Rise by Sin Part 3

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Submitted: October 25, 2015

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Submitted: October 25, 2015



Rise by Sin

Part Three

He thought he had driven into the Caribean, Tommy drove South down the A1A. He drove through Key Largo first, with the windows down and the salt breeze blowing through the car it felt like heaven. He looked out over bridge after bridge, all showing an open vista that defied his own expectations. “Life was good.” He thought

“Even if I can’t find Jory this is a drive I should have made a long time ago” he thought as he looked with joy at the turquoise water, and white sand beaches. The combinations of colors made the place seem otherworldly, and he was still headed away from land. The drive went from brief spit of land to massive bridge right over the Florida waters. He would look over the side as he crossed each bridge seeing the miles of open water sparkle in the dappled sunlight reflection, so much so diamonds would be jealous.

  He stopped in the midway point to Key West at an island called Marathon. There he got gas and tried to call Jory, but unfortunately there was no answer. So after getting some snacks he continued on down the picturesque single lane road.

As he approached Key West he passed a Navy Base then suddenly as if by magic, he crossed a bridge and he was in a major city. There were no skyscrapers or anything, but he had been driving from one sleepy little island town one after another for hours, then boom, the place where the road ends.

  He drove around the outside of the city following the shoreline. He needed to find Jory, but he wanted to find a free place he could park the car in a somewhat secluded area, just in case he would have to sleep in the car. He found a cull de Sac with some trees and houses to park his car in. It was the back end of a small group of apartments and he hoped his little pissy Nissan would be able to sit unnoticed for the night. He tried to call Jory again but there was no answer “Bastard, where the fuck are you!” Tommy screamed at the phone, before looking around to see if anyone had noticed him.

  The sun was setting and he could see a night crowd of small groups streaming toward the main strip, a street called Duval Street. Deciding he had nothing else to do, he figured he might just follow the crowd and grab a beer and see if any fun was to be had.

  He walked down Duval Street stopping at a bar to grab a bottle of beer and soak in the ambiance. The crowds were all headed to the end of the street where the docks were located at. He finished his beer and continued down the street following a group of college kids. “They must know where this rave was supposed to be” he thought. The idea was to ask someone where the party was tonight, but in the crowd of smiling faces and air of fun he withdrew and felt very alone very suddenly. He stopped at the end of Duval and sat on a corner.

  He took out his phone and call Jory one last time, the phone rang, and rang then voicemail picked up” Where the Fuck, man” was the message he left.

 He was staring across the street sitting on the curb looking at the picture of Hemmingway in front of a bar. He thought” What the hell am I doing, this was a total waste of time. I’m sitting on my ass far from anybody I know.” He was about to get up and begin to walk back to the car when Jory went by on a bicycle.

  “Tommy!” he yelled as he did a quick circle on the bike and went back to the corner.

  “Dude!” Tommy yelled as he sprang up from the street. They both ran into each other and knocked themselves over.

 People walked by looking at these two guys lying on top of each other in a heap. Tommy got Jory and the bicycle off of him and started laughing, and then they both were laughing.

  “Dude, I can’t believe I found you” Tommy said

  “What are the odds we would just run into each other?”

  “Why didn’t you call me or text me or something? “Tommy Said

  “My phone got wet, so I have it turned off sitting in a pile of rice. I only have your number on my phone so I couldn’t call you, and it doesn’t turn on.” Jory said with a hands up in a I’m sorry expression

  “Are the girls, I mean is Josie still, um, is she here?”

  Jory smiled” Oh yeah, follow me bro to the promised land.” And he got on the bike and slowly peddled back the way he came. Tommy went on a slow jog to keep up. “There’s a rave in about an hour, it’s gonna be a blast.” Tommy said rolling forward then circling back to Tommy and then leading him forward as a demented pied piper.

  As Tommy was jogging next to Jory he asked” did Josie ask about me, does she know I’m coming?”

  “Yeah, I told her that you were trying to make it down here to see her again.”


 “And what? I think she liked it, girls in general like that shit, all romantic and stuff”

  “How are you so good with women?”

 “I don’t think about it”

  “You don’t think about why you’re good with women?”

  “ No, I’m good with women cause I don’t think about it” he said as they rounded a corner and came upon a small hotel on the water with a grass lot next to it with a couple of Rv’s and cars formed in a circle. Next to the gathering of vehicles there was a small stretch of beach right past the clearing. Tommy could see the moon reflecting off the Florida straits, and he stopped for a moment and just stared at the beauty. It wasn’t just the moon shining off the water; a short haired redhead was walking toward him.

  “Dude, what should I say, I need to say something cool” Tommy said quietly to Jory

 Josie walked up to Tommy and kissed him on the lips. At first Tommy was a little surprised but his hands moved down to her waist and a smile bubble up from inside as he kissed her back. “I think you’ll figure it out” Jory said riding his bike over to the RV.

