What happen to Mr. old Genkins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happen to Mr. Ol Genkins. a short story of an elderly man who had plenty of life experience stays in the same neighborhood, until one day. We start asking where is Mr. Genkins?

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014



What happen to Mr. Ol Genkins?


What happen to MR. Genkins?

Sitting on  the sofa outside his house, During the other half of the day in the afternoon thats his lurking time.

believe me he doesnt really to happy about the other kids over the next neighhood.

whenever they around they always leaving trash so we can clean it up after many serious of games, such as hide and seek, baseball, basketball, some go about roller skate etc.

We were always the neighborhood kids outside playing around always inviting other kids from other neighborhood in, for some reason we was always the popular kids dont know why but all we know was having fun, i guess it kinda robs off to the other kids cause it was always a story to tell.

Here is Mr. Genkins sitting and applausing at each special moment we capture as we grown up.

Remembering back Mr. Genkins was quite the man outstanding guy always truthful

His wife was also beautyful, they were perfect couple i believe, when ever they are in public they was not afraid to tell jokes, smile at random stuff, always kind to stranger.

Mr. Genkins and his wife was  not ordinary, even got pick by the neighborhood  people that he and she was the couple you could look up to.

Thanxgiving they were always cooking food for us, oh yes did I mention he knew my family pesonally he was like a grandpa to us.

Oh wait, actually he was a grandpa to all of us in the neighborhood  lol but on thanxgiving he always had a special peach pie that his wife cooked for me and my sister, just loved it.

Mr. Genkins had to pretty good life.

Brought a boat, always went fishing on  sundays.

On the 65th birthday of Mr. Genkins he decided to go around the world for a year with his wife.

He sent everybody a postcard, especially the one in the forest in brazil his wife was sitting down by the  tent he was holding a frog.

He got sick a week later, Which was actually a joke lol, I actually sent him a postcard also witha frog picute on the front and the back says, please I want one.

Mr.Genkins showed us a lot, a fascinated man indeed with much energy to spend on love.

Mr. Genkins Gave us tickets to baseball games, amusement park.

Growing up, One thing that was valuable for me that i learned from him was Teamwork, and never miss a spot on the work you do.

I felt his pain, well the whole neighborhood did when his wife passes away.

Trust me it was the saddest of the saddest saturday morning i  had to witness and fell.

Mrs. K Genkins was gone and it was unbelievable.

Have you ever thought of someone so special in your life maybe around. No one has their carachter and time doesnt exist in one's mind when thinking about Mrs. K Genkins, greenish mix with a lil bit of brown eye color can never forget those eyes.

Thats why the children in the neighborhood always go to her when feeling sad cause she was soo nice and always had cookies.

One day it was it that person is gone, not even if search through time you'll ever find them, into another world they go.

Since then Mr. Genkins lost his right heart.

He stayed to himself after 6 years his wife past away until at the age of 83.

Here goes Mrs. Genkins applausing for my grandchilren watching over them in the afternoon, just like he use to back when me and my wife was litte.

A month or two passes after january, we notice Mr. Genkins was absent avery afternoon, the children say that his door is lock and knocked several time but no respond.

It has been 4 more months that has past and its about to be winter two months from now.

I went a last time to check on the old man house, I've notice his belongings is still there but Mr. Genkins was nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden it hit me. Could this be? could that what happen years ago have happen again?

Oh, no it cant be, this would be a sad story for the neighborhood and the kids.

Is this the end of his chapter. Poor Mr. Genkins I hope where ever you are you happy and you are in peace.

The question is still bouncing around my head, Where is Mr. Ol Genkins? 

© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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