32 Mins in heaven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Young warrior coming back home from war, it has been 6 years since he seen his beloved Ms. Aquora. The next scene basically describe the love and passion both character shared that night. Have fun reading it :)

Submitted: December 16, 2013

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Submitted: December 16, 2013





6 long years after the war, it has been too long.

Walking pass this old valley brings back memories.

The wind is fair and the grass full of sprinkle, i must be dreaming havent felt much so good like this in awhile.

O God it has been too long fighting, come to think of it i cant remember the last time i've seen a sunset.

ouch my shoulder, i cant no longer carry this bag on my back, need food im starving.

I feel like resting, siighh maybe a little bit of rest forever would be peacefull.

Tired of war, im glad its over, home sweet home here I come.


( far away in distance, about 1.5 mile Aquora is waiting for his return )


AQuorra '' It has been  a long time since i've seen him''

Lets hope he has a safe return.

Omg did I miss him, im late and everybody leaving the front village going home.

Should of woke up early after Mom told me the soldiers are coming home today. 

Maybe he got home before me.

Im so excited let me run back home and greet him.


( Right before running home, one of the villagers shouts '' Its more people coming down the valley everyone look.'')


Aquorra stop and looked and their in sight was few people coming down the valley.

She stop and waited,coming closer she didnt notice her beloved she was sadden.

turning around at a quick glance in the corner of her eyes, she notices a man walking in a majestic formation.

She looked closer and the man was wearing some type of  brown coat cover his head, long black pants, brown boots and no shirt.

Feeling weird, the man also seems to be holding a large sack over his back and he also has a lot of hair touching his chest.

Why am i getting a strong vibe towards this person, he look strong too. I dont think i've seen such man in our vilage before.


Turning around Aquorra was step away from leaving the front village to head home.


''Hey troublemaker'' she hears

Aquorra quickly turn around and look the strange man uncovered his coat, now his head was revealed.

Long dreads to his chest, a cute smile, very sad eyes. the sunlight behind the strange man glew brighter she looked up and pass out.

The young warrior quickly grab her, held her in his hand , left the bag on the floor and headed home.


Later the evening Aquorra woke up


while she got up she quickly remembers  then getting up very quickly, a voice spoke softly.

'' stay still trouble maker''

Eyes ran down her chick, Aquorra said '' James Bae''

James said '' gosh you really grew up on me''

Aquorra still crying.

James fell on the floor next to her and said ''Baby dont cry, you know i hate that''

Besize i cant cry, that probably be the ugliest thing you'll witness since this cursed war

 Aquorra laughed and laughed.

Aquorra: Omg it been so long bae what happen?

Aquorra: the war has turnt you into a man. look at all these muscle. and also a legend i heard.

James: I did it for you bae, after 2 years of fighting nonstop, all i wanted to do was to come home, lay on your chest and hear your heart beat, cause everything around me was dying.

James: and i do not want to talk about it any longer, okay bae.

Aquorra: Okay bae, and watch who you talking to i can still kick you butt.

James: Wow, bae you have not change one bit, im sorry for making you wait all this long. 

James and Aquorra kisses and head out to the celebration party for the retuning warrior.

While at the party, James and Aquorra was shy at first it has been a long time since they did anything together.

The old man in the village came and talked to the young couple sitting down. 

Old gramps: Hey young lads heres some magical juice ( alcohol ) for both of yall.

Old gramos: you two look terrifyingly bored, lighting up a little okay Gzzz, its your party anyway young master James. Thanks forever for helping us win this war, now drink up.

James: smiled and agree to the old man request.

James looked at his beloved wife raised the bottle up and said '' are you ready''


Best night ever for both couples. James heart felt with joy and Ms. Aquorra felt like a young girl again. With her dreams coming trueher beloves is finally home, now she can accomplish her goals with strenght behing her she felt truly like a queen.


After the celebration, James and Aquorra went home.


The sky is cleared, nothing but big white glowing stars up in the sky above.

James and Aquorra is inside their house, laying down cuddling talking about their youth.

Aquorra: Dont you ever leave me again James or else im leaving i cant stand the thoughts of you dying outhere.

James: Leaving? Where will you go when a man such as myself has complete controls.

Aquorra: Are you that confident?

James: Why not?

AquorraSwang her arms to hit James, but the young master quiuckly dodge the hit and pushes her to the bed.

James: Im in control bae

 james jump on the bed and quickly layed on Aquorra, grabed her by her hair and kiss her

Aquorra tried to push him back, James went quickly for her neck and started kissing and licking.

Aquorra let her arms go and moan softly.

Aquorra: Bae its been a min please......

James: ssshhhh i got this bae.

James took her close off and his off by accident the big brown coat slipped off his hand and hits the floor hard. 

