My Everlasting Regret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Have you ever wished that you had done something and then regretted it because you didn't? That's how I feel about a special lady and friend who has been part of my life since secondary school. I had the opportunity to be with this beautiful girl and yet I feel a fool for turning her down because I wanted to focus on my schoolwork. Now thinking about it, I can't seem to get this everlasting regret out of my head... I constantly wonder what life would have been like if I had of said yes instead of no. She never escapes my mind, she is always there and it upsets me that I missed out on what could have been something truly beautiful. Sometimes, it really eats away at me and my heart just feels low and deflated. It might sound really silly to a lot of people, but this girl is someone truly special and I feel like I failed. I try to let go and just let things be, but it's just so hard. I'm so grateful for the fact that she is part of my world, but sometimes I wish I had the courage back then to take our friendship further. But now, I am stuck with this everlasting regret.

When I arise each and every day,

I think my darling of this everlasting regret,

The pain that I do feel in my heart,

'Tis something I can never forget.


In my mind I always wonder,

What life would have been like if I'd have stuck with it,

If we had been together from the very start,

I was a fool I admit.


I try my sweetheart to stay sane,

I try so hard to just let things be,

But it seems I have become my own prisoner,

Who will never be set free.


You are the one who makes me smile,

My beautiful who makes me whole,

The one who showed me true love,

The one who makes pure my soul.


I wish I could say how I really feel,

How it kills me inside,

To know that I missed my chance,

I just wish that I had tried.


Now you have found someone else,

To be by your side,

My heart cries each night,

Knowing that I lost the girl who makes me feel so alive


I just wish things were different,

That I had the courage back then,

Because the only girl I seem to think about,

Is you over and over again.


I think of your beautiful smile,

And it makes me so happy,

But then I think of how things are now,

And my heart grieves oh so sadly.


I cannot be selfish for it would be wrong,

To want you to be with me,

For you have your own life,

And so like a caged bird, I want to set you free.


I will always love you,

With all of my beating heart,

I will never forget what we've been through,

Whatever life may throw at us, I never want us to grow apart.


You're such a special person to me my sweetheart,

Someone who I never want to lose,

Because to lose someone as special as you,

Would give me nothing but the blues.


To know a human being as beautiful as you,

Is a true blessing indeed,

I'm so happy that you are part of my world,

For when I am down, you are my relief.


So long as you are happy my sweetheart,

That is all that matters to me,

Enjoy life and do the things that you want to do,

Whatever will be will be.


Well my darling sweetheart,

This is my poem to you that I have set,

The one which I will never forget,

The one that will forever be my everlasting regret... I love you my darling.

 -- James William Cooper

Submitted: July 24, 2014

© Copyright 2020 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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Ina mcfarmers

First & foremost your summary is always as good as your poem it reads to me like a mini story , this is a very well crafted poem James each & every word complements the other all the way down til the end , it's good how your both happy & sad about this regret of yours
You have some great one off lines in your poem : tis ' something I can never regret , to loose someone as special as you would give me nothing but the blues , I like those lines along with many others , this is a very humble poem you wrote for the love you let go of & I'm sure if she saw this she would think the same to , unfortunately I think we all hold regrets about something from our past & since we can't go back all one can do is go forward & hold a strong heart as you have I
Truly believe there is some one out there for everyone it's just a matter of where , why , and how one day your path will cross this line & the memories you have of your sweetheart is far better to cherish them than deny them so overall your poem is a teacher for who ever holds regrets in life & can't get over it only need they read your poem & I'm sure it would make a difference to them . Great writing from your pen once again & sharing this story alough it's a sad one was a privillage to read & how you still managed to bring joy into this & a touchable bit of humour on some of your stances . I also liked the fact that you didn't write this up dark you let it have that airy feeling for a pleasurable read & that's because you are a very pleasurable person & I hope you never write dark poetry as your poems are very up lifting to others to and you have definitely got my like on this one .
All the best for now James : Ina . Set a caged bird free & if it doesn't come back it was never meant to be " Look forward & don't loose hope what will be will be - good luck ??The sun will shine your way when it's time ????

