My Loving Son, My Flesh And Blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Parents play a huge part in a child's life. They should give them warmth and protection, security and safety from the evils of the world. They should understand when their Son or Daughter is upset or is worried about something and offer a loving hand... But what if your Son or Daughter told you that they were gay or lesbian? Would you simply ignore it? Would you disown them? Would you embrace them and love them regardless? It matters not about what sexual orientation your child decides to follow, so long as they are happy with whom they are and so long as they can enjoy life, then how can we they deny them our love? We should be there for our children no matter what. So what if they don't follow societies’ example, so what if they don't choose to be like everyone else that doesn't make them any less of a person. Just because someone is gay or lesbian, it doesn't make them weird or a monster... They are still human beings with the same feelings and desires and dreams as everyone else. So if ever you're confronted with such a scenario, give your child all the love and support you can give and appreciate their uniqueness. Although I myself don't have any children, I tried to write this from the perspective of a Dad and this is how I'd like to be if my Son or even Daughter told me that they were gay.

Submitted: March 13, 2015

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Submitted: March 13, 2015



My loving Son, my flesh and blood,

How you mean the world to me,

How that bright smile of yours warms my heart,

How we share a bond that will forever be.


I remember that wondrous day well,

The day when I held you in my arms,

The day I made a promise to you my baby boy,

That I would protect you from the world's harm.


So little you were in my arms,

As your tiny fingers gripped mine,

What a precious gift you were to me,

How you were and still are my everlasting sunshine.


I tried to be the best Dad I could be,

Teaching you manners and watching over you,

Providing for you in every way possible,

Even though at times, we didn't have much and had to make do.


I protected you the best I could,

Always willing to listen to your fears,

Always I would encourage you to talk to me,

In the hope that I could make your worries disappear.


The years seemed to fly by,

From my baby boy you became a young boy,

But even as you continued to grow,

You always brought me so much joy.


I remember the days at the park,

Where we'd lie together and count the clouds,

Where we'd laugh without a care in the world,

How you make me feel so proud.


Soon enough you were at school,

From a young boy you became a young man,

Working hard each and every day,

Revising tirelessly for your exams.


But I remember that day,

When you came home crying,

I wondered what had gone on,

It pained me to see you so upset, inside I was dying.


To think that you my Son was sad,

Brought so much sorrow to my heart,

I sometimes thought that somehow I'd failed,

Your pain I felt, like a knife so sharp.


At first you didn't tell me,

The reason behind your sadness,

You'd resist any attempt to say,

I just felt so helpless.


But then one night we sat down,

I was determined to know what was troubling my baby boy,

We should always attack our fears head on Son I said,

We should deal with them, rather than always wanting to run.


You seemed to nervous to tell me,

Worried that if you did I'd be ashamed,

But Son you must never think that,

For you are my saint!


When you told me you were gay,

I embraced you with all my love,

Just because you are doesn't change a thing,

Because you're still my boy, my loving Son.


I was over the moon to see that smile,

Return to your gentle face,

You seemed so bright and full of life once again,

Son, you could never in my eyes be a disgrace.


You are my one and only boy,

That I love so much,

Never feel that you are alone,

Because whenever you need me, I shall be there to offer my gentle touch.


Whatever problems you face in life,

Know that I will always remain by your side,

Through both the best and the worst,

In me, you can always confide.


Be the person you wish to be my Son,

Live the life that you want to and enjoy,

Because whatever may happen,

You'll always be my special baby boy.

 -- James William Cooper


© Copyright 2020 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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