The Law

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
The poem questions the wisdom of legalism.

Submitted: May 09, 2008

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Submitted: May 09, 2008



The Law

The Law, you say?

Brother, you cast it in gold, put it on a pedestal, and crown it.

How many more humans shall you sacrifice on its altar?

Again we must say: You are woefully misguided!

Not everything wrapped in a cloak of legality is right.

Likewise, not all that is deemed illegal is necessarily wrong.

Now, you are fond of proclaiming that ours is a nation of laws.

That is a fool’s notion.

We are a nation of people.

The Law is supposed to serve us,

though you act as if we are supposed to serve it.

Beware, my good brother.

You would do well to exercise greater charity, compassion, and tolerance.

Have you not heard that those who endeavor to create monsters

are inevitably consumed by them?

Why then do you strive to pervert Justice into a beast?

If you should succeed,

we will all be doomed to cower in its shadow,

fear its howls, and pray that it not trample us.

Will you then still praise it when it comes to devour you?

Or will you squeal the loudest?


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