Mon, July 28th, 2014 5:02am


Hello there Ina, I hope that you're okay and keeping well? The first thing that I did when I saw that I had a comment from you was smile, because you ALWAYS leave such wonderful feedback and your words are so kind and reassuring so thank you very much. Aww bless you Ina, I'm really pleased that you liked the summary. With all of my works, I like to try my best to create a summary that is informative and that explains in enough detail the reason behind the poem and why I decided to write it. I mean, we used to talk to each other a lot back in school and then we didn't speak to each other much not because we had fallen out or anything like that, but just because I was at College and my friend was busy doing her own things as well and then we started to re-connect and stay in touch more and text each other more and talk to each other more. She's always been part of my life since school and she has always been such a loyal friend and has always stayed in touch. We've spoken about things and how we feel about them and I've even wrote a few letters because that way, I was able to explain how I really feel and the regrets that I feel often about how I missed my chance to be with her, but I've not given them to her yet. It just seems that things are a bit complicated at the moment. :( I'm so pleased that you liked the one off lines that I included within my poem Ina. I really wanted to convey a sense of how much she really means to me and how she is part of my world and to not have her there would be strange. I guess in a way I've still not fully let go Ina. I try so hard to let things be and let my friend get on with her life, but sometimes it's just so hard and sometimes it upsets me. Sometimes, I think to myself 'I have to just let go and let things be' but then my friend always comes back to mind and I just can't seem to let go. I guess I wanted to write this poem as a release, a way of getting out my feelings and emotions in the hope that it would bring me a bit of peace and in a way it has. You're absolutely right Ina; we all hold some kind of regret from out past and what is done is done. As you rightfully say Ina, we cannot go back and change what has already happened. Bless you Ina; your words truly are magical and so full of wisdom and reassurance. I guess that there's no point in dwelling upon the past, we must instead look to the present and move forward. Sometimes, my heart doesn't feel strong but I try to hold it strong whenever possible. :') You're right Ina and I couldn't agree more... Maybe there is someone out there in this world for everyone, it's just a matter of timing and as you say where and why and how our paths will one day cross. Your words are like sweet melodies Ina... You're right about cherishing the memories I have of my sweetheart Ina. I will always cherish them and the things that we've been through and the time that we have spent with each other. I would never want to deny my heart these memories. That's really kind of you to say Ina thank you. I'm honoured that you think this poem is like a teacher to others who feel they hold regret within their heart. It would be nice if it did make difference to others. You are an absolutely sweet lady Ina and I always find it so rewarding talking to someone as wise and as wonderful as yourself. Your kind comments never cease to truly amaze me Ina, they're always so lovely. I'm so pleased that you thought that I still managed to bring a bit of joy into this poem, even though it might have been a sad one. Thank you Ina, I didn't want this one to be completely dark, I wanted there to be as you wonderfully put it, an airy feeling for a much more enjoyable read. Aww bless you Ina, you really are so kind... I really don’t have enough words to describe what a kind lady you really are. You are one of my favourite fans on Booksie and i's always such a pleasure to hear from you. :) Hopefully, there will never be any dark poetry from me Ina because I do like to write pieces that are uplifting and positive and that convey a sense of happiness and the idea that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for liking this Ina, I'm so pleased that you took the time out of your day to read my poem. I really like your quote Ina about the caged bird, you're absolutely right. I'll be sure to look forward Ina and to not lose hope. Thank you so much Ina, your words mean the world to me as always so a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. One day things will hopefully be clear. You take great care Ina and thank you so much again. Have a wonderful day. :)

