The Ignorance of Man

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This is a poem about the unfair displacement and eventual destruction of the Native American Indians' way of Life. Just like the Australian Aboriginals, and the Aztects to name a few... Their way of life was condemned and destroyed by the greed of man, as they seeked to expand and conquer. The Australian Aboriginals were the first to Australia and yet, it is they who have been removed from their own lands... The American Indians, who were the very first people to America, had their culture and way of life wiped out, their lands taken away from them as they were forced to make do with reservations. The great Roman Poet and Philosopher Cicero one said that there were six mistakes that mankind kept making century after century, with one of them mistakes being "Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do." It is such a shame that these wonderful an diverse cultures and ways of life had to be detroyed and taken away by greed. The tribes around the world deserve better and so I wanted to write this poem, to show just how the greed of man has affected a tribal way of life and has almost eradicated any trace of what once existed in the world.

Submitted: January 22, 2014

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Submitted: January 22, 2014



On the Great Plains they roamed free,

Basking in the delights of Mother Earth,

Bringing trouble to no other soul,

Believing that everything had it's worth.


Their hunting was tame,

Their methods were justified,

The white man would never understand,

No matter how hard they tried.


They were the first to these lands,

And so why should they leave,

They were rightfully here first,

But now with everything gone, all they can do is grieve.


For the greedy white man came along,

And pushed them off their lands,

What was fairly the land of the American Indians'

Was taken from their very hands.


Their way of life was destroyed,

Their beliefs seen as savage,

No more would they exist as they were,

For they had been unfairly ravaged.


The bison that were plentiful on the Great Plains,

Had soon dwindled down to few,

Because the white man wasted their life for fur and fun,

So many tribes affected Cheyenne, Apache and Sioux to name a few.


These tribes were pushed onto the reservations,

Pushed away from what they knew,

In squalor they lived,

It was this this, that they had to make do.


The people of the tribes were forced to be like American citizens,

To think and to talk and to be like them,

But why should they have to follow the lives of others,

If anything, it is the white man who should be condemned.


No more do they live by Mother Nature's side,

The once great tribes of America seem to be but a scattered memory,

Their books of wisdom and of their beliefs,

Will soon become empty.


But we cannot let this happen,

Their stories must be heard,

By the world through and through,

Their wisdom and their ill-treatment cannot go unheard.

 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2019 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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