Simple Wood

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~ Author Notes ~

~ For both of My brothers, Timothy Hall Long, David Patrick Long, and to my Mother Judy Sheally Long, and father Robert Hall Long...

It has taken me eight and a half years to write this poem, and if you have a computer that can read it to you... and even if not... it is my hope, that it may forever bless you! ~

~ In the creation of this poem, I wrote several other poems, yes about 11 in part, and adapted them for the poem ~ Simple Wood ~ itself... The original one you can find, along with all of my poems, on " " under the name, " James Lee Long "! The up to date ones are here on this site... and on this site my hot mail is ~

~ I thank you for taking the time to read this... ~

~ I pray that God has blessed you through this reading and kept you, and has arrived to meet you where you are, and I pray, may His perfect peace, and simple joy, and honest love, may come and overtake you, here and now, and hereafter in your heart this Christmas season! ~

~ P.S. ~

~ I wrote this poem to some really peaceful music, and the one that I chose as the background music for it, was sung by The gifted artist " Brother Iz ". The song that I chose was " Somewhere Over the Rainbow ", It gives the piece a serene feel, as it to me sounds like a lullaby... and if you want...! ~

~ Put it in on a loop... If you can find it to play along with it... I pray that it, with this poem... would come to bring a perfect peace to you! ~

~ jamesleelong37 ~

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Submitted: January 10, 2008

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Submitted: January 10, 2008



~ Simple Wood ~ ~ ( And the Wayward Hopes Emotion )

~ ( " The Hope, That I Ponder "! ) ~


~ So... as to exult, and furthermore immortalize, the open sacrifice and free spirit of the Holy Father, the one and only to be known through the eyes of His precious Son, and so, so as to move to exemplify in my own innocence, all three within me, living now in perfect unity as one...

~ I Went to pray one day to Jesus. and as I looked, I gazed in my way. Upon a place a ways, afar, and so I could see the generous gapes of the giving trees, as so they are. So nestled down between the broken valley... ( of Gods' open will ). As they were one better for me... to be seen, and in a greater measure, and for the long standing passion, of my fancy, still. For yes they are the one true rare beauty's left in the way of this one most humble, land. With the wholesome hearts and outstretched, hands. As amid this, the ladder days... of the summers fall, they stand at their ready to provide their goodness... to whom ever... may come to call. For they are open too, for the many... come a feathered wing. To bring for them, the finer nature of a better thing. With one... a purpose brought forth... by the way of an open heart, one so softly spoken. There they live for to serve God as they move in the way of the pureness, and by the way of the promise one given... of His tender love, and devotion, and as well... they are one better also... as a haven, and as well... for the wisdom so honestly given and found to be well. Within the nature, of the raven. As to offer, a sweeter fruit is what they bring. As to sway they dance. As in their joy they sing, and for the love of a life... as so to renew. Another day has risen up... and shines upon them mid sparkling morning dew, and if you were to hear them this Christmas season, you would have listened. As gingerly they move... in unison. So as to shimmer in their way together... as they glisten, and as for a gift for all. A grateful heart is for them their only passion. As it is in their way, and by our Lord God Jesus. One so... (forever, fashioned.) ~

~ " God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. " John 4:16 (New King James Version) ~ .....................................................................................................................................................

~ I wanted to know this one simple truth, and to be as open, and to feel for myself and see, the perfect abandon of Gods' love for all and for me... because, as it has been for some time for me now my hopeful prayer to the Lord for you, and my one and only solemn cry from within!

I will say, and but only and utterly for myself! As I go out upon the venture with you. I have come here today to walk a ways beyond the questions in my life, into a deeper walk of faith with Him. ~

~ For as I can see it for you, and for me. ~

~ We both have been given in the way of the notion, an ever present answer! Born one of Gods' ever virtuous hope! ~

~ And though as well... (( should it be known, and if it be but for only you to know! )) ~

~ None the less, and most certainly, nothing any better, are the words that I carry to you for Him. For they are alone the wealth so based upon the very enlightenment of the Almighty. ~

~ As deep within my soul, I say... " I am this certain stubbornness so compounded and given over to the many ever sweet and precious splendors of His guiding light! " As open to Him, what you see in yourself now, and within me is the smile worn for both of us upon the beauty of His gape. ~

~ For as I ponder, I write for His joy so for to saver His delight, and if, to be found you see yourself a soul made moreover, as I have, to be a soul that has been found to be complete through Him. and as when to look within yourself, you find in Him a graceful release and when willing you are open to Him! ~

~ Then in great measure and so to bestow. I pray He bless you with this favor. As to go farther, I pray you too are brought a measure closer, and into this faithful walk with Him. All so to make the many rooms within your humbled heart! The one's forever to be called, the places, of His abode, and so... so having said this... and so to earnestly pray for myself, I prayed this time to Him in this way for this! ~


~ " Lord I will follow You, if you show me, yes show me. ~

~ Of the many truths so plain to You, that me in all my lawlessness I cannot even begin to envision, and as a condition of my souls admission. ~

~ I pray that I may be, through Your Goodness, made again and be granted the heart of a grateful child, and be then one with You, and so renewed by this and brought to life and made to be free and called the once retched soul, that has been altogether forgiven, and Lord, wont You show me this for my joy, and show me this for Your Glory. ~

~ So that to believe I may follow You, in all Your Goodness and Wisdom, and perfect Graciousness. ~

~ For I will believe You Lord, if You show me ", and so, so to answer me. He said to me this! ~


~ " Then follow Me you must My child and as a condition of your surrender so complete, it will be for you your joy. As for Me will it be My Glory. To count your sin, forgiven. ~

For yes, a joyful heart does know. My grace alone, is sufficient, and if you would will to.

