Who is that at my door!

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Surprisingly a good story for late night reading. suspense, thrill and excitement.

Submitted: June 21, 2014

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Submitted: June 21, 2014



Who is that at my door!


Late night moolight across the sky, sitting here in my backyard.

Watching the lake view behind my house was a routine before bed time.

Where my imagination comes to reality.

Life appears more beautyful at night, when dark the moon is the sky's delight

The lake is bright, there you can see ducks and other birds swiming carelessly.

Cant blame them, the trees and the road to the moutain ahead makes it a wonderful view.

The waterfall is not too far away to admire.

After watching the moon light, i was satisfied so i made my way to the bedroom for night night.

Going to my room, i suddenly was craving for a little snack, quickly i made my way to the kitchen.

Eating cookies and milk was the only snacks i found besize jumping unto the stove and cook.

While enjoying the snack suddenly i heard a knock on my door.

Softly i put my cookies down, i didnt know i was expecting any visitors at this time of night.

Suddenly lighting strikes and there goes the rain.

Heavy rain?, but earlier the sky was perfect blue, it doesnt make sense.

Two feet back, i stop and think and now i no longer feel like opening the door.

Who is that at my door?

Nervous has i was, i sent out a message clear though out the room to notice if  it was friendly or not.

No one answerd, its still raining and the knock has stop

I repeated many times over and yet no answers are given to me

After 10 mins or so, the rain has stop and the room has gotten a little clear.

I checked all over the house for unusual but everything was fine, every door was shut as it were when i left them.

Window checked and all are lock firmly, i should know i ckecked twice for measures

Went back to the living room, now i was ready to face whatever that was on the other side of the door. I yelled before opening and no voice echo

Push the door back and waited for movement, there was no action what so ever.

Checked outside noone was there just water on the grass the rain has pass away and the sky was clear as before.

O, well i thought so i went back to my room, lock the door then went to sleep.

Still who was that at my door? 

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