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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 10, 2014

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Submitted: January 10, 2014





Did you know that everywhere you go there is someone watching you

Did you know that sex without your true soulmate will reduce your chances of finding love.

Did you know that the more you kiss her every morning she will appreciate you.

Did you know that if the sex aint good its best if you have a great personality.

Did you know that people will tell lies about you just to benefit themselves.

Did you know the more you suffer in life the more brighter your heavenly crown gets.

Did you know that if you learn how to let go and let God, things will be more easier for you and karma wouldnt know what to do with you.

Did you know that the quietest person in the group is the smartest.

Did you know that there is a reason why she aint saying nothing after you mess up and cheated.

Did you know the ground doesnt kill you its the sudden stop while fallen that did the trick.

Did you know if you buy her a present once a while to remind her she is still important in your life, its hard for her to cheat?

Did you know the things you do in life after awhile you start to look like the things you do in life??

Did you know people can get trap in their own mind or reality stay there forever such as addiction and a person that thinks the whole world is against them.

Did you know if you take your time with your mate the more better you get to know them.

Did you know when rushes through life you just might miss the stop sign.

Did you know what makes you special is to able to communicate with different racial groups like they were your own family and not judge.

Did you know that it always gets better when geting older. Like wine in a bottle we live to be experienced.

Did you know cuddling is the best form of getting answers out your spouse, especially if they dont like to talk about their issues keepin them all to their selves.

Did you know that secrets is what kills you slowly. Always thinking about the case and you'll never be the same.

Did you know that the lowest form of flattery is to spend your money on something that worth more then your net worth.

Did you know if you hold her hand in public she will have no choice but to stay loyal. Why not? everybody already seen yall holding hands.

Did you know life gets more serious after having a kid? But you still having sex without marriage.

Did you know When its raining the female body is more tender especially in a warm place.

Did you know if you the one that swings first in a crowd, at least have the tendacy to make it land. Looking lost on the ground is really not a good picture for facebook.

Did you know not every man is a cheater? then Why this quote is still going around?

Did you know females thinks about sex as much as men do. especially when a attractive guy is passing by. Hair pulling anybody?

Did you know the females that talks the most are really the ones that runs marathon in the bedroom. Sensitive texture?

Did you know if being quiet was another way to say, Hi im not confortable with you yet and you really dont know how to use it. 1st time having sex with you partner.

Did you know you can tell a whole lot about someone by the way they speak to you after 5 years later. ( honey why did you change )

Did you know if you not eating i guess she aint eating either. ( Grown translation )

Did you know most poeple are themselves during showers. ( sing and doing a whole lot when someone is not looking. 

Did you know the reason why a chick cheats is because they love a Man's men. ( so if got cheated on then you doing something wrong, lame or you must step up )

Did you know masturbation kills character?

Did you know life is precious? ( why are you doing drugs?)

Did you know during foreplay she doesnt want to hear you speak. ( action speak louder than words ) talk comes later when beat is getting good.

Did you know that sex is actually hard to learn. its not all about entrance and exit its more to it.

Did you know if you please her mentally she will fix you that sandwich. 

Did you know it was never about the money to females? its the situation that there in or cant seem to find a good provider. 

Did you know that a men's job is to provide. protect. conquer. and give's unconditional love?

Did you know that a women's job is to support. receive. keep a man focus. feed. and the house is hers.

Did you know that money dont change people. He's acting like that now because you never knew his true color. ( think you know someone? )

Did you know right before he fits the shoe in. She knew it wouldnt fit. ( dont lead someone in the wrong direction )

Did you know a god state of mind is to have the knowledge of reasoning from right and wrong. like evil and good. What does that make you?

Did you know each of us a leader. Somewhere you go somebody is looking up to you but each of us has different potential. I can persuade a crowd where you can persuade a whole world.

Did you know beauty is truly from the inside. If she rude she will not get a kiss for prom.

Did you know somewhere along the line a period is always at the end. ( cherish your life wisely ) 

Did you know that i just made all those up in mind just now less then 10mins ( I must be bored ) 

© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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