~ To be the one to be still and in My Life, believe, and move moreover and in the way, of another in peace, and forever be of good faith. ~

~ Then amid the wondrous hope of this day, ( a long life, ) and a grateful heart full of My love and peace and beauty! To come to know it well, and to carry it with you! For forever, will you be free! ~

~ If only willing, you lay down all My child, and follow Me ", and so, so to answer Him. I said to Him this! ~ .....................................................................................................................................................

~ " Then God of Love! This Christmas season I call for You to further open me! As I fall before the Glory of Your name, and as You would hear me. Place me upon this foundation and uphold me through the abiding ways of its' Truth. ~

~ As I pray that through your Holy condition. ~

~ You would move to carry me and take me where you would have me, and do what with me, what you would. As I offer to you this one desire of my willing heart. ~

~ Yes break me and craft me again my Lord I pray. Through Your perfect intent! ~

~ So I may be before you. As a new, and open vessel, and instill into me all of Your Joy and Heavenly Faith, and lead me by the way of Your perfect ways of Grace, and lay me down Jesus. Forever in Your compassion. ~

~ High atop this Glorious Hope. So that forever within Your Presence and in Your love. I may rest, and God of Wisdom. Bring me to know Your freedom, and move me to carry to all the beauty of Your perfect heart of Peace. ~

~ As I plead for you! To take me now. As you would will to find me. ~

~ Yes Jesus! Take for yourself my soul and be the very proof for me and the sweet hope and very answer of my request, and tend to my soul. That I may know the certainty. Of this peaceful repose, and grant for me. The honesty, of Your righteousness, and through Your Authority. Be open to me as now you would will to find me, and promote me I pray. To this one position. ~

~ Yes Lord! Mold me moreover and open me. Through Your patience. So that I may for always know for myself. The very pleasure and certain reality and peace to be found in knowing! ~

~ Your Perfect Will for me ", and so I pray for everyone now... ~

~ " May your soul this Christmas season, be blessed forever through your acknowledgment of Christ Jesus, and may you come now to Him, and be open, and have plenty, and then carry with you His heart of love and boundless mercy, and may you be with Him a perfect vision of His peace, and answer any question, through His wise eyes, and be forever devoted to His ways of grace, and may you find then through Him, the taste of your life, to be ever sweeter, and may you for always come, and come to know Him, and moreover may you come to Him humbly! To be molded in His hands, moreover and again, and be brought by Him. ~

~ To know the beauty of His truth! ~

~ So that He may promote you Himself through its' promise, and may you move with Him, forever to be free, and may then, Gods peace! Be alive and living within you and always be then a blessing for you of His favor, and through His abiding love! ~

~ May you be the one brought forth! ~

~ To be an honest, blessing for another! As you walk in His ways of faith, and may you be then, one with Him, a soul made stronger, and through the perfection of your surrender to Him! ~

~ May you be then, forever open to Him, and not a stranger, and for this beautiful and one heartfelt act made in an open and earnest, humble submission! ~

~ Forever may it be for you your testament to Him and may it be given, and always for another, and for always! May your soul, be blessed ", and so as I have prayed for you, I pray in truth with this one intention, because through the grace of God, I met this simple and beautiful, and ever wonderful... compelling and generous, and ever open woman one day some time ago, and she carried to me... Gods honest vision of His peace, and a true freedom, and this ever perfect vision for all, of His Hope, and as her tears by the way of the run of her cheek did fall. They paved the way for the day for her dreams to be realized in Him, and as she cried. So she wept. ~

~ Softly casting her hopes, and only sorrow upon the quiet whispering of the wind... and for it to be told... The willing heart I did find, she had always been known by Him to be. No sweeter of a love for Him to treasure. ~

~ As amid the answer of the soothing breezes, they gently caressed her a she quietly laid down midst the tears so wanted and shed for the love of the ones she beheld, so dear, and waiting within the joy of the Heavens. So lived The Wisdom, of her Lord, Jesus. ~

~ (For,) for each tear she wept, so foretold they were already in His heart this one humble beauty, so envisioned, and being shed they were shed for His life one freely given, and with each breath she took. She knew with His love, one given, and given for all with a hopeful condition, and so to speak. I heard her speak aloud to Him, a grateful thank you. As overwhelmed in all her honest emotion, tenderly for Him, she wept. ~

~ Yes... she wept. ~

~ As willingly she hoped, and prayed to Him, tenderly and honestly. For all the sick and the hurting, and ever weary, and the broken. That still do not know His gentle soul, so open. The one who came to save, the broken heart found to be cold and alone, and ever deeper in fear, and crying out silently inside. ~

