The loneliness the more fragil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Speaking for the people that feels lonely in this world.

Submitted: May 17, 2014

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Submitted: May 17, 2014



The loneliness the more fragil


The more lonely you are the more fragil you become.

Situations in life experience makes us who we are.

Some learn fast and some learn slow.

Life and sadness have their meet.

Who ever suffer greater, their soul becomes legend.

Who he walks with sadness and never cries, are the bravest.

People build second character to protect their true self.

Life can be so tough that sometimes it only take one experience for a person to give up.

People choose to lock themselves away, and i understand why

Some it can be heartbroken, then the decision to stay away from others is final.

I had my share of experiences, but it made me stronger.

But stronger is not always the answer.

I fought with myself many times and many times over but life lesson is brutal to my dear soul.

I got hurt so many times, that its pointless to take another hit and continue.

I've been hurt for the wrong reason, One of them is because im just that nice guy.

Ever had someone grew tired of you cause your always positive or too good for their liking.

When smile so much, only certain poeple can take it, and the rest is just evil 

Dont ever judge the book by its cover, well until the world learn that its always going to be judgment.

All i ever did was put my hand out to help the next person

I give more than i receive and yet why my heart feels this way.

I cant hide in the crowd because if i get to happy i start glowing and i get notice

I didnt choose to be alone but life made it so.

I cant approach another cause i see their thoughts and action

I stay alone not cause i want to but because thats the only move i can make on the chest board.

Im different not because i choose to but because i figured how to love other without wanting anything back.

I choose to be alone because everyone wants something from me, why not just want me cause you love my presence.

They may say they want you or miss you, but when there they grow tired of you in a matter of minutes.

I choose to be alone because i miss the 90's when it wasnt about money, when a girl loves you for who you are.

I choose to be alone beacuse i get hurt like everyday and it dont stop.

Ever got blame or laugh at beacuse your doing something right and people that are jaleous of you laugh real hard on your way out the door just so you can hear them laughing.

I never mind the laughter but i am human so i start to ask myself or doubting myself.

People makes decisions for you, at least thats what they think!

Me and this girl have this weird connection in a good way but we found ourselves in quite a mess, people walk around saying she could of chose better or i could of chose better. 

Hearing that only draw me and the lady far away.

We try fighting it together but what can you do when the city is in on your business.

Maybe their right, i mean i dont have the cash to take care of her but that doesnt make me a lost case.

Since i am a man, i never complaint about life, always taking the next challenge forward and never look backward.

I suffer much cause i have this drive to keep moving on forward, i cant help it life is about moving on up.

I found myself getting dump, curse at for what reason?

I never wanted none of this, thats why i stay alone.

But the more you stay alone the more fragil you've becoming.

Its not that i lost confident but when life hit you too hard and too much, you find yourself thinking twice about each decisions.

Loneliness is a sickness from the heart and it will make one sad or angry

well i guess my heart chose sadness 

I cant get mad, for what at least. I mean when someone do you wrong either they want what you have or they dont know any better.

I choose to be lonely because their are no other way.

I will not stay in a place where im not needed cause i feel bad for that person then later get stab in the back.

The question is why me?

If its a lesson that im learning by life itself then i just want to get a B or a C cause the test is hard and heavy to my heart.

We lonely people screams out for help but noone is there to help us.

We are in a shadow crying and screaming but no mercy

To make matters worse is when you cant cry anymore, now your soul is crying soflty everyday silently.

People ask me if im okay when they see me, of course im okay, i been fighting strong and alone just to keep my head up high when i walk. 

But i cant help it if i have the eyes of sadness

Whatever the reasons are, if you outhere reading this, your not alone

Best thing one can do in life is to continue, contine fighting cause noone else will

Continue to walk forward and dont stop, if you stop you'll remember what happen few second ago

Do what makes you happy, even if its singing at your darkest hour.

When feeling weak and unable, continue and continue to fight.

Your bills, relationship and etc, keep fighting dont stress cause it its gonna happen, let it happen

One should know its not in their hand to control life but in their hands they can control their emotions.

When life throw one at you, go head receive it with open arms, cry if you have too but accept the situations with full heart.

If it dont kill you, it can only make you stronger but if it kills you then tell God you had enough anyway.

© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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