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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
1st time is flashbacks and memories of the author's first time losing his virginity.

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013





Everytime i see you i feel light headed

I feel like you are a part of me

You were my 1st

i always talked about you

you belong in my most precious memories

I remember you 

I still wonder if we would of made a great couple

I wish you were my high school sweetheart

but a friend was a title good enough to make me choose

After school at 7 eleven we've met that day.

Why did we wait this long

we forever friends, especially growing up playing hide and seek

Im sorry we didnt make it

but our smiles indicate that we straight

You were my 1st but the second woman in my heart

I felt you after my love for her was lost

My beloved left me so i started to feel depair

When i met you it was all exchange

my life to its course

a beginning of a new chapter was a page away

7eleven was where we stand

when you invited me to your house i accepted it 

not knowing the journey ahead

Like a lost boy in a lost world, i was clueless.

sports and excercizes only was knwon to me

Not after i caught myself under the shower

There, your long black hair was touching my chest

The radio was loud and you was playing your favorite song.

I was not tense but neither did i had a clue of what i was doing.

i played it cool but you knew i was a rookie

i was fresh and innocent

she smiled and thought that was cute and funny

Meanwhile my manhood was at stake

i was called up to a challenge

I couldnt back down 

i was under pressure but your smile was kind enough 

I knew i was okay cause she didnt make me feel uneeded

Today was the day

Im picturing the feeling in my head 

but it was nowhere close after we had made contact.

When you layed down on the bed i knew the boy i was once were 

was no longer coming out that room the same

I became a man

Even if the time was short on my end

I was no longer a boy after the 8 times the feeling i exprienced

When feelings got deeper, my heart grew weaker 

I felt like my body needed to cry

The feelings that was held for so long, I could not contain.

I let out the cry and felt joy

My eyes was lit like a christmas tree

as i thought this was the best feelings yet felt

I now had a new respect for woman

cause you showed me delight

since that day i became a man

i forever thank you

now i can wait and wait till i meet the special someone 

and hopefully one day i can share that delight with her 

right before we divided after many months after, you told me the delighted pleasure 

given to me was even more magical when shared with a soul mate.

So im waiting and waiting with the ring of promise.

For when i met her i shall tell her, she is my sweetness delight.



© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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