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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Doubting on love, after a while searching for it. Receive it but dont want it.

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



Down by the river


I dont know 

Why  am i thinking like this

I thought i knew it all 


why do i feel such a way 

I've search and search 

I finally met her, but why am i afraid

wait its more to it then how i feel 

Never knew i would come to this

I must go down by the river 

I must run away 


I must stay 

but i feel so weak

Whenever i see you my dear my heart beats fast

you dont know what its like 

I dont know if you truly feel that way but my heart do feel heavy

I cant think when im around you 

I barely cant speak

1st time you touch me, i nearly fainted 

Im sorry i dont mean to be weak 

but your love is strong

I feel the warmth coming from your heart

You make me feel good 

With you i feel balance i can look up at the sky and thank God

you protect me and take care of me

I feel like i owe you my life

Indeed I do 

If you were to be in harm I just dont know

Even thinking about losing you drives me insane

I feel like a child just learning to love its mother

I dont know how to act

I dont know how to think for myself nomore

listening to you i can do all day

I even dream about our future

Three kids and a house by the beach

sunset we can watch it with the kids

This is crazy but i feel soo good 

I was on my path like always always on the go

But you had to show up

I hate you but i love you

For i know your my death 

You leave baby and my heart leaves with you 

Not fair for a man in my position 

You sitting high and all mighty

thats because your my queen and i have to kneel before you

My soul is succumbing

you've became my desire

My purpose

my heart

The air i breathe

Please let me have myself back 

I cant take it

but i cant deny it 

What a situation im in

who are you?

The feeling is overwhelming its hard to take in 

But i have to admit, your my chance at feeling love

So i cannot let go

I must go by the river and think

Time and ticking 

My heart is still beating 

She wants to lay under the stars tonight

How do i stay still around her 

Here is myself i surrender 

take me, free me from this burdden

make me a man 

and i will make you my woman 

be with me forever and ever

love me, care for me and dont let me go

i made up my mind and i will make you my wife

But for now I must go

down by the river I am thinking my last thoughts away

Im giving in, im giving in


© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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