Creation and Destruction

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This is an alliterative piece about how much of todays works are only fabrications of the truth, and what it takes to be original.

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013



Bereft brains bogged down all the time, with Indefinite itineraries imploding all around, always aiming away from the true goal, deliberately destroying directories and reviewing renowned recollections of magnificent magnitude marking boxes with little attention to the fine details, using alliterative algorithms autonomously, and intentionally plagiarizing past perfection in order to create a false sense of pride predominantly portrayed by facades forthwith framed by insidious imposters influenced originally by real minds.


An authentic mind is constantly calibrating critical empowerments to fit the needs of the unaware, analyzing aristocratic actualities, publically projecting principally privy information, and providing prudence provoking postulations to the timorously trepid tellurian. Seeing errors not as failure but as self-served sacrifices, they do not bother with the norm, but rather interest is placed in self-will and how to superiorly surrender success for the rest.

-James McKinley Griffin, 2013


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