Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Peace has reigned in Moorbia, due primarily to the tireless efforts of NOVA, the international body set up to arbitrate disputes. It has kept the peace for many decades and has avoided several major conflicts. But it has been a strained peace, like the calm before a storm, like a cloak to something far more sinister.

A rivalry between Moorbia’s two great powers, The United Kingdom of Akadia, the dominant power in the Outer Rim and the Myan Empire, which dominates the more populace Inner Core. Fear has been the driving force behind this rivalry, fear of losing its place, fear of subjugation.

Now a new player has emerged, the Republic of Knome, a former colony of the Akadian Government from whom they won their independence. With the discovery of a new highly efficient fuel source, Knome has become the jewel of Moorbia, being courted by both the Akadian and Myan governments.

Table of Contents

Prolouge   The Legends of Moorbia     IN A TI... Read Chapter

Chapter One

(Neutral Region)   The cold silence of space, was broken by a burst from the engines of the Ankara CS7, a communications spa... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Tannis (Kessel) Hamlin Royal Academy   Hamlin Royal Academy, was the premier institution for advanced education in the K... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Tannis (Kessel) Royal Executive Offices (Fortune)   In the Royal Security Council's reception hall, Director Jak Timson ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Tannis (Kessel) Somewhere   Jason Naziin looked around the empty, poorly lit hallway and wondered if he was in the right... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Somsett Territory (Kessel)   Near the Somsett Security Checkpoint, Jason parked his vehicle at the Somsett wait station. Sin... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Tannis (Kessel)  Embassy Court Residence Building   Wilhelm, trying not to draw attention to himself was having the... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Canton Spaceport (Kessel)   Canton was located on the Western edge of Tannis or Government City, and it was the largest port... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

  Corbellis (UKA airspace)   Prince Wilhelm was cold and miserable, but he knew, that after nearly being discovered... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Tannis (Kessel) Tamden Royal Palace   “Where is my son?” King Wilhelm demanded as he slammed his hand on the table.&... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Upai Dunes (Knome)   Teric was running as fast as he could.  He had to get to Khewin, he had to save him.  As he r... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Tannis (Knome) Somewhere   News about the disappearance of Prince Wilhelm began to leak to the general population.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Upai Dunes (Knome)   The Dunes stretched out for miles, touching the horizon, a vast sea of sand as deadly as a sea of water... Read Chapter

Chapter Thriteen

Maessa (Krestlin Palace)   Her hands were trembling with every turn of the page. She clenched her jaw trying to restrain the... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Tannis (Kessel) Akadian Intelligence Agency    The investigation into the disappearance of Prince Wilhelm was now b... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Maessa (Knome) Krestlin Palace   Anya stood at the entrance of her father’s meditation room.  She had prevented h... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Tannis (Kessel) Akadian Intelligence Agency   Soon after being tasked with finding Prince Wilhelm, Director Jak Timson h... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

(Bog Orbit) PTV Enola - Port Tasman    Twenty-nine years ago, a major systems malfunction caused the penal c... Read Chapter

Chapter eighteen

Knomen Air space/Planet   The Enola’s administrative shuttle, entered Knome’s atmosphere without any contact or alert fr... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Krestlin Palace (Knome)   Anya walked through Krestlin’s grand hallway, descending down its wide ornate staircase to the p... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Udin (Knome)     Teric, Jasen, Kore and William had been led through a number of hallways and caverns of various si... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

Tannis (Kessel) RSC Chamber   After clearing multiple security checkpoints Kenton was given a tracking band and allowed ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-two

Tannis (Kessel) Coffer Industrial   Senator Radsom was livid, and he did nothing to restrain his anger, as was his usual... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-three

Udin (Knome)   The hallways seemed endless like a maze. Every turn, led to another hallway with multiple options to still mo... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-four

Tannis (Knome) Woodsen Hall   Two immaculately bedecked Guards stood in front of the huge double doors that led to the K... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-five

Tannis (Kessel) Knomen Embassy Complex   The reception hall of the Knomen Embassy Complex was eerily silent but for the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-six

Tannis (Kessel) Woodsen Hall   The Knomen Ambassador was escorted by the King’s Guards to Woodsen Hall.  The hall... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-seven

Tannis (Knome) Krestlin Palace   Anya sat emotionally defeated on her divan, in her reception room, as she waited for th... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Mount Thaingor (Knome) One word kept resounding in Kore’s mind like a persistent drumbeat, Stop.  He felt lightheaded from ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Mount Thaingor (Knome)   Nightfall enveloped the volcanic plains of Mount Thaingor.  Teric, Jason and Kore had made the... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

UKAV Sorgon (Galalian Passage)    On its maiden voyage through the Galalian Passage, the UKAV Sorgon, with its elite cr... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-One

Fort Thaingor (Knome)   The clank and grinding of gears jarred Teric from his unexpected slumber.  Jasen and Kore were ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Two

Fort Thaingor (Knome)   Thousands of Knome’s Caverns were interconnected by passageways and bypasses. Some of these passag... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Three

Fort Thaingor (Knome)   A tangled maze of pipes and structural beams jutting from the walls and ceiling, made it difficult f... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Four

  Fort Thaingor (Knome)     Naaku reached inside the access shaft and pressed an unseen switch. Immediatel... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Five

Fort Thaingor (Knome)   Racing around the maintenance corridor, Jasen and Kore were finding it difficult to keep up with Ter... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Six

Fort Thaingor (Knome)   The blaring siren and flashing lights caused Teric to stop and retreat back into the utility ro... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Fort Thaingor   An advancing band of soldiers halted at the site of a lone man armed with a sword charging toward their posi... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-eight

  Fort Thaingor A small detachment of troops entered the reception hall in a rush, drawing attention away from the awkwar... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Fort Thaingor It was eerily quiet, except for the stifling deafness that increased in waves upon waves of pressure within his head.&n... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty

  Fort Thaingor After being driven back deep down the main corridor, the base soldiers had regrouped and had been joined ... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-one

Fort Thaingor   Yuri lifted the lifeless body of his daughter from the cold surface of the corridor.  The warmth of Kor... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty-two   Fort Thaingor The Satcha’s comm crackled and bu... Read Chapter