~ The lost one, of His faithful bride. Now amiss of the tenderness of those fonder days of youthful innocence. ~

~ The ones that had been made certain in this, and had, all but given up searching. ~

~ As deep within, driven by God the remembrance of those honest days, Had been brought, to a quiet hush... ~

~ Those days, when in all his given honesty and fruitfulness, the Mantis prayed, and peace for all in the eyes of God, was His faithful desire ~

~ Yes those sweeter days when to be open. Their care was free, and was their' thriving Hope, but some angry wind within. Came and stole their even pride, and carried it upon its' way, and the tears rarely fell down, anymore, but when they did come. ~

~ They fell as just a trickle. ~

~ As they had but all dried up, and the body had gotten stuck and stiffened, and the soul barely living. Cried out a louder and louder help, me out of the dark, because so cold here, I am freezing, and dying, to be warm, and for love, and a new life, and an honest answer, and to be rescued, and freed, and forever awakened from the prison, and time of my bewilderment, and yes, forever aware. ~

~ For their comfort, and for its' mending, and innocence, and completion, and for the return of their open hope, and the Joy of their' certain freedom. ~

~ In an even greater and greater faith in Him. So compelled by this, as she cried out, she wept to Jesus. ~

~ For Him to come and reign, in their heart, forever, and reestablish it. Yes to its' once mighty position, of faith in Him. The one brought about, and granted through His ever perfect and compassionate, and ever willing, free and loving spirit, and all so to echo in the sweet promotion of its' peace, and her tears to be known. Are being heard by Him still today, and have served to weigh heavily on Gods ear. ~

~ As her tears, have convinced Him to convict and bring me to Him, and I know Him now. He is forever faithful, to her open heart. To the ever, faithful soul, of her precious tears, and now, so am I, because free today. ~

~ Here I am and weeping too, to Him, for you, because of His compassion given, and perfect love shown to me, and as I am overwhelmed in all my gratitude, and because my Lord, God Jesus. He heard me, even though, I could, just barely, cry. ~

~ He cried for me, and so yes as well, He saw her crying there. Full of her tears, and honest prayers, to Him for me, and the sweet fact, that somebody actually cared, and understood, and cared just enough to ask God to find, and hold up, and bring my hope back for me. ~

~ I am eternally grateful to Him. ~

~ For His Love, and because tenderly, for Him, and for the many, and the few like me, and for you. ~

~ I know, still, she can be found there today... ~

~ Until the time He comes again! ~

~ Yes until then, she prays for peace for all, and for a true freedom in Him. Yes for all the sick and tired and the broken, and still faintly Hoping. ~

~ That still carry the desire, to be open! ~

~ As forever moved by this. To the Hope for all the world, to The Lord Jesus, in complete abandon to Him. ~

~ Willingly, and for a sweet release in Him. For all, tenderly... she weeps, and so now, here in the light, of this new day with Him and with you... ". I pray that it may be said of me, in the certain promise of this humble venture. ~

~ That I spoke... the blessing of His words... of light, and of love, and of peace and truth, and of life... " ~

~ Because being myself, a man that desires as well, to be forevermore, honest with Him, and having taken many steps and great care, in the proposition and greater purpose, of my peaceful ambition, and as this is, this Christmas season, my thriving hearts perfect hope, and very treasure for you... ~

~ I know, that the goodness of ones soul, though in times it may run adrift... rests in the measure of real divinity, not alone within the narrow, impermanent wake of it's shortcomings. ( Oh no but rather ), within it's absolute abandonment of this to God, and what it is willing to learn from Him, and moved, to forgive... and so it is that the beauty abounds in it's way of yielding initially. ~

~ For I know, enchanted are the humble, and enlightened are the eyes', of the truly open... ~

~ As their sweet love for their gift of life is deeply rooted, in their honest consideration of this, and their very answer, given to His tender calling, to come know Him, and move with him in this pure devotion. ~

~ ( As it has been seen by Me as well for you ), and graciously kept, and is now sown and so upheld by Him for you. Through your complete abandon to its' awesome prudence, and while alive, and with your free spirit, moving within the promise of this fond emotion. Taken, upon the journey, your joy forevermore, will be captured through your opened Eyes', and held up for you as you are brought moreover to know Him, and be with Him, and be forever, opened by Him. In the very welcome and wondrous awakening to be found within the pleasure and perfect company. Of His Peace. ~

~ So ever forthright, and certain. Wild eyed, and adamantly screaming and living amid you. Eagerly, He awaits you, here with this hope, humbly standing up for you. For He is the certainty of this promise, ( of brighter days ), crying out naked before you, and arriving now and forever to be, ( the sweet perfection of your joy ). Found amid this season, and within the openness of your heart and poring out as it is shining brightly before you, and burning within the blazing height of His honest devotion. ~

~ For He is this truth alive inside you, and wailing, and so He is to be seen. For steadily you can hear Him in His honesty, as passionately, and ever earnestly, this hope of His can be found to be running, high amid the wonted howling. Aloof... the simple calling of your dreams, and so it is to be aspired (this His one ambition). This simple dream, that longs for you to come and find Him this day. As He is our Lord God, and tender favor, and ever gracious, Heavenly Maker. Yes our Creator, Lord and Lamb. ~

