When talking to my girlfriend I spoke this poem referring to her in the 3rd person like we do sometimes.


Well to start I must tell you she has an incandescent glow about her.

When she walks into a room the world around her cheers up,

from the people in her presence to the smallest of creatures.

Her beauty is indescribable.

I can sit here and tell you she is an angel from the heavens above or I can tell you she is more beautiful than Aphrodite but nothing can describe how absolutely stunning she is.

When she smiles, it's as if the world stopped to catch a glimpse at the most wondrous thing in the world.

Her beautiful auburn hair flows down her sides like the majestic tides ebbing and flowing against the shore.

Her almond eyes captivate my soul within seconds and I’m left stunned and stupefied acting like a little child whenever we make eye contact.

Her kisses are intoxicating, every time we kiss, I feel like a drunkard,

stumbling and falling all over myself after our lips make first contact.

She is the light of my world and the Yin to my Yang.

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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