Tue, July 29th, 2014 2:46am


Ina mcfarmers

Hi to you also James , thank you for asking about my well being I'm as good as I can be for now , that is so nice of you to say so I will always comment on your poems & if that makes you smile ???? then it's a bonus for me to along with my pleasure , my words & reassurance is all thanks to you James you make me feel comfortable otherwise I don't think I could this length of comments &
Replies so my feed bak to you is always pleasurable , aww! That is so sweet that she was your school friend " school friends are like a lifeline in school rarely do we forget them l stil remember my 3 best girl friends but just like yourself we all went our separate ways to but the memories of the fun times we had will always be there just like yours is for your friend I don't quite know what it is we try to stay in touch until destiny starts choosing our paths in life ( I think ) no ! I'm sure ha ha coz I never That than I would ever be married at 17 yrs old I wanted to travel the world I wanted to be an air hostess - but ?
So your situation may well be the same James maybe if yous had both gone to college together things might have been different , but it's good how you still kept in touch & re- connected again , there is nothing more better than having a loyal friend especially one who you can share your thots & concerns with , it's hard moving on in those tender years it is such a tender age where it is very difficult to make on the spot decision s after education we have so many hopes & dreams and need to keep your options open no matter what one plans life takes us on a very different rarely does it work out the way we'd like it to , hmm! I don't know what I should say about the letters James , on one hand I think you should send her the letters you have wrote & if nothing comes from it at least she will know how you feel about her & on the other hand you want her to be happy ( your very right when you say it's a complicated situation ) remember James I'm just giving you my opinion I am sure you will know the right thing to do , but if there are special things you maybe didn't tell her when you were with her how's your only chance to make sure she knows how you truly feel about her ( she may not know ) and maybe there are things she would like to tell you to it would give her a head start of opening up to you about her feelings ( remember women are from mars and men are from Venus ) some of us like to leave it to the man ! But you know the situation much better than me but I'm afraid the tough situation is in your hands James she is the only one who can put your mind and heart to rest or you can continue to cherish the memories of when yous were both together , otherwise I know and understand what your mind must be going thro , it was good that you got some relief from your poem your absolutely right writing takes all the tension s away is there no way you can let her know that you are a poet on bookie am sure she would look you up if she knew and she would get to see your poem of regrets , I'm sorry that I am going on about the do's and dont's it's just that as your friend I wouldn't want you to regret this decision and find out that her feelings were mutual . Sorry James something has come up while I was writing this to you I will send you the rest asp I just hope it can be today as I do not like to leave things in the lurch , bye for now .

Wed, July 30th, 2014 6:49pm


Bless you Ina and you're very welcome. I always like to know how you are and make sure that you're keeping okay. :) I'm really pleased to hear that you're well. That's so lovely of you Ina, as always your comments are really really appreciated and truly mean the world to me because they're always filled with kindness and positivity so thank you Ina. I think I might have said this before so my sincere apologies if I am repeating myself, but when I see your comments they always bring a smile to my face because they're just such an absolutely pleasure to read and I love them. :) Aww that's extremely kind of you to say Ina, I'm honoured that you believe that I make you feel comfortable Ina and that's really nice to know. :) Well, your feedback is always welcomed with open arms. :) Yes, she and I have known each other since school, although we didn't know each other straight away. I think it was a little bit into Year 7/8 that we became friends and have been ever since then really. :) You're absolutely right Ina, as you say school friends are like a lifeline, people who we can turn to. I know that there are some people who we lose contact with after school, but this girl and I always stayed in touch which I'm so grateful for and wouldn't change for the world. I'm not sure if I could have ever forgiven myself if I had lost contact with her. Aww, well its nice Ina that you still remember your 3 best girl friends from school. Definitely Ina, the memories that we experience never leave us, they're always there as you rightfully say. Hehe, oh Ina you do make me smile indeed! :) Wow, it sounds like an incredible dream to want to be an air hostess and to want to travel the world. :) Maybe so Ina, maybe you're right. I'm so happy that we were able to stay in touch and were able to really re-connect once again. I've told her before how I felt really bad and that I felt guilty that I didn't see her more but I'm just glad that we have found each other again properly. You're absolutely right Ina, there truly is nothing better than to have a loyal friend in life who you can share thoughts and concerns with. I've told her before, that if she has any worries or just needs someone to talk to about anything then I'm always there for her and I always will be and she has said the same to me as well and I think it's really nice that we've got that kind of friendship. It really is hard Ina and I know it probably sounds extremely silly, but ever since my friend and I have re-connected, I've been beating myself up about not taking that chance when I had it. Sometimes, I just feel a fool for not doing it, but in another way I think that maybe at that time it just wasn't meant to be. I'm a big believer in the idea that things happen for a reason and maybe at that time, we just wasn't meant to be. I read a quote a while ago that read "If you really love that person, learn to wait. Maybe you are not meant to be together for today, but meant to be in the future." I don't know, maybe it may happen one day but then again it may not. My heart feels sadness, but at the end of the day, I just want to be happy for her and so long as she is happy then that makes me happy as well. You're absolutely right Ina; we do need to keep out options open no matter where life decides to take us. :) So very true, things don't always turn out the way that we would hope. I wrote these letters as a way of getting out my sadness and my feelings for her and I guess that if we were to get into a relationship in the future, I'd like to give them to her to show her how I really felt about her and how much I really liked and loved her... But then I might never have the right opportunity to give them to her and they just become remnants of how I felt about her. Like you say Ina, if nothing came of it at least she'd hopefully know how much I admired her but then I want her to be happy... Complicated indeed Ina but such is life I guess. I hope I do know the right thing to do in time Ina; my mind has just been a bit everywhere about it to be honest. You're right Ina; I mean I've told her how much I admired her and how much I really like her but you're right... Maybe I need to let her know my true feelings. Maybe I can pluck up the courage to tell her. I'd be more than willing to listen to her and to how she feels. Hehe, I see what you mean Ina. :) She is the only one who can put my mind and heart at rest Ina, you're absolutely right. I never truly knew how much of an effect this girl would have on me until now. I always want to cherish the memories that we had together, I never want to forget them because they are some of the most wonderful memories that I have of our time together. At times in the past Ina, it just feels like my mind has been all over the place and just didn't have a clue what to do, but it doesn't seem to be as bad. Oh absolutely Ina, it felt good to write down my feelings and thoughts and get them onto paper in the form of a poem. Writing sure does take some tension out of it Ina very true. Well, I told her a while ago that I wrote some poems and she said that she'd have to take a look sometime which I thought was great... But I guess I'd feel a bit scared and nervous if she was to look at my poems and realise that some of them were based upon her. I guess it would be such a relief if she was to take a look at my poem of regret... So that she could see my regret and how I truly feel. Aww Ina, you've no need to apologise at all. I'm so happy that you are here and that you are giving me such wonderful advice and guidance. You really are such a wise person Ina and I admire that so much. :) I understand absolutely what you mean Ina and I really appreciate you being a good friend to me. :) That's not a problem at all Ina; you've no need to apologise at all. I'll be sure to reply to your other message Ina. You take great care of yourself and I'll speak to you very soon. :) Thank you taking the time as you always do to write such detailed and lovely comments. :)