Aquorra: Bae this coat is heavy.

James. oh im sorry bae thats just part of our training outfit

feeling sad Aquorra didnt like the idea of her man been push so hard.

James: Bae stop, i had to keep training and fight just to stay alive so i could come to you.

Aquorra: stop talking and come to momma, tonight i will show your body affection, i will take away your pain. ( then licked her lips loftly ) 

James smiled and went over to her.

Both stared kissing.

James went down to her nipple and started licking slowly, her head is tillted back while she's moaning.

James finger is in her vagina twisting and turning inside her, her body is trembling. 

Aquorra: O james, yes 

James keeps licking her down and down some more, he reaches the belly then kept going. 

James is at her vagina, she looked down and pictures him between her legs. 

Her hormones started rising, when james goes for the clit, she went crazy.

She grabbing her nipple and she kept moaning and moaning, Aquorra did not know what to do with herself.

James is enjoying this scene, his beloved is completely satisfied and ready.

Her body kept getting warmer and warmer, she wanted him sooo bad. she felt her body tinkling. 

she grab james and said '' why are you playing with me''

James: you know i never play bae, stop teasing before it gets serious.

Aquorra: still talking

James waisted no time and jump on her, James reaches for her legs and gently put it over his shoulder 

james grab his penis and slide it inside her vagina.

Aquorra breathe deeply as the penis kept reaching her core. 

James: dont make faces now, you should of never started this. 

Aquorra: O bae it feels soo good.

James: Im only halfway baby chill.

For a min, james kept playing with the tip of his penis, putting it in and taking it back out. 

Then when unexpected he quikly push his penis inside her deeply.  

She jump back but James held her down and went to work.

Strokes after strokes Aquorra body was melting.

James took his penis out and looked at Aquorra vagina. 

lubricant kept runing down her vagina chick, she was very horny and wet, the sheet was wet.

James: Wow bae, you are leaking.

Aquorra: Bae dont stop make it hotter for me, I love to be open.

James: After 10mins you still begging for more.

James: turn around bae tonight you'll finally meet your match

Aquorra: oh yes please punish me, ive been wanting this medicine.

She now on her knees and ready, James lean over her back and whisper to her '' do you love me''

right when she was about to say '' yes i love you'', james stroke in her vagina by purpose.

Aquorra jumped, James kept going, she is screaming. 

With every stroke, both James and Aquorra skin started to feel more sinsitive.

The friction between James penis and Aquorra Vagina, left great pleasure.

James grab her by her hair and continued strocking, james could not believe what he was feeling.

After all these years waiting patiently in the battlefield, James thought it was well worth the fights.

Both sweating heavily.

Aquorra wanted to have some fun on her on, so she told james to sit back cause she'll be taking over from this point.

She grag a hankerchief and tied it on james head, now James can no longer see.

suprisingly, james felt something warm on his penis. 

Aquorra felt strongly about pleasing her man so she started giving him blowjob.

James Tillt his head back, no it was too good so he layed flat on his back not knowing a word to say.to describe this feeling.

James Quickly shouts '' I love you'', '' I love you''  o shit bae i fucking love you 

Aquorra stops and started to laugh.

Aquorra: i know bae, I knoe

Then she sat on him, and started riding. 

James kept his hand on her waist pulling her down on his penis while she is going up for another entrance. 

Aquorra is laughin with job she finnaly reached her climax and bust. 

James felt happy that he was able to satisfied his beloved.

Aquorra: Bae Omg you took part of my soul when i bust. 

James said '' but im yet to be done 

Aquorra: dont you worry about that let me take care of you.

Aquorra squeezed her vagina walls on James penis to make every entrance memorable 

She starts to bounce and bounce, she kept griding and grinding. 

James couldnt take it no more his penis was too sensitive. 

James tries to escape the good toture but she kept grabing him closer

Aquorra: O no bae you have to finish what your started, remember.

James smile, and said '' this is why i love you bae''

Aquorra: stop talking and keep going

James grab Aquorra shoulder for support and went to work, the last 12 mins 

James felt a overwhelimg feeling inside his body.

James eyeballs went back.

James: O bae i think im coming. 

Aquorra squeezed her vagina more and more, she giving him a ride of his life to remember.

 then James went for a kiss, grabed her tightly while he ejaculates in her vagina. 

Both sweating and James tired, both went and layed down.

Aquorra is laying on james chest. James has his left arms under his head while holding Aquorra with the right arm.

Both naked and under the sheet. James and Aquorra is looking up at the sky.

Forever they were happy, now that they are together, the couples has a lot of catching up to do. 

James tired from a long journey and Aquorra heart is full from joy it has been a long time since she smile. 

Their new journey starts tomorrow, lets leave the couples alone for tonight. 

The stories will continue.

© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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