A poem I dedicated to my amazing girlfriend.


To the most beautiful girl in the world,
to the girl that makes me smile every time I think of you
to the girl that I shared more laughs with than anyone else,
to the girl that owns my heart, I dedicate this to you.
Ever since I saw you I knew you were the most amazing girl in the world,
standing next to the salad bar waiting for your food I saw you out of the corner of my eye,
the most beautiful girl in the room. I so desperately wanted to speak to you,
but couldn’t form any basic thoughts the closer I got to you.
Instead I stole your crouton jokingly and walked off, cursing myself on the inside
for being so naïve around you.
Every time I was near you my heart skipped a beat,
my eyes floated in your direction
my body shook from head to toe like a powerful earthquake
my breathing became asthmatic
I could hardly control myself when you neared.
When I was dating your best friend all I could think of was you,
I regretted my decision with such remorse,
I knew that any chance I had with you had been lost,
I glanced at you in hope that we would make eye contact just once but we never did.
When I would bring your name up in conversation people scoffed,
calling you a whore that had no regard for anybody
calling you a drug head that wanted nothing more than her next buzz
calling you a nobody.
But what I saw in you was different,
I didn’t see any of your flaws on the outside, I saw what you truly were on the inside,
an amazing and gorgeous girl.
Now that your mine I can tell you everything I always wanted to in the past,
I can tell you how gorgeous you are, like a supernova in the night sky showing off for the world.
I can tell you how whenever you smile, it’s like the whole world pauses.
I can tell you how every time we kiss, my heart leaps out of my chest.
I can tell you how I love to run my fingers through your long beautiful hair.
I can tell you how your beautiful eyes pierce my skin, like Cupid’s arrow causing me to fall deeply in love with you.
You are the most amazing girl I know,
You light up my world every time I think of your pretty smile,
You make me smile when I need to be brought up
You are the light of my life. And I ask for one thing in return,
Will you sit On Melancholy Hill with me while we wait for El Manana?

Submitted: January 15, 2012

© Copyright 2022 James Teel. All rights reserved.

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Yume chan

Hey there, I think this poem is very sweet and I know if I had to read such a poem from a guy my heart would melt and my face would shine of joy. Its really beautiful. Enjoyed reading it:)

Sun, January 15th, 2012 8:48pm

Bethany falmer

This is a wonderful piece of writing James, truly lovely

Sun, January 15th, 2012 9:24pm


Thank you.

Sun, January 15th, 2012 2:33pm

James Teel

Thank you for your wonderful feedback :)

Sun, January 15th, 2012 9:47pm

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