  After her lips left his he said” Hi”


 “I’m glad to see you” he said

  She giggled “Me too, let’s go dance” And they went to listen to some music. Jory was dancing with one of Josie’s friends named Mimi, and gave him thumbs up as Tommy and Josie started to move with the music. After an hour or so of sweaty but fun jumping and shaking they decided to take a seat and get a beer.  They sat together with big water bottles and talked about what he had been up too. She felt the whole story was just so romantic, and when Jory had told her the story her heart had melted. He apologized for getting drunk the first night they met, and she said not to worry because he hadn’t missed his chance. After a long time kissing and laying in each arms they were waved over to a bonfire and the Dj started up again and they danced again holding on to each other watching sparks rise and move to the air being pulsed by the speakers.

 They walked back towards the RV and could see people walking around inside drinking and laughing. As much as they wanted to have fun they were looking for a more private setting. They could see next door to the grass field was a hotel with a swimming pool. This pool was surrounded by glass sliding doors that opened it up during the day, and at night when the pool closed they closed all the doors. The heated pool with the door closed steamed up the glass so you wouldn’t be able to see inside. Josie went over to see if the doors were locked and one after another they were, but she stumbled on a final one that was unlocked and slid open.

  “Come on’ she said as they both went into the indoor pool and locked the door behind them. “ Wanna go swimming?” she said taking off her top and small shorts as she jumped in the pool. “It’s so warm, come on in.” she said giggling and splashing water at him. If Tommy’s clothes were on fire, he couldn’t have taken them off faster. They swam in each other’s arms slowly circling towards the shallow end.

  There was a series of small steps leading out of the pool as Tommy laid back she got on top of him. The warmth of the pool and the warmth of their bodies collided. They kissed passionately as she moved up and down on top of him. The windows steamed from more than just the pool water.

  After a time they sat in each other’s arms laying side by side on the steps” that was , whew” was all Tommy could manage to say “ I know right” she said back. He looked at the side of the pool and saw his clothes lying in a pile and he got out of the pool to get them. “I don’t want this to be finished” She said

  He assumed she meant about the wonderful night, but he turned to her and hesitated for a second.” Did she mean us being finished?” he thought

  “ We’re not done” he said smiling as he slid over one of the heavy wooded sun chairs and slid it into the pool.

 “What are you doing?” she asked

  “I want to see if it floats.” He said, and it did. The wood kept the long chair above water he got back into the water and swam over to the chair and got on it. The cushions where waterproof and kept the chair afloat. “Come over its nice” he said

  She swam over and climbed on the chair. With both of them it barely stayed afloat but it was still comfortable and they melted back together in each other’s bodies. After about an hour they were both exhausted and with the warm water lulling them to sleep they collapsed in each other’s arms floating in the warm embrace of the water.

  Tommy only got a couple of hours of sleep, he was jarred awake when he rolled in his sleep and went into the water. He sputtered and thrashed around waking Josie as she looked at him with half closed eyes. “We should probably get out of here” he said

  They swam over to the side got out and put their clothes back on. They snuck out the same window they snuck into and went to the RV. It was pitch quiet as everyone was still asleep, so they grabbed some towels layed out to dry and when to the beach. They sat on a beach chair and fell back asleep facing a dawn.

  When they next opened their eyes the sun was up and people were starting to walk around. It had been a fun night and most people were moving with the zombification of a hangover.

  “We're leaving today.” She said

  Tommy looked at her trying to hide the disappointment, and failing as she touched the side of his face” When?”

  “Soon, we talked about it yesterday. We want to get an early start so we can get to I-75 in daylight. So were probably leaving around ten.” She said

  “Damn, that sucks.” He said taking her hand in hers

  “We can still be in contact on Facebook, and text each other” she said hopeful

 “Yeah” Tommy said feeling dejected

  They got up and walked back to the RV where most everyone was awake. Tommy went and moved his car over to where the girl RV was parked and they all got breakfast at a local spot. Jory hung with Mimi and Tommy with Josie and kisses and goodbyes were perpetrated.

After breakfast everybody got ready to go, Jory was going to ride back with Tommy and the girls were headed back to University of Tennessee.

“Jesus, I just met you and I don’t want this to end.” He said kissing her outside the RV

  “It only ends when we say it ends. See ya soon” and she kissed him a final time as she got on the RV. Tommy and Jory watched as they drove away.

  “So man, on our way through Miami we gotta stop in Hollywood and I have to drop of some camping equipment I borrowed.”

  “Ok, cool” Jory said

  “One thing, I threw up all over her bathroom, barley cleaned it up and bailed early in the morning, leaving a note saying” I’m sorry” at the chicks place where we gotta go”

  “When did this happen?”

 “On my way down to Key West”

  “Is it too late to ride with the girls back to Lakeland?”

  “Yeah, you’re the witness if she tries to kill me.”

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