If Only We Could...

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The Hungarian-Canadian Poet Robert Zand once said "There are too many people, and too few human beings." He's absolutely right! What is happening to our world!? Why are we murdering each other? Why are we committing senseless acts of violence upon one-another and Mother Earth!? Why are people raping and kidnapping and abusing each other!? This may be an age of technological advances, but it's an age of monsters in disguise... It's shocking that as a 'supposed' intelligent race, people act so barbaric and cruel. We don't need more money, we don't need more power... We need more kindness, we need more compassion and we need more love. There's so much violence and hatred against others and yet, where do we ever hear of the love shared? If only we could truly change... If only we could transform this world for a better tomorrow and a peaceful future.

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Submitted: April 11, 2015

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Submitted: April 11, 2015



If only this wold could become one,

United against all that is evil,

Doing what is good and doing what is right,

But with all that is immoral, will we ever reach Eden?


If only we could show compassion to our fellow humans,

To show them love instead of hate,

To show everyone and everything a heart of kindness,

But in the end, 'tis only chaos that humanity will create.


If only we cared more about Mother Earth,

Cared that She is slowly dying because of our selfish ways,

Cared that man is destroying Her beautiful world,

Cared that soon, She may never see another day.


If only we could cease these endless wars,

To stop the bloodshed and the pain,

To bring order and peace to nations,

But there will always be those who, in the face of destruction and loss, forever gain.


If only we could stop the earth's suffering,

And help those who are in great need,

To provide a fairer world for everyone,

But it will never happen, whilst there are those who live a life of greed.


If only we could live in peaceful harmony,

Alongside Mother Earth's wondrous creations,

But man's ruthlessness is taking their lives and their freedom,

One day, there won't be any for our future generations.


If only we could end hunger forever,

To stop the pain that people do feel,

To give them the things that we always take for granted,

But they may never get to experience a hot meal.


If only religions could come together,

And share their beliefs of love and compassion,

To live a peaceful co-existence side by side,

But because differences will always remain, this may never happen.


If only we could show mercy to those who are in need,

To lend them a hand and show them a heart that cares,

To pull them up from their misery and become a friend,

But life will forever be so unfair.


If only we cared more and hurt less,

How wonderful this life would be,

How peaceful and united humanity could be,

But whilst evil still exists,peace is something we may never see.


We all have the power within us,

To become compassionate and caring people,

To have a heart that shines for all to see,

To forever banish this senseless evil.


You don't need to be religious,

To know what is right and what is wrong,

All you need is a heart that cares and a hand that helps,

And maybe, we could live in a world where we all get along.


Even in the face of monumental evil,

We must never lose sight of what is right,

We must let our hearts flow with kindness,

And let our love be our guiding light.


Never let the goodness die,

Never let your kindness turn to hatred,

Overwhelm the world's coldness with compassion,

So that this world may never become the home of Satan.

 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2019 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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