Timeline Of Stone

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A glimpse of the future.

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



It is written in the stone timeline of human life eras measured so grandly that humanity itself cannot consider it. The first and earliest era carved of is that of Mother Water. Birthed into existence, life formed with permission by water in the early days of the planet. It’s healing, dark and dream-like seascapes were home to the first receivers of the breath of life. It nurtured the ancestors of sentients from its brooding, fluctuating bosom. This is perhaps the longest period of life on Earth in its own right up to this point, the modern being the era of Father Earth, as humanity has spoiled the skies above with the wishy-washy, empassioned era of warfare in the era of Air.  But we have come a long way. It is argued by scholarly ‘sentients’, which we now call ourselves, that ‘humanity’ is no longer our time, and we need to consider ourselves evolved enough to think ourselves a step ahead of humanity. Just as we no longer consider ourselves apes, or aquatic reptiles. We are something more, now. The sentients of the earth carry such depths of knowledge, certainty and peace, much unlike the era of Air, in which all beings claimed to know and all were stubbornly false. Earth is solidarity. The problems of yesteryear, which hardly are still accessible with the loss of electricity associated with the migration underground, are not the problems of today. The belly of Earth is a peaceful place to be once a species diet and lifestyle have adjusted, often too peaceful. The only problems are often considered twice as heavy, boulders rather than rocks. Scientific scholars have met philosophical assumptions such as the new ‘Stone Timeline Theory of Elements’ with a guess of the future; could it be that the era dawning upon them was the era of Fire, the scorching death-bringer? The courageous accept their fate and return to land to face the sun in its scathing final days, to die heroes. The fearful crawl further into the oven-like planet until they inevitably meet their fate with the earth’s boiling inner layers. Ah, but the imaginative take new, Air Era technologies combined with Earth Era knowledge into consideration to leave the earth entirely through space travel, to migrate to ice planets in nearby solar systems that have, since Earth’s era of Air become ushered into a time of skies and forests of their own. How do sentients, so much more developed in their state of perfected humanity, make peace with the young beings of former ice planets and share space? Historians propose, this has been done to humanity when it was young as well. Alien species have visited planet earth in the past, when it was young and assuming, resulting in ancient tales of religion and interference by God and ‘angels’ that push society forward with their advanced knowledge of science and technology.

Sentients would always end up leaving their planet in the era of Earth before the world saw its last days. It is the circle of life, carved into a timeline of stone. Will sentients of earth perpetuate extraterrestrial spirituality in an almost biologically unavoidable unraveling of events? Or better a question yet, will interference of earth-goers on nearby ice planets ultimately place technologies in the hands of the natives who were not ready, sending them into war and an Earth Era of their own? Will they crawl into the depths of the planet to escape their own nuclear warfare?

Does the cycle irrefutably go on?

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