

standing firm and steady growing,

containing strength within my core,

rising slow but gracefully,

towards the brightness of the sun,

but my life has been a shadow,

animated but not alive,

cast upon the ground by others,

made of darkness within light,

as the earth continues to roll,

i slowly begin to fade,

whe the sun lays down to rest,

and closes the eyes of day,

how i wish to feel alive,

to spread my wings and soar,

to ride the gusts of wind and glide,

but not get blown off course,

within my time here on earth,

i've done miraculous things,

i possess the power to fly away,

but still dont have my wings,

i'm like a diamond in the rough,

i'm like a pearl inside a shell,

i'm like a buried treasure chest,

i'm like an angel trapped in hell,

i'm life that hides in darkness,

like water in a well,

i believe i can achieve,

if only i believed in myself,

my soul is wrapped in chains,

and bars surround my heart,

my brain is in a cage,

i'm like a candle in the dark,

i only shine to a certain extent,

but if the sparks of life would blaze,

just a little brighter,

then night would turn into day,

i would no longer be afraid,

or shy and turn away,

from what my heart desires,

and life itself would change,

i'd have the courage to fight,

for my dreams, my goals and more,

i would hold back no longer,

if i wasnt insecure,

but each day i'm alive,

i realize that i am blessed,

so there is no need to stress,

because fear is but a test,

in which i overcame,

like clouds of falling rain,

because indeed they're bound to part,

but here i shall remain,

my blessings cannot be counted,

nor can you afford,

my gifts contain no limits,

so i fear myself no more

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