Tribal Wars and Global Decadanse

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Tribal wars is a global phenomenon.

Submitted: March 31, 2014

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Submitted: March 31, 2014




James Rothstein

Tribal Wars and Global Decadanse

The end of humanity seems now possible because of global tribal wars .Interdependence between nations makes war easy to the man who has knowledge of the mechanism of global politics.Global decay is now visible because of long lasting and continuous wars.Atheism now will be the religion or the end of all religions and the birth of mathematical logic that will replace all religions as a form of thought and a form of culture.In the present time we don’t have a clash of civilizations but a war among tribes,we see wars and beefs between cities often between neibghehoods that will lead to urban warfare of


global scale.Mutually assured destruction is an idea that will be visible if the war in Ukraine continues and if we are not carefull.This scenario of the Cold war may be a reality in the future.The post apocalyptic world of Mad Max may become a reality in many regions of the earth.Due to nuclear catastrophe.To win the war in Ukraine, Nato has to bomb with the artillery the military camps of the enemy to frighten them.Then we have to destroy with air bombings and covert operations the Ukrainian oil wells and oil refineries.Nato must have its own navy base in the western coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea in order to invade Ukraine from the sea.A multiethnic force is necessary so that many nations accept responsibility for the invasion and the


reason for this operation will be to save the Ukrainians from genocide by the Russian army.Nato will probably be able to hold the border in a vertical line in the middle of Ukraine,because the eastern part of the country is heavily populated with a Russian minority.If we cut off the oil supply of the Rusian army and the Russian navy then they will lose the capability to move their army and they will stand still.Nato forces have to control the military air bases in Ukraine.Russia will start or has already started a genocide in Ukraine and it behaves like Serbia against Albanians.Nato in a few years will have the alibi to bomb Russia with nuclear weapons to stop this genocide against Ukrainian population.Then Nato will win the war.Pakistan has started an


infiltration inside Chinese and Indian territory and my prediction is they will start a war against India.Then India will win the war because of larger nuclear missiles buildup.Then USA willbomb India to reduce its population and to stop the war.The oil rich countries of Islamic faith will friends with USA,which is an important thing for America because of it’s oil dependence and because of limited use of renewable energy source and green energy.The American navy protects the straits of Taiwan but if it moves away from the Chinese sea space China will invade Taiwan.Then USA will an alibi to bomb China with enriched plutonium bombs and nuclear intercontinental missiles to stop the genocide in Taiwan.The populations of the third world nations


have to be minimized because they are a big problem for the West.They consume a lot of oil and they are a threat for the Western civilization.After the war we will see the dawn of a new world order.Earth is able to hold only half a billion people.All the rest will probably die in a global nuclear holocaust.The Western civilization has to survive this war and build a better future for our youth and for everyone else.USA has to cancel the nuclear capability of Russia,China and India and then destroy them with intercontinental nuclear missiles because in a few years with all the wars these nations started USA will have the alibi to destroy them.All the soldiers of the great American nation will unite to


end this genocide of Asia against Europe and to save the hobbits.

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