The Tribal Challenge

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The Tribal Challenge is a manifesto of love.

Submitted: April 23, 2008

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Submitted: April 23, 2008



The Tribal Challenge:

An Invitation to Transformation






Fellow Children of the Earth:


Dear brothers and sisters, we are drawing near the crossroads of history; the Earth has entered an age of transition--she is inevitably becoming desolate in too many places and too many ways. Make no mistake: The Great Harvest of Good and Evil is coming soon, unless we change and most of us become much better than we have been. For here we stand in the dawn of the Space Age, yet most of us are essentially the same folks who hunted mammoths and reindeer, and dwelt in caves. Brothers and sisters that ought not to be so.

Did Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed strive in vain? Are their words empty? Were their deeds silly and their ways insane? Why do we talk like them, while doing everything they opposed?

Generation after generation, people have been dreaming of utopias and saying that the world would be wonderful if only...Well, brothers and sisters, the time has come to stop being only dreamers and talkers and start becoming planners and doers. It has always been up to us to choose what the world shall be like, but thus far, we have persistently chosen to keep it a darkling realm. To change it into a paradise, however, we must first transform ourselves. In order to do so, we must stop relying on religion, economics, politics, government, laws, education, science, and technology. All of these things are necessary, yet each of them is woefully inadequate to make us better people. For the answers to our problems, we must look inside ourselves and fight the only wars worth waging—those which rage in our minds, hearts, and souls. If we can summon the courage, strength, and resolve to win those conflicts, we shall inherit a wondrous future. Otherwise, we will deserve what we shall reap: tribulation and woe, and ultimately, destruction.

Do not deceive yourselves: The little people and the mighty, the rich and the poor, are equally guilty in making our world worse than she should be and of destroying the Earth’s beauty, while plundering her bounty. Most of us do so for the sake of Vanity and Pride, while worshipping the Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, and I. Brothers and sisters, that must stop. We were put here to serve one another and God—not ourselves. Indeed, if we are to survive and prosper, we should do our utmost to:


· Become less childish and more childlike.

· Ask not what the world can do for us, but what we can do for the world.

· Turn away from Evil and Darkness.

· End our romance with the Ways of Death.

· Forsake our addictions to the (deadliest) fruits of Pride and Vanity: Selfishness; Arrogance; Hypocrisy; Greed; Hedonism, Materialism; Jealousy; Envy; Covetousness; and Hate.

· Smash our idols.

· Make Love our only god. (Who or what did John say God is? Well, if God is love, then love is God. All other aspects of Him seem to confuse most people.)

· Embrace Compassion, Charity, Mercy, and Tolerance as our only creed, philanthropy as our only religion, and altruism as our only ideology.

· Let resolving to do better be our only sacraments.

· Practice sacrificing our egos as our daily ritual. (In far too many cases, such sacrifices would, indeed, be great.)

· Become honorable, gallant, and noble to a fault.

· Render the Golden Rule our greatest law and our primary medium of exchange.

· Dedicate ourselves to the propositions that everyone is a jewel to cherish and that our most wonderful treasures and greatest assets are one another.

· Celebrate our individuality and revel in our diversity, while becoming ruthlessly cooperative and zealous about sharing.

· Use force only to protect others.

· Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive....

· Repay insults with praise.

· Answer curses with blessings.

· Forget all debts.

· Swallow all grudges

· Put aside all feuds.

· Renounce all vendettas.

· Do good to everyone whether we like them or they despise us.

· Venerate our elders. They deserve special consideration: For they are not only our links to the past, but are also troves of experience, knowledge, wisdom, skills, talents, and ideas.

· Allow everyone everywhere their dignity by honoring their right to seek their destiny by their own ways and means, so long as they refrain from infringing upon the rights of others or harming the Earth.

· Likewise, allow all families, organizations, companies, regions, provinces, and nations to also seek their destinies by their own ways and means, so long as they, too, refrain from infringing upon the rights of their neighbors or harming the Earth.

· Never endeavor to impose our ways and means or objectives upon others. For, though ours might be right and good, and our intentions pure, we are always wrong to do so. In order to be agents of Harmony, we can be no other way than to remain humble and serve.

· Regard all homes as sacred—sanctuaries from the intrusions of society and the state.

· Respect authority.

· Obey all just laws.

· Do nothing to undermine or overthrow any government, and instead, encourage them to become as small, weak, and decentralized as is practical, and as unobtrusive and socially neutral as possible. We should also encourage all governments to adopt altruocracy, while encouraging all societies to adopt proprietism as their guiding philosophy.

· Be patient and believe in one another and our cause, looking forward to the day that insurance will become obsolete, lawsuits relics of the past, and borders little more than lines on maps.

· Know that all creatures are precious, and so, be kind to them, and if they are wild, allow them to remain free and help them to thrive.

· End our war with Nature.

· Stop being the Earth’s rapist, and instead, hasten the day that all of her--from the tops of her mountains to the bottoms of her seas--will be owned by everyone, yet possessed by nobody.

· Spare no effort, make every sacrifice, and use all resources necessary to heal the Earth and transform her into what she was meant to be: a grand park of gardens and wildernesses, and a living menagerie. (She won’t mind if we live beneath her lands.)

· Stop piddling around and become fanatics about exploring and colonizing space, and exploiting the astoundingly abundant resources and various useful aspects thereof.

· Those who would be paragons take note: All knights should be Galahad, all captains Kirk, all first officers Spock, and all generals Cincinnatus; all outlaws should be Robin Hood and all lawmen John Wayne; all protesters should be Lady Godiva, all revolutionaries Gandhi, and all opposition leaders Nelson Mandela; all reformers should be either Martin Luther or Gorbachev, all presidents George Washington, and all prime ministers either Churchill or Thatcher; all kings should be David, all queens Elizabeth, all princes Solomon, and all princesses Diana; all conquerors should be Alexander and all emperors Augustus; all preachers should be Reverend King, all evangelists either Billy or Paul, all bishops Saint Nicholas, and all popes Mother Teresa; all patriarchs should be Abraham and all prophets Moses; all sages should be either Chief Seattle or Confucius, all philosophers Plato, and all teachers Socrates; all healers should be Nostradamus, Albert Schweitzer, or Hawkeye, all inventors Benjamin Franklin, and all innovators Bill Gates; all artists should be either Michelangelo or van Gogh and all writers Jefferson, Twain, Dickens, or Shakespeare; all heroes should be Xena, all followers Gabrielle, and all friends Hercules and Iolaus; all rich folks should be Beverly Hillbillies and all tycoons Andrew Carnegie. (Doubtless, few of us possess what it takes to equal, much less surpass, the lofty heights of benevolence, virtue, wisdom, and genius represented by these names. But, if you try hard enough, you might just surprise yourself.)


Dear brothers and sisters, you may think us ridiculous. But we of Sphyrex believe that we children of the Earth can improve our world and ourselves. It is our most fervent hope that you will join our efforts. Therefore, we invite you to stand with us and believe. Indeed, adherents of all faiths and even unbelievers are welcome within our ranks. Regardless of gender, trade, ethnic mix, race, class, nationality, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, you are eligible to become our brothers and sisters, friends and comrades. Whether a freeman, retainer, bondsman, or prisoner, you are welcome to join us. You don’t even need to pay dues or donate money. All we require is that you strive to become the best person you can possibly be and do all you can to help transform our world into a paradise where every morning is Christmas, every day Thanksgiving, and every night New Year’s Eve. Is there a goal more worthy of achieving?


James Howard Trusty 








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