The Gunslinger's Horse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Westerns  |  House: Booksie Classic
The relationship between man and beast is something that cannot always be described in words. But something instead, felt by the heart and the bond shared together through this tough and turbulent life.

Submitted: April 30, 2019

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Submitted: April 30, 2019



Such a beautiful and strong creature,

The gunslinger’s best friend,

A formidable beast,

Elegant in form and loyal to the very end.


The saddle’s all set,

Rifle resting like a knight’s sword in its sheath,

Ready to unleash on unsuspecting folk,

As the sound of thunder roars under this beast’s feet.


They ride together across the Great Plains,

Riding not as two entities but as one,

Across lands far and wide,

Land so arid and so vast, in torrential rain and the rising of the sun.


The man looks after the beast,

And the beast looks after the man,

A relationship built upon trust and friendship,

Helping each other, in anyway they can.


They endure hails of bullets,

From bounty hunters, lawmen and the rest,

Outlaws until their time is finally up,

But for now, they roam free trying to stay alive… Doing their best.


This beast knows the gunslinger’s life,

He knows all of his secrets and woes,

Every trigger pulled, every good and bad deed acted upon,

Wherever his friend goes, he too goes.


To the gunslinger this beast is not just a horse,

He’s a friend, loyal companion and trusty steed,

By his side every, single day without fail,

Both of them bound by an unwavering creed.


But as with anything in this strange and turbulent life,

Nothing is ever eternal,

Friendships fade and the ones we love eventually die,

Even we are not immune, from the closing of the curtain.


And when the time does come,

For this gunslinger to say goodbye,

As his most loyal friend takes his last breaths,

“Com’ on boy, you can’t do this to me… You can’t die.”


But his friend’s body is all worn out,

After everything they’ve been through,

This cowboy by his friend’s side, his final moments,

Stroking his head, before leaning inwards and whispering… “Thank you.”

© Copyright 2020 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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