Brimming With Charisma

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Benzo's and Cannabis. Does the ego exist? What was the voice?

Submitted: August 04, 2014

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Submitted: August 04, 2014



Brimming with charisma, and bolstering an exorbitant amount of confidence", was a term so often used by her peers in description of her temperament. The minimalist nature of how society chose to view her was underwhelming. "Certainly, people see me as more than that as a person".

These words echoed deep in to her psyche, because even if her peers meant this as a form of compliment, it wasn't actually real to her. A face is shown to society, a face that is presented as a mask.

A mask of expectations and critical judgement.

"This isn't me". For in that moment of time a realization was made, and sadness encompassed her precious heart.

In this moment she reveled in the idea that things aren’t always what they seem, and the charisma she so proudly boasted like a peacock spreading its feathers suddenly become nothingness. The nothingness wasn't a benevolent emotion however, it was in fact tranquil. The duality of expectations from others and actualization of her collective-self caused a despondency in critical thought and rationality. The motivation had always been to impress others. Impress them with your new car. Impress them with your new house. "Show charisma, and be confident", her mother would say.

The motivation was dead, and the actualization that through conditioning, her confidence was just a mask. Because without  motivation her confidence was actually dead too. All she had was her heart.

Nothing else.

"Life is meant to be simple. Don't overanalyze things and be extroverted as your true self." This voice startled her. Who was it?

 The very reality in which she viewed life to be shattered right then and there. So spontaneous- like a flash lightning storm, an instant transformation. A new beginning, finally


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