Fri, August 1st, 2014 1:43pm


Ina mcfarmers

Hi again James , sorry I had to end my conversation with you midway, yes I just read what I wrote to you back to myself so that I knew where I finished of , I couldn't believe the number of errors I had made I usually check before I send but that day I just sent it the way it was as something urgent had come up & now I am the one paying the price of trying to helpout couple I know as they were fighting I tried to break them up I was pushed away by my friends boyfriend & landed on their solid wood floors with a Big Bang I'm sure I passed out for a few minutes & when I came round they were both by my side so that ended their battle but left me with a lump & splitting sore head all day yesterday , like I said in my previous comment to you that I don't like to leave anyone in the lurch as it bothers my conscious so here I am back to finish my comment to you , I hope you were ok with the first comment because I feel I may have went a bit over board with it & if I did it was not with intention I generally like to help a friend & give them my honest advice so if I went slightly overboard for your liking I apologize .
Thank you so so much for considering me to be your greatest fan on bookie it is an honor and I also thank you to for putting kind words my way to what you say is so sweet of you . You are right James I don't think I could ever see you writing a dark poem you are to so not made to be a dark person despite the hurt you feel you still keep yourself motivated happy & cherry , May the light of happiness always be by your side . Your poem regret will always be a favorite of mines you just summoned this poem up so perfectly . We'll James I know you will do what your heart tells you to do and whatever you choose good luck to you what ever you decide at leat you will always have this lovely poem to look back to . I bid you fairwell take care all the best : Ina .

Fri, August 1st, 2014 5:49pm


Hello again Ina, always such a pleasure to hear from you. :) You've no need to apologise at all Ina, I totally understand. :) Aww that's okay Ina, not a problem at all. I was just grateful that you had taken the time to send me a message back. :) Oh no Ina, I'm really sorry to hear about that! :o I'm so sorry Ina; I hope that you're okay and that you didn't hurt yourself? My gosh, so long as you're okay that's the main thing. I'm really sorry that you had to go through that, it couldn't have been very nice at all. Aww bless you Ina, you make sure that you don't get doing too much and make sure that you get some rest as well. It sounds like you had a bit of a nasty fall and bump indeed. :( I hope that it's feeling a bit better today for you and that it doesn't hurt as much for you. Well that's really good of you Ina and extremely admirable that you don't like to leave anyone in the lurch. I really appreciate you taking the time to message me back always. Oh yes Ina absolutely, I was okay with your first comment thank you. :) Oh no not at all, you didn't go overboard I absolutely loved reading through it and replying to it. :) Your messages are just the best! :) I thoroughly enjoyed reading through that first comment Ina and I was so grateful for your wise words and guidance and help. :) Well, you really did help me out Ina and you are a fabulous friend! Aww, well you've no need to apologise at all Ina, you didn't go overboard at all. :) Hehe, oh you're very welcome Ina it's my pleasure indeed. To me, you are my greatest fan and you've just always got something positive and kind to say. :) Aww bless you Ina and you're very welcome it's not a problem at all. :) I would love to carry on writing happy poetry rather than dark poetry as you say Ina. :) I want people to feel positive and happy and joyful. :) Aww bless you Ina, well I do try to keep myself as motivated and as happy as possible. :) Aww, thank you so much Ina your words of kindness really do touch my heart. :) I'm glad that this poem will always be a favourite of yours Ina. I hope that someday, my heart will hold the answer for me and point me in the right direction. :) Absolutely right Ina. Thank you so much once again for a wonderful message! They never cease to amaze me. :) You take great care of yourself as well Ina and thank you so much again for taking the time to message me again. :) I hope that you're feeling much better. Hopefully we'll speak again soon Ina. :) All the very best to you. :)