~ Your open, and tender, and ever willing, blessing of true companionship, and freedom, and the simple offering and very spirit, of a perfect peace, as He is the hope for all the ever willing hearts to befriend, and forever, waiting patiently within you, this vision of Him. It is in Him in whom Your very soul, can so depend . ~

~ For I believe... Never is their a more proper use of the will, than a heart that is moved by this alone and brought to live with Him, within this... His one intention... ~

~ For Heaven is the hope for all! All who would will to know Him, and move to show Him, in His mercy... and so now... so as I am moved, just to say... ~

~ I know it is the hurting and the humble, and the poor and needy ways, ever present in the heart of the faithful, that to honor, He does move moreover to cherish, ((( just as I do... ))) and so I say!

~ If were I to die today. ~

~ There is nothing that I would rather have more of in my heart. Than that of the Lords Forgiveness, and if this Christmas, through His Mercy, I were to have the opportunity to live again today, a more fulfilling life. ~

~ Then there is nothing this season, that I would want to share more of with another. Than the Healing Power, of His Saving Grace, and if through His Goodness, I were to have it all today. ~

~ I would want nothing less than this, an abundance of His Love, and the Character of His Compassion, as I would want it to remain to be as well for all one everlasting. The Perpetuation of His Peace, and if were there to be anything I could give for Him and give for another. ~

~ I tell you that if I had my way. ((( " I would just have to give, ))) Yes, just give it all away, and so in the event of this my souls submission. ~

~ If when to be shown the Goodness, of God's Mercy, Forgiveness, and Grace. ~

~ I were to have, through the promise of His perfect gift, of this, His wondrous Favor, these ever pertinent and ever so invaluable treasures, placed in my care and protection. ~

~ Then through this acknowledgment and ever greater honor, and through the virtue sown by the way of their life sustaining power. Then upon the awakening of this slumbering hearts souls admission. As an honest extension of my love and gratitude and faith in Him. ~

~ With great joy, I would be so compelled to never move to barry them, again. ~

~ As moreover and so moved would I be, to bestow them in their truest nature and always by the way of the way they were given to me, as openly, and as freely, and for the better good, of His Glory, and forever and for the souls security of another. ~

~ So as well they would come to know, and be opened by Him, and be shown for themselves. The very fervor to be found in the pleasure, and company, of His Peace. ~

~ So now, as I move within the way of this one grace, and honest reverence to Him... I know now for myself, and only through the very presence of His truth. The one found within the openness of His heart. ~

~ That there lies, no grater notion, of true freedom... ~

~ Because I know, that in my own life, and in my own ways, I have served in the futileness of my days, but only one master... and only to bind the spirit of this world, ((( and only so to find... ))) ~

~ Yes... only, through the sweet goodness of Gods' love, ((( have I been found and found here today! )))

~ For I know that I am this darkness, so compounded, and given over to the warmth of His shining light... as through this, I have been given the eyes to see... ~

~ That in the moment and in the time that it takes for me to bind. One, the freedom of my open spirit. ~

~ It is over all, the same time, in the effort, that it takes Him to set that one captive spirit free... ~

~ As so now, and as I strive to be as open. In the honest effort... I try to move a little closer to this idea, a bit more everyday! As I ask myself, this simple question, in this time left here for me!... ~

~ Yes!... Within this time given to me, and as an answer to the calling, of my own souls, honest peace, and true freedom!... ~

~ Which way by the grace and perfect reverence, and simple proposition of this ( one devotion of His, ) am I willing now, to be? ~

~ For when I am moved to ponder this life and my position, and my importance and priority amid the essence of life... His perfect vision... ~

~ A broader idea one in nature to picture and open and one righteous. The one ever prominent and freely given, permanent fixture...? ~

~ ( I do also, now believe, ) for through His faithfulness to me, it has been revealed. To answer this one simple question. ~

~ A question of true relevance, and one more, and better of a proposition in the kind, must there be... ~

~ For when to ask myself, I know now it depends. ~

~ On what foundation do I stand upon, and where does my treasure lie, and in whom do I place these visions of all my hope? ~

~ Before when to pass on, I'm brought to lay my tired soul on down... ( To rest forever in peace with Him. ) Within the open arms, of God...? ~

~ Because, I have seen this for myself, through the evidence of His grace. That good will is sewn, and clemency is seen to be for all, the very movement of His ever compassionate heart. The one sown, and so faithfully offered and so unselfishly given, and yea shall the soul rejoice today and lay upon the gentle approach of His love. ~

~ For this hope is the one promise of His... given for you, and for me and for all, here and now... and is the one promise, ((( " That I proclaim for myself, here for you today! " ))) That is ne'er... ((( ne'er to be unbroken... ))) ~

~ The one glorious impart, and gift of His kinship and kindness... He has so upheld for us all. ~

~ As Jesus' life of peace has become the pardon for all of the unfaithful souls, of the acrimonious and of the vile, and of the stubborn, and selfish... and is the one hope of His being sown now for you, and shown in way of the open, determination of His heart... as it is the one brilliant right He has so bestowed and so typified unto us all... ~

