A Plea for Humility

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The title says it all.

Submitted: April 30, 2008

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Submitted: April 30, 2008







Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I take responsibility for being a poor messenger.  But I do my best and never cease striving to improve myself. Now, I anticipate that, as my knowledge, wisdom, and understanding grow, my perspectives will change and my vision shall become clearer. Only a fool would believe that his or her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are perfect even if interaction with the Divine might bless he or she often. It is also true that only a fool would believe his or her wisdom is perfect just because he or she can spout scripture like a Pharisee. Those fellows knew the Scriptures and the Law quite well. But that failed to prevent most of them from becoming familiar with the miseries and horrors of Hell.

We should keep reminding ourselves to walk the path of humility. It leads to wisdom and righteousness. All Children of God, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Moslem, or any other faith, need to consider themselves seekers rather than knowers--ever striving to find the Truth and understand it. All religions act as if they have all of the answers. But none of them even understand all of the questions. So, let none of us delude ourselves into believing  that we and ours owns the Truth. It belongs to everyone who hungers and thirsts for it. 

Humility is the keystone of our service to God. Without it, we are worthless to Him and the Son will reject us. Implied within humility is something called charity. It means being lenient in our judgment and attitude toward others. Love is integral to charity. Without love, nothing we do will ever prove profitable in the sight of God. In the absence of humility, however, all of our love will become nothing more than a hot wind, stirring dust and parching crops.The weeds of pride and vanity then begin to thrive. With them flourish the thistles of hypocrisy and the briars of greed. Then our selfishness becomes the rancor of pests devouring our fields and orchards, and we are left starving for righteousness and thirsty for wisdom. So, let us be humble and lose ourselves for the sake of our cause. The smaller and meeker we become, the mightier we shall wax in our struggle against Evil and Darkness. For we will work as a singularity with many units rather than flounder as many singularities un-united.

In humility and love,

James Trusty

PS--People were not created on this world to live like human swine, be our own gods, and destroy the Earth in order to do so. We were put here to learn and evolve as individuals, to love each other and serve one another and God, and remain good stewards of the Earth so that we and our descendants can enjoy her beauty, while sharing her bounty with our fellow creatures. Amen!

Humility is the keystone of righteousness and the foundation of wisdom.


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