Fri, August 1st, 2014 2:04pm


Lisa Ayers

Hi James, what I enjoy about your writing is even when the subject is melancholy, you have the ability to express and write it in such a beautiful and touching way. I can't even imagine being on the receiving end of something so exquisite. Meaning this really touched my heart. I read your comment that you wrote her letters, but never gave them to her, and now she's with someone else. Regret is not a easy thing to deal with. I understand you're in pain and your heart is hurting. Perhaps you will see her one day and be able to express yourself to her. Letting go can be a difficult process. But if you spend too much time in the past or future, you can miss out on awesome opportunities now. Another heartfelt romantic piece from your pen. An enjoyable read James.

Sat, August 2nd, 2014 9:16am


Hello there Lisa, it's so wonderful to hear from you. I hope that you're okay and keeping well? :) I'm so grateful for the fact that you've taken time out of your day to take a look at my poem and to comment with such kindness so thank you very much. :) Aww bless you Lisa, that's really kind of you to say and I'm honoured that you think this... Your comment has surely made my day indeed! :) It's nice that you felt touched by this poem Lisa; I like to write poems that touch the hearts of the readers where possible. :) I know writing letters is probably silly to some people, but it was a way for me to express how I felt and it allowed me to express my guilt and sadness. I wouldn't feel right giving her those letters now that she is with someone else because that wouldn't be fair of me at all. You're absolutely right Lisa, regret is not an easy thing at all to live with and even now, I still get days where I feel guilty and sad and I keep thinking over and over again about what if. I guess in time my heart will return to its happy state. Maybe so Lisa, it would be nice to see her one day under good circumstances to tell her how I feel and what I've felt and how I've been feeling. This girl has been the first girl that I have ever had true feelings for... I guess that's why it saddens me so much at times when I think about it. I think for now, I need to set her free and let her go. I shouldn't hang on for something that may not happen. So long as she is happy with who she’s with, then that's all that matters to me. As you say Lisa, letting go can be a difficult process indeed and letting go seems so hard, but it's something I need to do... Maybe that will put my heart at ease. I absolutely agree with you all the way with what you say Lisa, you're absolutely right... We can end up missing out on great opportunities if we spend too much time in the past or the future. It is the present that we should focus on. :) Your words of wisdom are welcomed with open arms Lisa and I absolutely love them! :) I'm really pleased that you enjoyed reading this poem Lisa; it really means a lot to me that you enjoyed it. :) Thank you so much for stopping by once again Lisa and thank you for your great advice! It really does mean the world to me. :) You take great care of yourself and all the very best to you. :)

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 1:32pm



Hi Mr. Cooper it's been a while. I always love your poems. They are really touching and have very strong emotions that affect readers. I wish I am as good as you. I'm trying to learn more things about writing and literature. and of course, my grammar skills... Hahaha I am moved by your work. Great job, my friend. God bless ;)

Fri, August 8th, 2014 3:32pm


Hello there Romano, it's absolutely wonderful to hear from you! I hope that you're okay and keeping well? :) It sure has been a while hehe. :) Aww bless you, thank you so much. It's always a real honour to know that people such as yourself enjoy my poems. :D Aww, I'm sure that you'll write great things Romano. :) Everyone has the ability in them and I know that you have the ability within you. :) That's great Romano! I admire you for wanting to learn more about writing and literature and wanting to further your grammar skills, hats off to you definitely! :) Hehe aww that's really kind of you to say Romano. It really means a lot to me that you enjoy my work and that you feel moved by it. I am truly honoured to have such lovely feedback from yourself. :) Bless you Romano, your comment really made me smile! Your kind words are really appreciated. :) You're a great fan! :) Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to have a read of the poem. God bless you too and take great care of yourself. All the very best to you my friend. :)

Fri, August 8th, 2014 11:35am



good poem. really attracted each lines. you wrote. good work.

