A Syndrome of Global Anarchy is an essay on wars and global revolution.


James Rothstein

A Syndrome of Global Anarchy


After globalization,global popular anarchy

Economic sydtems of popular shareholding corporations

Popular justice by anarchist groups

The new age after World War 3 is global anarchy

Atheism and the belief in logic

The model of anarchy in Haiti

The end of militarism in the new anarchy age

The model of anarchy in Spain

None will say where he is from

International peace and the quest for tranquility

Customary laws of anarchy


A global revolution must start to free all the citizen of the world from the perils of wars and suppression.Popular anarchy will be a reality with this global revolution

After global revolution we will live in the new age.International peace and prosperity .Freedom and justice will become a reality with the actions of anarchist groups.Communities of people will coexist and will be engaged in continuous dialogue to solve any difference.Freedom of expression and equality for all.Equal rights and privileges will become customary laws and only customs will exist and will guide citizens and their behavior.Justice by the people and for the benefit of the people.Political systems will be erased and dissolved .


Militarism will end in all parts of the world.

Money from medium and big corporations will be shared to everyone and everyone will have equal income.Atheism will the major belief.Atheism means the belief in scientific knowledge and rationality.

Fantasy and imagination will be the way of thinking in the future.Tranquility of the mind.

After the current war a global revolution will start that will establish a de facto international system of anarchy.Noone will say where he is from and all the wars will end forever.

Now is the significant historical moment to start the revolution of anarchists.


All nations will be so tired by this war that they will seek a new system.They will seek peace.After this global crisis all nations will choose a political system similar to that of Spain and Haiti and we must use these nations and their community systems of organization as models to build similar models in other nations and we must mimick the two nations.

We will see the end of nationalism and the dawn of a new global system of Ordo Ab Chaos.Order through chaos.When we establish global chaos with wars and revolutions ,we establish in the end global peace and global freedom for all.

Submitted: March 31, 2014

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