Pure Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its written all about love.



I hear love is the life to the soul truly it is God has always have love for all of us.

Love is that drive or the horsepower to a man heart.

A man is willing to go to distance for his soulmate, like me I really love the idea of being in love.

The whole concept of it is i how it makes u feel alive, rejuvanated, and them butterflies in your stomach.

All you want to do is cuddle and hear that person voice and listen to their heart beat.

My story is perplex i searched for love all my life but it is more difficult then said, well only one time back in high school, oh how i remember her still.

The only girl in the world i ever felt so comfort next to, We use to write notes and letters back to back to each other and talk on the phone for hours making each other promises.

at sunset i use to dream me and her flying up the sky dancing to our favorite love song while the birds pass by and the wind is singning oh how good it felt.

But when a person is young and immature its hard to keep up with a fairy tale like this, as im sitting here in my living room thinking about the good ol time i feel sadden and also happy that i  experienced love.

 My eyes are open now i only understood the begining of love but never understood the concept of it, love is through thick and thin i should of never let her hand go.

 I should of never turn my head against her oh how bad it hurt to get your broken oh how bad it hurt to let your other half walk away.

People only fall in love for different reasons these days i dont consider falling in love for money or beauty or etc.

Sometime i want to weep cause our generation dont know what real love is especially in the future its only few people that still believe in true love.

  Anyone reading this please dont let go of your true love for pleasure or different reasons if you dont understand love yet please get to know your partner spiritually before physically its a big difference thank you for reading God bless.

Submitted: December 11, 2013

© Copyright 2021 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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