~ Yes... the one trust He does always afford the broken will to befriend and walk beside, of His ever close provision. ~

~ The one so confirmed here with me now, within the movement of the moment, and in the forthcoming and sweet perfection of His Grace, as it is the one so contained within this very venture, and generously revealed to me here, and given in the light of His own desire. ~

~ For all to experience the quickening, and come to know the epiphany to be found amid this... His proclamation for all, of a new day of freedom, and perfect peace... ~

~ The one that is being sent out to you now, and is eagerly in all my ways, being faithfully sought after by me, and so exemplified for you by him, and for all, here within the certain proof, and perfect glory, and steady advance. Yes of the honest innocence, ((( and very openness, ))) of this humble page. ~

~ For I have found... Forever wondrous and aware... ( " Gods' Love " is honest, and ever certain ), and is the champion and simple answer of the Christmas Season )), and is, the one sweet condition and ever keen and warm embrace... ))). ( Solely owned and softly proposed and is told to be tenderly woven for the gentle completion, and earnest endeavor... Of the eager and ever willing heart who desires to follow after, and remain open to Him ). ~

~ ( For as it is unconditional... ( and always willing to be known ))... I know today for myself, for certain, it cannot be broken. ~

~ ((( For His Love is brilliant, and forever free ))), ( and is the one sweet intention and perfect gesture resting upon the foundation and very nature of His ambitions. That are forever arriving, through His honest hope, and are carried in the way, and in view of this simple calling for all... ) For an open union with Him )), of peace, ( and as it is moreover, ) ( a generous offering )) and remains to be, a simple choice ))). ~

~ ( It so exists to be captured as it stands I have foumd to be a wondrous and glorious opportunity. ) (( To come to know Him ))... ( and as it is unbridled and boundless, and pure ), and ever so compelling )). (( It is the one, and the only guarantee of true freedom to be found... )) ~

~ (( Found briskly cast about and followed after faithfully... )) ( In the hour of the graceful, ( and bold abandon carried verily upon the way and in view of the soothing winds, and can be seen rising... In the honest song " of the falling leaves " )). ~

~ ((( " Sweetly singing " ))), ( of the Author of true freedom, and of an honest peace, and of the simple and very reality ) and quiet and ever spirited gift of His refreshing affection )) and of the joyous devotion of His welcome. That can be viewed in the stillness, ( and felt, in the kind reflection, and certain comfort and very calm and quiet tenderness of the soul of all ). ~

~ ( Who would will to carry with them this very ambition and take the time to look, and lend an ear to Him, and listen )... and come to move within the generous way, (( of His acceptance )). ~

~ (( As it is found to be alive and well and faithfully thriving. )) Well within the hope of this simple dedication for you... ( As it is one, honest reflection " of His very heart ". The one, I have found here, and found to be forever arriving , and evolving now, in the very emotion and awesome power, given within the pure beauty, of each, and every new moment ). ~

~ ( For it is the one graciously, sent out and is sweetly pouring down in the spirit for me and for you, and for all, ( from the heart of the Heavens. )) ( In the forthcoming and even christening and certain movement, ) and peace to be known. Amid the humble song. The one to be heard amid the tender calling ))). (( Of the many, fallen leaves. )). ~

~ So, amid this passion, and in view of this idea, and as I gaze in awe... Amid the very promise, of this Simple Wood. It is the true beauty of this, I am one yonder seeking. ~

~ For as I walk in Your way. High atop my faith in You. Brought by Your love, Jesus I now believe, that when broken, and willing to move, I fall on You. Your love as well, will open, and move to carry me. ~

~ For I can see... ( as I have been made aware ), that the start of a new freedom this Christmas Season, is the simple vision of Hope for all, of God, and is the one honest vision born, born one of the fruitful meditation, of His soul. One softly, and simply, spoken. ~

~ As it is the one tender desire. To be found through the ever weary eyes, ( as it is the one sweet emotion awaiting the humbled soul that has been made certain ), and is willing, and ready to remain to be, ( now and forever open ). For the willing heart, does lay open to what struggle and strife this life, may bring. For the willing are well and aware of the awesome blessings that will come. In this certain time of opportunity. ~

~ For freedom for all is granted by God and is given the eyes to see the great passion of His Heart, rising and forever evolving in the honest emotion of this Grace, and is brought through Gods Hope to rise to this position. All through a life lived openly for all and for the one, as it is seen to be one love sown in peace. ~

~ For it is the one condition of His that is sown for all of the soul, through the standard and goodness of Jesus' peaceful words of mercy, and is found in the steady advance and revealed moreover, in the nature of this. His purest devotion given for all, one shown through the perfection of His love in faith, and so, so as this beautiful freedom is found, and does rest in measure and solely and alone upon the given surrender. The one complete abandon to be found within the open heart of the broken, will, as well it is a willing devotion. One given the very sight this Christmas to see, and the mind to dream. ~

~ To take a jaunt upon the merry winds of this gracious opportunity. ~

~ For it is, the peaceful pardon, and certain reasoning, for this season, and is the one blessing given and given for all, of the Fathers foremost desire. As it is seen by me now to be the one perfect love offered here to me as well, and one moving in the way of the gentle spirit, of His wayward hopes emotion. The one tender grace, one born and born of His chance, and granted for all, and so, so it is intended to be one, a simple adaptation, alive and well and abundantly thriving. Well within the heart of a new born child. ~

