Why you

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
its about a warrior who finally ended up falling in love with a beautiful lady and start to realize why this feeling over press his ways, he pride is caught between love. Read it, its the best winter romance yet written :)

Submitted: December 05, 2013

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Submitted: December 05, 2013





My night star, why have you fallen?

It never been such blist in my heart.

I know it was meant to be, but somtimes i feel like its a cure.

Searching all my life for something to feel, to caress even to feel and held by warmth.

Im searching for something that i lay my head on before my last breath knowing i was loved.

Knowing that someone had shed a tear for me. 

Sorry for it been a long time i felt such way.

The question is still a mystery to the answer im looking for.

Is this a punishment?

Wow the cold breeze just hit me.

Why is this refreshing at a time like this?

( coughing blood ) its ironic, when i first saw you it was a time like this one.

Fresh breeze and fresh leaves the fresh spring smell.

Yes i remember clearly now, when the sunset meets the the evening sky.

where the grass is stil yellowish green and the wind is facing south.

The sunset is quickly covered.

On the field runing and traning,and admiring the sunset as usual every evening.

Thats when the magic happen, when my heart first skip a beat.

It was racing, i nevered cried before, but the connection was so strong it affected my pulses.

I didnt cry it was just my expression been exaggerated

O Diana say i do need you, you smiled at me n slightly look down very shyly.

Cute dimple, a pink flower rose for decoration on your hair.

I felt like i knew you for eternity, could it be that we were part of ying yang .

Two soul attach for eternity in one. For it says one cannot be without the other.

After meeting you and many time spent with you.

We share many secret and dreams together. 

i love the way you make me feel, i can lean my shoulder on your lap and dream.

Baby you just dont understand, a lonely warrior's dream is fallen in love in the arm of a woman.

Not many have the destiny of meeting their desire on the same path.

Diana why?

Why you?

Life is not fair, not after three month of magical experience.

You showed me that I didnt have to spend my evening watching the sunset alone. 

Movies, on wed night just the two of us comedy and romances.

You was special cause you been the one i been with and noone else.

Now on the field thinking where we met, where it all began and ending.

Ironnic isnt it, but this sword is pierce to my chest near my heart.

The last thing keeping me alive at the moment is these memories of you

SIigghhh deeply lean head backward and look at the heaven.

O, the sunset again, no wait this may be my last sunset.

O Diana

Why must you steal the only thing the drives me on the battle field

It hold ambition, rage, despair, and sadness, but one thing for sure

i never felt love until you, O Diana

I dont wana die on this field knowing as a man the last thing i hold is love but not my sword.

The best memory i have so far is our last kiss before i departed.

You told me to come back, i guess the little pinky promise we had, O im so sorry Diana my love.

The only time i meant with love and thats how i get treated.

A lonely warrior at last, well at least the sunset is still with me until that last glimpse.

Breathless, emotionless over few yards in front of me O Diana you didnt have to 

Were so you obsess on saving me.

Started Crying, why?

O Diana Why you?

Baby dont worry, im coming over the other side my love

Im sorry for been a fool, now that you tried to save me at the same time this sword in my chest reminds me of my mistakes

Should of pull you back when i could, but i seen you were enjoying the fierce battle. 

You wanted to protect me, but at the end sword play is not for your woman of delicate.

My enemy saw my weakness and used it, I was late i can still remember.

Arriving at the scene after hearing you scream, shock by your death.

The enemy quickly ran his sword through my chest. Coward but a win is a win, according to him.

O Diana why you

( coughin blood ) ' im sorry '

© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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