Failure of a Hero

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I don't remember when I wrote this one. I really did not intend for it to end the way it did. But no one tells the tale of those who tried and failed. Shouldn't they get a little of the spotlight?

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Failure of a Hero

Walk the ancient path of Avalon,
Each step new and old.
Tread lightly, lest you shatter
The dusty Roman road.
Stone sentinels, bearing spear and shield,
Line the path ahead.
Off the road, you see the bodies
Of the wayward and the dead.
Each step grows heavier.
Your shoes are worn through.

Tell me, dear traveler,
What will you do?

The stone guardians glare at you,
As you tread further on.
How menacing they seem,

With stone weapons drawn.

All around you hear the pleas,
Of heroes gone before.

“Make haste! Make Haste!

Come now, just a little more.”

Your eyes close in sleep,

And you fall on the road.

Rest weary one, rest.

You tale is now told.

© Copyright 2018 James Troxler. All rights reserved.

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