~ To be alone and picked up by Him and swept away, alive and wandering free. Tossed about and around within the hands of the many winds of peace, and so away goes the one, the gentle chipper leaf. Sent adrift, and amid the fall, apart from the day, in the way of the perfect warmth, one shown to him in the beauty and simpler days of his fonder youth. ~

~ As when to look upon that day just as he was then one quickened in the spring now his spirit wandering is found again, and recalling the scene. As now he is a new hope for me taken aloft the care and gentle notions of God and aloof the hearty welcome of the breeze. A ways apart from the one, the one so tender, the ever tender timber tree. ~

~ As the love of the Father, for him will sew a new place in His heart as well, and alone I know, as will I, a perfect home. As I have been the one to be granted the eyes to see. ~

~ That, yes, freedom knows well these standards of the gentle heart, and stands patiently in the shadows of its' wisdom, and remains in the noble pursuit of their perfection. The ever tender nature sown of honesty and love and humility, and faith, as it is this peaceful vision, born anew for all each day, of God's, Almighty Grace. ~

~ As now, in view and amid the essence of His light. This graceful dance of this peaceful heart, has come to see that in the end, this freedom, really never falls far... far from the breadth... of the tree. ~

~ So now Jesus, as I set out, upon this journey with You... On through the pleasure ( of this tenderly given, wooding grace... On down this simple leafy path I'm on... Up upon the ever general awakening and relative crispness... of these leaves... ) I am seeking the ever deeper depths, of this reality... As it would be revealed to me. ~

~ The true source... of my strength that lies within You. Of my hearts' security. ~

~ ( As to be told by You. Yes... ( Jesus Your life has faithfully shown to me... )) That love, is the very treasure found... and born, and offered to all through the pure devotion, and ever hearty welcome... Of Gods' open will... The spirit... that when captured... To be made complete... ~

~ It should be seen as this... this simple pleasure of His, and should be the one freely accepted by all, in the effort... and shared in with another... ( in the honest and ( bold abandon... )) For all of the soul to come to know and move moreover openly... ( in the willing... ) and ever peaceful advance. ~

~ ( Of this gracious opportunity. ) ~

~ ( So in the advent of this awesome moment with Him, and ever compelling, state of Grace. Granted to me through your promotion to me, of His perfect heart of peace ) and as an answer, to the calling and reality of loves' true brilliance... )) I move. Above the simple reverence, and quiet chatter. ~

~ As I leave behind me ( where they lay... ) The awesome well of the echoing laughter... Of these many crisping leaves... ~

~ As accordingly... ( through the ever sweet... sweeping spirit... ) and perfect guidance ( of the Fathers love... ) ( Onwardly ) I am carried away... Within the very instance of this season... To know the grace that plays upon this day... Of their generous abandon... and as they offer theirs'... ~

~ ( So... ) ( willingly I offer Him mine. ) ~

~ As gingerly... My feet move to lay just as effortlessly atop them... As humbly... I aspire moreover... in my endeavor... To view them more freshly... upon the tender devotion... ( of the days' end, ) ( and so... ) so as to see ( their very essence. )) ~

~ I have now been brought awhile with You, to ponder. ~

~ As it has been felt by me... I see now they are the very fruit of the gentle falling of His... open will... and while I am seen forever amid the general divinity, of one ever holy laughter. ~

~ ( Gracefully, and, forever running... ) within the sweet bliss of these gently frolicking leaves. ~ ~

~ Rides the one welcome of my hearts' release... ~

~ The very truth of my souls undying passion. As they are the true variety, seen on the ground here now before me and in view of my eyes and quietly playing. As they are so upheld by Him in the presence of my heart now and crying out amid their raving. As they are the sweet joy... ( brewing... ) For the open beauty of this soul to see... and while they are taken aloft... Amid the awe, of the whispering of the traveling wind. ~

~ Being the devotion... and main stay for me now and simple resilient heart of His honest love, in sweet abandon, and as they have come to rest here... upon the innocence, and endeavor of this new page... ~

~ Jesus You are showing me they are forever willing to know God in His true goodness, and are, humbly asking, to be taken, and brought to life, to live forever with Him. ~

Within the very Hope, of this moment and amid the joy to be known, hereafter, and be, graciously picked up, and broken again by Him. To be opened forever to arrive to play upon the Glory, of His welcome... and as now I know these leaves will come to play more beyond this path I'm on, " The one way higher and narrow winding "... His very will... it is this day I am finding. ~

~ For all to remain to be as docile and as free... ~

~ As so... to secure... ~

~ ( So my soul gives way to Him... ) To lean beyond myself... As I bend a knee moreover... Only to raise a hand. To pick up one from this leafy jest... A broken... but still ever tender... wooding leaf. ~

~ As to find now... Amid the very beauty, that abounds... ~

~ I see... I carry Gods' open soul in the bold reflection... Given in this simple declaration, and very instance of this, awesome moment with Him. One sown in the certain playful, and ever peaceful nature... The true... overall innocents and simplicity of His loving ambition... sown and now offered by Him to me, and carried in the very way of the honest willingness of its' soul. ~