Wed, August 20th, 2014 2:29am


Hello there aruntp, I hope that you are okay? Thank you very much for the fabulous comment, it really does mean a lot to me. :) Thank you also for taking the time out of your day to have a look and comment on my poem, it really is much appreciated. :) Take great care of yourself and all the very best to you. :)

Fri, August 22nd, 2014 12:25pm


Mr Watson

Regret nothing James, lifes too short, things workout in one way or another it was not meant to be, friendships can turn into relationships for some, just be thankful she's still part of your life, who knows what the future holds ? great work so full of emotion as always.

Fri, August 22nd, 2014 8:30pm


I am always amazed Mr Watson at your words of wisdom and how true you speak. You're absolutely right about not having regrets about anything because as you rightfully say, life is far too short. I guess that some things were meant to be and others were not as you mention and I absolutely agree with you one hundred percent, that things work out in one way or another. I really like the fact that you speak of being thankful for the fact that she is still part of my life and you're absolutely right. When I do think of this, I feel great happiness in my heart knowing that she will always be a part of my world whatever happens and she's such a special person to me. So very true Mr Watson, who knows what the future may hold? Thank you so much for the fabulous message Mr Watson, always so full of wisdom and wise words. Thank you for taking the time to stop by as well, as always it really does mean a lot to me. Take great care Mr Watson and all the very best to you. :)

Fri, August 22nd, 2014 2:06pm



It's wonderful sir! Truly wonderful..
Reminded me of so many incidents of my life :')

Keep up the good work!

Fri, October 17th, 2014 12:29pm


Hello there Saraswata, so good to hear from you my friend. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed reading my poem, thank you for taking the time to have a look... I really do appreciate it. :) It's nice that you were able to relate to this poem my friend. I think it's always nice when people are able to relate to your writing. In particular, this was something that I once felt such sadness about and I felt as though writing was the perfect outlet to be able to express how I really felt about this person. I will keep up the hard work my friend, especially with such kind and positive comments such as yours. Take great care my friend and all the very best to you. :)

Fri, October 17th, 2014 10:43am



I sense this is alot more personnel than other poems you write, so i wonder if this is based from real life experiences?
I see the heartbreak in your voice, in your words, yet there is no sorrow. You write that you can love someone, and actually move on, and in someways, that is a greater love than being with someone.
There is many ways the heart can love, and you write it in a way that the heart is loyal, and the love is forever real.
There is no darkness to this, or regrets, just loyalty, whether you see that person again or not, love is equal when true.
Beautiful job my friend.

Sun, November 30th, 2014 2:27am


Hello again my friend, it's always a pleasure to read your comments on my work... I thoroughly enjoy them. :) Yes you're absolutely right, this poem for me was a lot more personal than my other poems that I have written and I guess writing it did bring some relief and lifted my spirits a little. You're absolutely right, this was based upon real life experience and my thoughts and the feelings that I had about this particular person. My views have now changed as time has gone on, but at the time when I was feeling down and low, this was one of the biggest things that I felt and could never seem to shake off my mind. It was something that really hurt and the fact that I kept thinking about it over and over and over really didn't help at all. I think that you're absolutely right my friend... Sometimes, learning to move on and let the one you love go is actually a greater love. I'm pleased that you identified the fact that I wrote this poem in a way whereby the heart is loyal and love is always real. I guess that my loyalty with this person still lies and probably will remain for a long time, even though things have happened and the past has gone. I really like how you say that love is equal when true and I couldn't agree with you more my friend. Thank you so much once again for taking the time out of your day to comment and read, as always I really do appreciate it so thank you. :) Take great care my friend and all the very best until next time. :)

Thu, December 4th, 2014 11:03am



Another great poem, James. Sometimes we just have to lose someone to understand just how much we really cared for them.

Thu, June 16th, 2016 6:27pm


Thank you as always Hulla. :) I guess you're right... Maybe we do have to lose someone to truly understand how much we really did care for them. I had these thoughts swimming in my head for quite a while and it was so hard to come to terms with at first... To think that I never did it when I had the chance, I should have said this, I should have done this. But now those feelings have subsided greatly and I feel much better for it. I guess that feeling still lingers occasionally in the back of my mind. Thank you once again Hulla! :)

Sat, June 18th, 2016 5:45am