Can Thee Heareth Me God, Can Thee?

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A young lady begins to question God's existence, and whether praying to the unknown really has any effect upon her life. She begins to wonder if it's all just a ritual, that has been instilled within her from a very young age. She asks... Is it all worth it? Do my prayers really get answered, or are they merely words cast into the open world for no-one to catch?

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



 At night at which hour I am in mine sleep chamber,

 I pray to thee God,

 Still hoping that thee heareth mine cries and mine prayers,

 But alas, mine efforts seemeth all but feeble.


 Wherefore doth thee not speaketh God,

 Wherefore doth thee ignore mine pain,

 Am I not worthy of thy love,

 All this praying and all this hoping, is it all in vain?


 So hard I tryeth God,

 So hard I doth tryeth,

 But no matter how many times I behold up to the heavens,

 Thee art nev'r thither to lend thy touch, at which hour all alone I cry.


 It maketh no difference what I doth,

 Whether I whisper the quietest of whispers, shout or scream,

 Thee nev'r seemeth to beest hither God,

 Is it mine sins, mine past for which I must first beest redeemed?


 I feeleth mine patience running thin mine Lord,

 I am loyal and yet thee art not,

 Should I simply cease idolising thee,

 Should I instead worship the one who dwells in fires so hot?


 I just wanteth thee to heareth me God,

 I wanteth thee to beest thither for me,

 I needeth thy love and thy patience, thy guidance and thy warmth,

 That is all I asketh thee see


 But wilt it ever cometh mine Lord,

 Wilt thee ever showeth thyself,

 Or hath the time cometh for me God,

 To sayeth to thee... Farewell.

 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2019 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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