~ To remain open to Him. ~

~ As I can sense now, that it is to have an ever greater fortune. As it has been proven to me, by Him as I can see. ~

~ To be yet another awesome extension of His love... the one given through the very passion and pureness, that only through His grace, I have now found, justly defines His very nature. One that carries the beautiful and very likeness of You Jesus! One woven through the kinship, and tenderness of His Hands and ever sweet generosity. ~

~ To be the one, sweet abandon, and honest picture of His love. ~

~ Molded and given moreover, to reveal to all His true ambition and tender calling. For all to come and rest in Him, and be carefully crafted by Him again through the perfection of this measure, and fall, ever gracefully and forevermore and in the way. Upon the Glory of His welcome, and be transformed, and forever renewed by this, and set about and within the remain of the open well, and calling of all of the other, of the faithful, and be granted, an ever tender heart. ~

~ Gently opened, through the graceful hands, of the One who moves in the honest reality, and the pure goodness, and true beauty, of loves raw emotion. ~

~ Arriving here and now within the blessing of the moment, and resting well upon the foundation, of His intentions, and as it is the one quiet conviction of His, and certain promise. ~

~ It is the one condition of His to be found. ~

~ Found within the very vastness of His heart. For all, who would will to remain as well. In the very presence, and company, of His Peace. ~

~ For peace is for the starving, and His love is for the willing and the hopeful... and so humbled by this, are the eager and the open... For forever grateful is the soul... That is crafted, yes molded moreover in this way... through the gentleness of His hands! ~.

~ For it is to be for me the gift of this... His one desire... Shown here... as it is one sweetly granted to me through His purpose, and now brought to me, within the awesome movement, of the moment, and shown to me. ~

~ Here in the pureness of His overall, commitment, to its' perfection... ~

~ One found to be well, and so evolving, and awakening here within the shear beauty... of this precious wooding leaf... and as now I believe it carries within its (( very vernal... )) The very answer of my hearts' belonging... forever longing, to be free. ~

~ I want to befriend the meaning of it's purpose... and be opened forever more, by the very precept of its' truth... ~

~ One shown by You to be universal... and found... Within the very soul of its peaceful emotion. ~

~ The beauty... and notion behind the movement... ( Captured and sown in view of its' nature... ) ~

~ The one that through my eyes... only through His foresight... ( I have now, ) been given the very Grace to find... )) ~

~ As for here, and now, I say, what I hold in my hand, I can sense, His promise for me... I carry in the form of this simple gesture... ~

~ ( For Him... like the way of the leaf. ) To always remain open to me... and move moreover gracefully, to prove to me His honest welcome. ~

~ The one forever endearing, and ever glorious, gift of His kinship. So carefully and faithfully known now to be for me, precisely hand crafted, and is seen by me, to be this very purpose so involved and evermore maturing me amid the rapture. ~

~ In the way of His promise, and very wanted esteem. ~

~ The one so established now, through the pureness of His desire, and joyfully, and honestly offered. As I can see. It is the one standard that stands for all as well. To be one freely granted. ~

~ As I know now, it has been sown, through the precious conditioning and thriving nature, and awesome purpose, of His Love, and is being extended now to all and so exemplified. ~

~ (( Within the sweet advance and passionate surrender... )) being brought to life and entrusted to me now in this very moment, and open will, and free emotion of this quiet and ever spirited and gifted, movement of my pen, as it is carried along to all now within the joyful soul... of this precious fallen fruit... ~

~ ( As the simple answer of His love for me... ) ~

~ So... as it is the very beauty, of this notion... Carried upon the way of this new page, and as it is as well to be the one so defined... in the flight, of it's' peaceful duty... and being the devotion, made to be the one written to, and being the patient way of His free emotion... ~

~ It too has a hand in this... Gods' ultimate... and graceful plan... ~

~ As it is just one more example for all... For Him to extend His honest soul, as another pure, and open promise, of this truth. Sent out to you now from His giving and earnest, and ever endearing heart... ~

~ ( As in my own heart... ) I sense the truth revealed to me here in this lesson... Was mine to be found, and found from well, before my very beginning, and in this given emotion, and in the joyful, spirit of the days peace... forever in abandon... and with His love for me... In all ways in His mind... and all for His Glory... and for the sweet and gentle ( maturation of my soul. ) ~

~ His intention, in the event of the sheer beauty of this moment... ~

~ For me has been caught, and so now in my heart, forever kept, and so beheld and upheld for me, through Him, and the sweetness, and Glory, and perfect beauty of His essence, and as I have come to understand, and as I desire to live a life... as enchanted... and be brought to know... The richer pleasure of His grace... and as I am a man as well... ~

~ Alive and alone and lost... without the welcome... ~

~ The simple companionship... and ever generous nature of my Creator... and while I am moved by the lowly beauty, of this gentle wonder... This forever endearing... picture of His love I move to hold, within the company of my hand. ~

