Average People

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Average people is a short form of essay where i get to explain the everyday life. i also get to compare sorrow and joy which is a fun and interesting subject anyone can read.

Submitted: December 04, 2013

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Submitted: December 04, 2013



Average people

What does it mean to be average? being a everyday person one can learn about life, experiences uplift most and give also a chance to evolve. The thing about average people is that, it gives you a rare opprtunity to learn and know each feeling. Most people think of being average is too common. well lets think about it everything in the world is connected, so therefore it makes everything average. When something is unique is because that thing or that special item has been through the tests and learned to compose itself. In means being unique have a special qualification where one is outstanded to the average.

being averaege is about connection. when you connect with the universe or the people being average becomes a school. A school where you can learn. I like being average because it defies who you will become in the future. Lets speak more clearly about being average. growing up i always learn that people will be people no matter what but what i learn the most was to be average was to go outhere and make friends. Making friends and knowing people just the thought of putting your heart outhere. When learning most times it gets rough. Lets speak on the 1st time falling in love and get your heart broken. That is the learning experience where each individual person has to learn in life to be average. Yes its tough but what can you say when life is tougher. 

Average people are interesting. Different nations and different culture in several places. Most times i stare at the sealing and think ' God your right about each creations' i mean lets be foreal. Each culture has its sweetness. For ex: Puerto ricans ( very outgoing and fun to be around ), Mexicans ( hard worker and value family deeply ), Haitians ( crazy goods, and moral value is highly in their culture. ) and many more i can speak of but these were the top cuture i was thinking at that time lol.  I like unity, i think thats what makes people average. Average people are real people. everyday hard working people love life and the fun that comes with it. Imagine living in the world where noone bother to know one another, whats so average and unique about that. To understand deeply, a person cannot be themselves 100% until learn about different culture, personalities, qualities and so on the list is goes on and on. 

How can a person be average if your not willing to understand your mates. Do the task life throws at you, living a normal life just to see why being average is soo important. We all connected, each culture has their unique symbol that a person can be inspired from. Lets say a culture is capable of making medicine, and the other knows how to make clothes. lets combine these two together and the end result would be marvaleous. See the big picture here, being average is not just somthing a person can claim for everyday uses. Average is the combine of many talent succumbing to one whole charachter. For ex: lets take actors for sample. Big actors starting from Brad Pitt to Denzel Washington and so on. these individual are not just one person. Movies actors that succeeded thus far, are many people in one body. lets take Brad Pitt for a second, his a fordamidable actor, but lets ask why he has such success. For one Brad Pitt as many characher that is not his own. He ( Brad Pitt ) went out into the world and learned. A person like that is special but average at the same time is because he took the chance and gave his whole heart and return for a learning experience. 

Average is success. Average is being yourself. Average is being truthful to others. Average is to take the chance and learn about one another. Average is connecting. Avergae is able to go learn about different cultures and grasp something inthere and make your own. Average is to look at others from different views and different perspective and not judge. People may agree and disagree but my question is what is Average to you?

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