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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Growing up with a neighbor, secret crush never been so secretive.



Morning and nights the clock is still ticking. 

Countless days pass since that summer 

It been too long but im still waiting

It is a crazy idea to tell you that im in love with you 

I remember when we grew up playing in the sand box

Our parents lets us play together even though it is forbidden 

A boy and a girl could never be mix 

but here we played and let our imagination run wild

I remember my first fight all cause i was trying to protect you from another

Middle school pass and we still here

High school came and we still here

College came and everything was different.

I remember your first boyfriend you introduced me to

I ran home that day and cried the whole afternoon.

I couldnt comprehend that, but it hurted everytime i see you with him

I never thought i felt a way about you until you was with him

Life hit me when reality came clear as diamond

Yes i remember in 10th grade high school 

During our courses in Angel high, we fell apart

Nomore hanging out after school together 

We both got grown 

I met new friends and you was the school sweetheart

Never had time for each other,so we became unknwon to each other 

I hate the fact it was all Hi and Bye 

I miss the part when we go shopping together 

I watch you from far away as you progress 

You became a trending topic all where you go 

I cant believe i grew up next to you and not knowing you was that important 

I always saw us as friend until your body started changing

Getting older gave me another eye i see things different

You became a woman that i always wanted and dreamed of 

My only wish was if only I could of seen this coming i would of made you mine

Before anybody knew you we use to share jordan's 

Whatever was mine was also yours 

I remeber our little adventure back in middle school 

I swear you was my first but misfortunate it has to stop there

I remember when we first tried it, we were still young 

The feeling felt unknown so we got scared and stop

We promise each other we will never do it again

Yes we did kept our promises 

Our innocent minds caused us to go down the friend path

We never knew better

High school graduation that when i finally spoke to you

I remember your smile to me 

You felt like you made it out in the world when i felt like, wow here she goes

Never to be seen again in couple of years, you left the state 

Two months after graduation you waited no time and left the state

It was loneliness all over 

I've felt like i lost my other half 

I didnt want to believe it so i dated many girls in our town 

Non relationship was like ours 

Thats why it never worked with the others

Days pass and i seem to lost sight of you

Your scent i could no longer detect

Your memory fade from my brain

Knowing i chose to erase them the pain was to great

We spoke few times on the phone but that got erased also

To me it was heavily painfull to speak to you miles and miles away 

Three years goes by never to be together

Thats when I stumble upon you visage, Live on TV you just had to show up like that

Everything came back to me and i nearly fainted with joy

I was proud of your success

Seen you on TV reporting news everynight was good enough for me

Now I can see you when i want, o how happy i was

Now im staring in your backyard to see whats going on 

I was sleeping one day until i heard voices 

Next door where you use to stay is making quiet the noise 

I knew something was up 

Thats when i hearded your laugh

 My heart drop i felted weak i stayed frozen over the gate watching carefully

Mins goes by i've waited

Not knowing you was looking at me back  from the upstairs window

I forgot you knew me every well

In fact our first time we met i was in my backyeard and you were too

I heard your voice and i ran towards the fence just to see who it was

You saw me and ran dont know who was that little boy staring 

You ran inside but after a min i saw you peeking through the window upstairs too

For few days it went by like this, Yes i remember

Every afterschool i rush always runing down the street just to get home

Here you are and here I am staring through the window until one day you decided to give a try

You came down stairs and greeted me 

Since then we were unseperable

Now that im caught you knew I was watching, I knew I was on your mind also

Why would you be at the same window staring outside for 

When you smiled and told me you coming down, I wanted to run 

You have change much, grown woman you are

I jumped the gate to meet you halfway like usual 

When you came you jump on me and hug me

But the kiss you gave me i never thought

O gosh we both fell into the ground

You was on top of me and im looking up from the bottom view

Confused, not knowing how to react

You smile and told me you missed me and kissed me the same way again

I knew then you was mine

kissed her back with passion, we both shared tears, i did not know you went though the same pain i went too

The girl next door was my wife all along 

Im glad I've met you, making my dreams come true

You are my girl next door

Submitted: January 19, 2014

© Copyright 2021 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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