the way i feel.




My heart is filled with emotions that i cant even describe.

When i breath i feel my chest heavy.

Life is too much for me.

I been through so much that i dont wana keep going anymore.

But the way my mind is set up is to only move forward.

I learned much in this life.

All i have is sadness and anger.

My feelings are pure

All i see around me is fake people.

We live in a world where people kick people down and manupilate others just to be on top.

I;ve seen children who has not ate anything for a day in other country.

I just wana do something about it 

My heart is heavy.

I grew up in a world where grandparents dont know any better

Mothers dont know any better.

Children are not getting enough love

and so i am a example of that

I have a lot of love to give but i never known love

not even from my own mother.

she didnt receive love either.

So i am a casuality in this war

i suffer much everytime an arguement start with my Mother.

My heart is heavy.

People wana see me fall and not be able to get back up

We live in a world where to show love is to show weakness. 

We live in a world where rich and poor are not equal 

We live in a world where hatred and talk behind others is the key to survive.

Well what about people like me?

What about people like me who has big heart and all they we want to see is bliss forever 

What about people like me who just wana love, passion and laughter.

When i look at these small children the new generations i feel sadden

MY heart feels very heavy. 

We live in a world where the poor are worthless when really they are the heart of this universe.

This world has treated me so bad that i stop crying long time ago at the age of 12

Now im older i dont know how to cry at all but from the inside i cry everyday.

So forgive me if we are staring at each other and you see the sadness in my eyes.

Im not a super hero but i feel for the people.

My life means nothing and sometimes i ask myself is this foreal

When i work i see the lazyness in my bosses eyes. 

they would make you work double just so they can relax

Arent we all together in this?

My heart feels heavy and it wants to burst.

Im growing in anger 

My eyes is filles with sadness and anger

We live in a world where you are born and your slave to other people.

I could of sworn we pose to live in comfort and harmony.

I search for love everywhere but cant find it 

I sleep everynight alone just cause im savoring my lil love left in me just so my wife can have it

I refuse to sleep around cause it does not solve anything but confuses the heart more.

These girls have to preferences and no value.

Its all about the money and other stuff

Me im original i keep my 90's mindset intact

I will not give up on love even if there was one girl on earth and the rest are men

It must be love outhere somewhere in the universe just have to find it.

It has been a year now since i dealt with a chick just cause im saving myself for the one

I've change my ways just to feel real love but i must tell you it is not easy

One has to be strong to stay away from sex and the croud 

It is a long journey but it is worth it. 

When i find her i hope she hugs me so tight that it will attach all my broken pieces back together. 

If i die without love the only thing i will ask God is why at least let me save the poor in this world 

I realize a lot of people around this world are suffering dearly, because the goverment is misleading them. 

They dont care about us and whats hurt me the most they spending money on irrelevant stuff and we cant do a thing about it.

MY heart cant take it, its too much for me. 

If i has a choice i would execute all the leaders in the world just cause

and let the poeple have their way, regain the balance of all nation

A new goverment control by the poeple. Goverment should be limited 

The poeple is the goverment, we matters and we have heart

I can say lets stop the war, but i be only speaking for no reasons. 

If i had the power i would fly and break all the goverment buildings and build new one for the people.

I would fly and pick all bad leaders and drop them far and deep in the ocean

Or off with their heads

Im suffering everyday i wake up i cant take the lies

The news is lying to everyone, when whats really going on people dont even have a clue

When time comes i will stand and fight with the people and we will conquer.

I know we will cause my life depends on it

Submitted: April 22, 2014

© Copyright 2022 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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