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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Its about winter, the best season yet. Experience winter for the first time magically as you read. Have fun :)

Submitted: December 09, 2013

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Submitted: December 09, 2013





Winter, the most chilled season yet!

A season where gifts and suprises becomes exchangeable.

A smile with a cup of lemon tea in the morning auntie Bennet prefers, dont forget a block of sugar please.

Winter is a season of unlimited choices of style and card swipping.

Winter brings is bliss and also the kisses little Tommy been waiting from his babysitter every year.

During winter season the mailman is no longer wearing shorts and the dogs are not chasing.

Mr. Jenkins is still scrapping off snow of his driveway, family members are coming down the state for couple of days. 

The kids are playing out in the street happy and full of energy.

Another day another dollar for Mr. puddleput at the office knowing his family is well fed and christmas this year will be fantastic 

Winter is where magic happens.

Dreams and wishes comes true and many forms.

Dont know what is in the air but the feelings one gets is mostly a satisfaction to the soul.

Jhonny is still working on his pranks for tomorrow's graduation party.

Where can you go wrong, when christmas is near and the suprises dont stop.

The night before christmas can be memorable to most, defying on the activities with family members.

People are cheering on and on, every sunrise is a new hope.

From kids to adult the mall and gift stores they are seeking.

The warmth feeling and the joy knowing the adventure yet is ahead.

Sitting on the couch the girls are watching TV, eating cookies in the kitchen mom and dad are enjoying a good laughter on old days subject back when they first met.

A small river flowing underneath the bridge where the the old man is standing carefully watching the sky as the evening passes by.

In the day of christmas the children are fully awake.

Mom and dad are downstairs drinking hot chocolate.

9am the street is busy as usual when night time comes not a ghost insight.

Gifts and hugs were exchange as the day goes by slowly.

Many pictures were taken, memories were captivated for a lifetime.

Yet! the moment of happyness is nearly at its end.

New Years eve coming up and a new year resolution for self improvement is also in the gifts box.

Many lights and TV screen on buildings, town square is crowded live in new york.

People from other states and countries are gathered enjoying and admiring the endless sight. 

Meanwhile in florida The painter never drew such elegant portrait.

Palm trees and sunlight, the air is refreshing. 

Indeed its a beautiful sunny day and kids are at the beach.

As new years approach, People start to head down in Miami, the city that never sleep.

Party and sight scene everywhere, parade and many ambiance.

It is 11:30pm, fire works and celebration have already began.

Families and friends are gathering up. Champaign bottles are popping

The one's thats enjoying the celebration inside their homes are all tune in staring at the big screen TV closely for the countdown.

11:55pm with only few minutes left to say or to do anything as the year at its end the chapters has been read, the shoe fits the queen perfectly.

Lisa stared at her fiance while hes kneeling on one knee proposing, as the people stand by and watches.






Happy new year, everyone shouts with joys and dancing happilly

Lisa says yes to the proposal and the first kiss to a new begining as began.

Back home Mom and Dad and the children are all dancing and huging.

The laughters the joys the atmosphere, the romance it is all in the air.

Feel the whole world celebrating, its a new year and endless of possibility.

Im here at the beach layed on the sand staring at the universe above me.

The fireworks lit up the night sky, multiple colors of sparks creating cuning and visual art effects.

The night is indeed young and many are celebrating, lets all enjoy the winter and the wonderful holiday that comes with it with loving hearts and gifts

Happy winter and Merry Christmas :)

© Copyright 2020 james rinvil. All rights reserved.

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