What fate holds

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This poem should explain it all....

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012



Who ever thought, When we first met,

That you’d be the one, I would never forget.


Who ever thought, You would capture my heart,

Even worse be the one, Who would tear it apart.


Who knew I would fall, So deeply in love,

I thought you were truly, Sent to me from above.


Once we met, That was it, You became my one and only,

Who knew a year later, I’d be left here again lonely.


At first you were like, My dream come true,

I just knew that FOREVER, I was gunna love you.


I was finally safe, I had found “A REAL MAN”,

Taking such good care of you, Yup, that’s what I had planned.


How could you have played me, I was fooled right from the gate,

For a second I was thinking, I had found me something great.


Instead you were a phony, You were a liar and a flirt,

You only cared about your self, And never thought twice about who you hurt.


You demanded privacy, To you that was a must,

But how could you expect, When you don’t do shit to earn the trust.


I could have made you happy, You should have kept it real,

You’d screw up and not say sorry, Instead “I’m a fuck up”… Wow big deal.


The words “I’m a fuck up”, To me don’t mean shit,

That’s what cowards always say, When they cant MAN-UP and just admit.


So now I guess it’s over, At least I know I tried my best,

I can now finally exhale, As I lay this shit to rest.

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