Its me that you chose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Doubting about her love for him, the lover starts Expressing his feelings. Have fun reading :)

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



Its me that you chose


Was'nt it me that made you smile on a rainy day.

was'nt me that held your hand when you was alone. 

I ask so many question but was'nt it you that was suppose to give me an answer. 

Why do you hold silence when bliss is knowcking at your heart.

Wait why am I thinking to myself

Didnt she gave me her best. 

Didnt I layed in her nest. 

Whats best is she was never the less. 

So much different from the rest.

Her light shine bright. 

and she is fine. 

The best wine on the shelf that is mine. 

She chose me and I was found. 

I was half but now im bound.

Im stuck like chuck. 

Bound by the love. 

and their was lust. 

A small town boy that was dust.

She made me to a such.

My heart was never again be shut.

The affection and the tender was to much. 

Then again i couldnt be as far. 

Addiction was as much. 

When she left i was lost. 

remade and remake but i was brake.

The tear in my heart was lit. 

Never again to be this

I promise that i was not her case.

but the deal was already made. 

I slowly fell into her paste. 

She ran away into a ditch. 

Where my heart got cut into a million fit

She left me on the floor without a hit. 

But my heart was never again needs to tick. 

The clock could never be fix.

O well i tried not to snitch. 

but she left me with many stiches.

Why did she left me slick. 

I will never be at her mist.

She is gone and i was sick. 

Love left me with a hit.

I told myself i wasnt gonna be the case.

Farewell to the MS.

She left me with a stich. 


© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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