~ In lieu of the tenderness of it's hope... I move in peace with Him... with His love... To bring this pride of mine in stride... ( An honest measure, closer. In view of the rising of this emotion... The joy... forever mounting... within the willingness... and resting upon the openness... ( of my soul. ) ~

~ So to be evermore ( open with Him. ) ( Now... never more... do I wish to travel, ( or carry... )) The heavy burdens forever, carried in the way of the weary... Songs of the acrimonious. The meaningless... and ever erroneous... melodious voices... That I too alone have carried... and now have come to find to be a group of song. That carry the burden of a life... Without any real notion of true love... and while I have been opened. To the beauty contained in the sweetness of the Fathers Love... ~

~ I want to be taken a bit further. ~

~ As I have walked a spell with Him now... On my journey with you. Upon this narrow road, and as I have come to know for myself the proof of this other worldly way, of solace, and separation. ~

~ The one away from the gentle hand, and daily, devotion of the true love of God. I now desire to know more of God. ~

~ For I do not fancy the certain depth... of this soul kept... and left unwilling... For I have known this diversion of the will... All from my humble beginning... and I have come to partake in the taste... To know the very harshness carried in the simple devotion... ( Of this ever... ) ( sinful fruit. )) ~

~ ( So, my soul does know now... just where it is going, ) ( and that I have been made by Him, and that I too, belong with Him, ) and now to gesture. In the way of the reality of this pure devotion... ~

~ ( It is my intention, (( and greatest ambition, ((( and moreover, my honest declaration. ))) To be as open to Him. )))) ~

~ So, ( ever so humbly ). ~

~ (( As well I move... )) Moreover to give back to Him... the very openness of His welcome for me... ( In the honest... ) and complete abandon to Him, (( of mine... )) and so... so encouraged by Him now, to let go... I move to set my one captive spirit free. To be born again, and be taken aloft to Him. ( Well amid the free hand of my Father. ) ~

~ To soar like the leaf... as one with Him... to a new height even higher and higher above the nature of His love... ~

~ To be brought... ~

~ To rest as well in freedom and with a new hope and standard, and rise up through Him, to rest in peace, through the nature of His love, and walk in joy, beside Him... ~

~ High, upon the mighty structures... of His true intentions for me. To so be cast again... and be set apart by Him amid this world. ~

~ As a new and ever evolving, individual, and live this life just as humbly... and as freely... As the open examples... I have now found to be... ~

~ The sweet endeavor of His promise for me, carefully opening me, and faithfully carrying me along (( and maturing me in this purpose, )) and gently bringing me forever and in the way and in view, yes within the simple presence... of this truth... ) ~

~ Shown now in the complete, and ever joyful abandon of its' spirit... and so sweetly, revealed to me here... In the surrendering... ( of this final page... ) and now, as I walk today. I will stroll along, in grace, all about the way. ~

~ ( In this ever sweet rejoinder to me, )) of His calling, ))) and certain, repose of His peace, )))) and throughout the wealth, of the rest of my days. ~

~ Amid this promise of His honest welcome and faithfulness to me. ~

~ The one to be found and found here... ( Found aloft and simply calling. ) Mid the joyous nature in view... ~

~ ((( Amid this, ))), His tender... and ever endearing, ( Wooding... Hope! ) ~


~ and so, so for all of you, these were the precious words, within the presence of this hope, that He gave to me... As He said to me this! ~

~ Look to me now, be open, and listen! For amid the Glory of My presence. Life is a true gift to treasure, and though your faith in me is fragile, and though you may stand before Me many times over. Broken and scattered into many peaces. For you to know My child, and for you to be certain. I know your hope in me, is frail, but the remainder of Your soul. I know earnestly desires to know more of My truth, and be opened by Me, and to live in peace. So come and follow after me My child. For I can see. Life for you has lost its' flavor, and alone you bare the sorrow apart from My Desire. As it is My desire. To free You from your struggling. So if willing now you will come with me. It is certain, your life, will be made anew, and so you may believe. Be humble my child and be open. As it is good to be in agreement with me, and when you come to me. Know that in Me you may rest. For it is certain, your hope. Is always well with me, and through your joyful and generous, and faithful abandon of your life to Me. To know. You will grow to find My grace alone. Is sufficient! For through this you will come to know true victory, and see your fragile faith, perfected. For it's only in your complete abandon to Me my child. You will be truly opened, and find how Great I Really Am! For My child you see a peaceful, and abundant life. Moves in love with this one desire, and a faithful spirit moves willingly, and seeks to remain open to Me, and the unshakable promise of my love, and Truth! I Love You My Child ~ I Want to Bless You... ~" My Grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness. " ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9 (New King James Version) Revealed to me... Through the Grace of Christ Jesus ~" In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. " ( Proverbs 3:6 (New King James Version) This is my final edit... and I dedicate it to... ~ The tender, and forever inspiring hearts, of Andrea Odeh, and my Wife and Children, and best friend ( Steve Vogel ) or better known as Steve-o. " Thank you all for your perfect dedication to me in this venture... May God forever bless you, and keep you safe... Your openness to me... is that fantastic something, that I pray, that never will I ever be moved to forget "...

~ Poem Written For You By: ~ James Lee Long ~

© Copyright 2018 jamesleelong37. All rights reserved.

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